I love Christmas.


This is an original fiction. It has no character names, and only two characters. Any likeliness this story has to any others, is pure coincidence.

Author's Chapter Notes

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"I've always wanted to kiss underneath a mistletoe," she said as she looked up at the decorative piece in the doorway.

"I can make that come true," he said as he grabbed her by the waist.

"Oh, could you now?" she raised an eyebrow. "Show me."

A little flustered by her boldness, he brought his face closer to hers until their lips met. "Was it everything you dreamed of?" he asked after she pulled away.

"Could have been better," she shrugged and walked past him.

"I get another try!" he called after her. "There's plenty more mistletoe in here!"

"Whatever you say," she called back.

He smiled from ear to ear, "Man I love Christmas."

Author's Chapter End Notes

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