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Warnings: Fluff
Chapter 1

Author's Chapter Notes

It's been 6 years since that day, I decided to start anew. It was hard, but I found some good friends. They took care of me and sheltered me and my baby until I could find a good job. I'm so grateful to them. Because without them I would have never survived, in an unfamiliar place. I'm so far away from home. But I decided to forget him, Arron Yan. A player, jerk, heartbreaker and father to my baby.

I can't believe how much tears I have wasted on that jerk. He played me, he played my heart and soul. I was just another one of his useless toys. How many times do I have to cry over him? How many times, do I have to keep thinking about him?

Now my baby is fatherless. My heart aches for my son. He will just grow up fatherless? Won't he feel a fathers love?

If only I never got pregnant, maybe my life would have changed? Maybe if I never fell in love with that jerk, my heart will still be one?

Cause I just lost the one I love.


It was morning, I've been crying again haven't I? My pillows are still wet of tears. When will I ever forget him? I hate myself for not forgetting him! I hate it when my heart aches! I hate it! I HATE IT!

“Mummy!” Little Alex screamed happily running to his mummy's room. “Morning, mummy!” Little Alex greeted his mum. Hebe just smiled faintly and held onto Alex's arms dragging him near her and kissing his forehead.“Morning!” Hebe tried to cover her sadness. Alex kissed Hebe's cheeks. “Mummy, what's wrong?”Alex asked worried about his mum.

“Oh! Nothing I'm fine sweetie.” Hebe lied. Hebe hugged Alex tighter, he looked so much like Arron. It makes her heart ache just looking into Alex's face. He reminds her too much of Arron. It hurts looking at her own son.

Hebe never really wanted to keep the baby, but her friends who supported her insist on not getting an abortion. Since it was, a life she would be killing. She would be killing Arron's child that he doesn't even know of.

“Mummy! You are dosing off again.” Little Alex explained. “Are you thinking about, daddy?” He looked up at his mummy curiously. Alex never felt a fathers love, he would always get bullied by the kids in school about it.

“Okay! Okay!” Hebe playfully said, trying to forget about the hurtful memories. “Come then let's get you ready!” Hebe got off the bed and prepared Alex for school.

Hebe was waving goodbye to Alex as he got onto the school bus. “Bye mummy!” Alex smiled and waved happily to his mum. Hebe just smiled and waved her hand back. She watched as the bus drove off. Hebe knew that Alex gets bullied at school, but it couldn't be helped. Alex didn't have a father to take care of him. She was only 18 when she got pregnant and it was hard to bear with, especially for someone as young as her at the time. People on the streets would give her weird looks, as if she was some kind of slut. But she wasn't. She gave herself to Arron, because she loved him. She wanted to give him her all. But he just through it right back at her face.

1st Person (Hebe)

I never really knew how to take care of Alex. I was alone, I didn't have family or friends. My parents rejected me when they both found out I was pregnant. My only best friend Rainie betrayed me with Arron. I was miserable. My parents kicked me out after they found out I was pregnant. They chanted horrible words to me like slut, whore and other kinds of names that I wasn't. My best friend betrayed me, and the one I love most, played me.

I travelled all the way to Shanghai to start anew. I didn't have a lot of money, luckily GuiGui and her husband Wang Zi took care of me until I could find a job. I'm so grateful to them. I made new friends, that helped me take care of myself. But I'm still not satisfied. I know, I'm selfish. But the only person that could truly make me happy was Arron Yan.

I really want to forget him, but my heart and mind keep refusing to. Every time I look at my son Alex, my heart would ache. I felt so sorry for him, he has no father to love him. I was really envious of Wang Zi and GuiGui. They are both the same age as me, yet they are still going strong together, and they both have their own family. If only it was me and Arron.

1st Person (Hebe)

I walked into the building where I work. This job gives me really good pay, it is just enough for me and Alex to live comfortably. I am a secretary for Mr Yan, he is a very kind old man. He lets me leave early when Alex is getting into trouble at school, or if there is any emergencies. I owe old Mr Yan a lot.

“Hi, Hebe!” My friend GuiGui greeted me. I just smiled faintly at her and walked towards her desk. “Hebs, you've been having dreams about Arron again, haven't you.” It was more like a statement than the question. I just lowered my eyes to the ground to avoid eye contact with her.

“Hebs, it okay. You will forget him soon.” She comforted me. “Thanks, Gui.” I smiled genuinely.

“Everyone!” Our manager Calvin shouted. “Mr Yan's son will be coming soon! Stand in your places!” Calvin turned to me and smiled at me, I smiled back to him. For some unknown reason Calvin is nice to me but he is really strict with the others. Calvin's fans saw him smile at me, they started giving me death glares. “ you death glares.” She gulped.

“I'm scared too.” I replied to , avoiding the stares the female staff were giving me. “What's so good about her!” I heard someone called Jolin whisper loudly. “I know! She isn't even pretty! I mean we are more better and prettier that her!” I heard a girl named Vivian reply. I swear, I'm so hated.

I got into my place in the line and stood next to GuiGui. What is so good about Mr Yan's son? Why do all the staff even need to greet him! He isn't even royalty!

Suddenly a black Mercedes stopped in front of the building. This must be Mr Yan's so called son. The chauffeur opened the car door, revealing a very familiar figure with sunglasses getting out of the car. The familiar figure took his shades of revealing his face. It was..was Arr..Arron...Ya..Yan.

“Arron.” I whispered quietly, but loud enough for GuiGui to hear. “Arron, Arron, OMG. Hebe! Is that your child's father?” GuiGui whispered amazed. I just nodded my head slightly and looked at the marble ground. I could hear his footsteps coming nearer. Suddenly the footsteps stopped. I saw someone's leg stop in front of me. I looked up slowly. It was Arron! He was looking at me straight in the eyes, with his piercing gaze.


Author's Chapter End Notes

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To Be Continued.
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