Keep Avoiding Me
The next time she had the pleasure of meeting the man who had made her feel so uncomfortable, she was all knees and elbows and klutz.

She fell flat on her face at the company baseball game trying to get a home run. In fact she’d fallen quite literally right on top of him in her determination to get that extra point for her team.

To be honest, she’d barely remembered him and how uncomfortable Koyama Keiichiro had made her until that moment. Koyama Keiichiro was a perfect gentleman about the whole thing of course. Almost immediately he rolled out from under her and the rest of the people around them laughed it off and so did he. Talia could only smile bashfully and accept the way everyone was teasing her competitive nature.

For the mere five seconds they had been practically wrapped in each other Koyama Keiichiro’s eyes had seemed hard pressed to peer into the very depths of her mind. Their only desire to push her limits until he could find out all that was possible from a mere five seconds of uncomfortable eye contact.

“She’s a good scorer, Miura.” He grinned teasingly as he offered her compliments through her boyfriend…who she was standing right beside. Was he avoiding speaking to her or just trying to annoy her? How tactful either ways.

“Thanks,” Talia replied back defiantly. Keiichiro glanced at her and nodded. Once, Miura looked away for a moment, he looked back at her again. Eager to catch her eye and initiate some sort of silent conversation with her…Talia kept her eyes safely away from his.

Yet even she had to admit that there was something quite strange about how she was able to understand exactly what he was saying when she was not hearing it. When his mouth wasn’t moving and yet she was shocked that she seemed to be the only one here who understood what he was telling her.

Until of course, he confirmed it with his own mouth. “You looked good out there today.” He said quickly in English. It’s so quick and so fluent that it caught her off guard. After three years of Japanese all around her, her ear almost failed her. Her own mother tongue had started sounding foreign to her. She was not used to hearing English anymore.

She must have looked quite confused because he seemed to start laughing at her as Haruma looked back at them. She couldn’t help but think he was a little too courageous to say something like that in such a public place. His only assurance that no one else would bother to take the effort to translate what he’d said in their minds to figure out that he’d all but hit on her.

Maybe she was overreacting. “Thanks,” She replied back dumbly as Koyama grasped her hand in a firm handshake and smiled in a way that unnerved her.

After he walked away, Haruma pressed a quick kiss to her forehead. “Good job out there today babe.” She looked back up into her boyfriend’s eyes and almost forgot all about his peculiar boss.

Later that night, when Koyama Keiichiro’s honey brown eyes flashed like a neon alarm sign in her mind she was caught off guard. She didn’t recognize them, they’re not familiar to her…and yet those same eyes felt like a strange inviting pool of warmth and sweetness. Like a promise of more.

She shrugged it off and sat herself down on their plush beige couch, cuddling up to Haruma as they watched the newest Matsumoto Jun drama.

It was just a look. A five second encounter of the visual kind.

Nothing to piss her pants about.


Author's Chapter End Notes

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