Here We Go Again


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Author's Chapter Notes

Hope you guys enjoy it . Just to clarify this was also posted on winglin under a different name NotQuiteInsane. I was just seeing how it would gain reactions.
Mao relaxed back into her seat and grumbled as the person beside her rummaged and rummaged.

As bloody usual...or at least what had been usual for the past couple of weeks. They’d been ransacking the video library in NTV studios for a very long time, looking for something she needed to find desperately.

“Shun...” She started now thoroughly annoyed with her ex-boyfriend and his incompetent searching skills. He turned simply to give her a look that told her to shut up and sit there quietly. She rolled her eyes and complied just for the fact that he wasn’t even supposed to be doing this, it was eleven thirty, and it was a favor for her.

“Mao...what did you say the name was again?” He questioned her again as his intellectual fingers grazed along what seemed like millions of movies and finally landed on one which he thought would match the title Mao was looking for.

“Suki Suki Daisuki da yo.”

“Sounds quite unlike the ‘I-hate-everyone-around-me’ person I know to be looking for a fifty year old reel named ‘Suki Suki Daisuki da yo.” He grinned back at her and she shot him a rather fake one right back. Shun shuddered at the utter phony look on her face. As long as he had known Mao, since they’d started school by the way, there had been this odd sort of aura around her. Like she was missing something very important in her life.

After their relationship, they didn’t really speak much. There wasn’t anything they had left in common any more since they’d stopped dating. Still Shun couldn’t help but want to help her out whenever she showed up at his doorstep not so much asking but more like demanding another favor out of him.

The first time it had been an outrageous demand that he pretend to be her boyfriend for some stupid bimbo’s wedding. Of course that one hadn’t worked out cause somehow he’d ended up in the bimbo’s arms and almost had the groom get into a brawl with him.

After that he’d thought he’d never see her again until last month where she called him and asked him if he was still working in NTV studios. He’d proudly shoved in her face that he was now an assistant director on the verge of getting a new show but she’d hung up on him halfway and sent him a message the day after she’d be coming to his work.

And since he’d found himself looking for this odd track. ‘Suki Suki Daisuki da yo’. God knew for what reason this mystifying beauty needed the track but she did. Suddenly his hands stopped as he felt his hands run over an old reel his eyes almost unbelieving of the name. He gasped and in a moment he found Mao by his side staring intently over his shoulder, in difficulty seeing that he was far taller than her.

“No way,” His eyes couldn’t believe the reel on which his hands had landed. Mao snatched it out of his grasp and clutched it to her chest breathing heavily. As for some reason this was the only thing that would give her oxygen to breathe and not the muscles in her chest, which contracted and expanded at an alarmingly quick rate. Shun was just about to ask her why she was so enraptured and possessive of the reel of old film when he heard, or perhaps it had been his imagination, a name she’d never had come out of her mouth.


Author's Chapter End Notes

Toda Erika as Akanishi Toda Erika the mother
Matsuda Shota as HRH
Akanishi Jin as Akanishi Jin, the father
Horikita Maki as HRH

Kimura Takuya as the grandfather.
Matsushita Nao as the grandmother

ETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Due to popular demand I'm going to write down a huge cast here: it'll help clear up the past and the future problems as well as give some insight into the characters.

LoC (List of Characters)

Past - Adults

Erika Toda - Protagonist

Kimura Takuya - Father

Akanishi Jin - Husband/Childhood Best Friend

Kuroki Meisa - Best Friend

Matsuda Shota - His Royal Highness

Matsuda Maki (Portrayed by Horikita Maki) - Her Royal Highness

Ikuta Toma - Role Pending to be revealed.

Past - Children

Matsumoto Jun - Crown Prince

Inoue Mao - Toda grand daughter


Inoue Mao - Protagonist

Oguri Shun - Ex-boyfriend/Supporting Character

Matsumoto Jun - Crown Prince/Supporting Character

Akanishi Jin - Father/Supporting Character

Nishikido Ryo - Role Pending/Supporting Character

Sawajiri Erika - Godmother Yui

Matsuda Maki - Role Pending

Ikuta Toma - Role Pending

Tegoshi Yuya - Friend

Toda Nao (portrayed by Matsushita Nao) - Grandmother

There you have it guys =D there'll be more added to the list as they increase in importance to the story line with cameos sprinkled in here and there. ENJOY. And if you'd like me to clarify things just list it on the review section. Or just review anyways. :) You'll make me smile.


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