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Holding on to promises

Author's Chapter Notes

This is purely a fan-fiction.

Ayanomi’s parents received her with open arms, she didn’t hear any complaints or retaliation from both of them about her immature decision of running away but the fact that she was still to marry the man they have chosen for her did not change.

There were only 3 months left before she has to meet that man for the first time but she never bothered asking for his fiancé’s name because she knew… Jin would eventually come to get her. Tomo’s news came to her parents a little later than expected. There was a subtle notion from Tomo’s news that she could have been kidnapped but she was already there to defend herself.

Amid all this she never once mentioned about living with a man named Jinsuke.

Days turned into weeks, then into months as Ayanomi waited for Jinsuke to come but he never did. This crushed her heart more as the days went by. The thought of holding on to his promise to her never ceased to from her mind.

At night she took out that small silver MonoKuroBoo keychain that Jinsuke gave her, it was her constant reminder of his promise.

There came a time, earlier in that month when she couldn’t wait any longer that she went back to Akihabara with an escort. She came back to that place where she stayed with Jinsuke, but it was empty. The lot was already for sale. She even looked for Haruma and Haruka at their old place but they too have also left the apartment they have been renting. The last thing that she could think of was the Laundromat she had been working at during her stay in Akihabra. When she asked about Jinsuke and Haruma the owner barely recognized her until Ayonomi introduced herself. It took her some time to ask the owner for more information about the people she was looking for but all the help she got was that they have indeed left the place just a few days after she left.

This discovery did not bring down her hope, instead Ayanomi tried to look Jinsuke’s name in all the registry files and in the Internet but it was like he never existed in the first place. Although several Akanishi’s turned up, including a tycoon who passed away last year, there was no way she could connect him to that person, because it says that he only has one son in the name of Junichi who was 25 years old.

Upon learning this, her heart felt like crushing into little pieces.

Where was Jinsuke? Where in the world could she find him?

A crazy consideration came to her mind, Jinsuke was probably just an illusion that she had made up on her own to forget fear and loneliness in Akihabara. Then she remembered the way he hugged her tightly to his body, the warmth he emitted for her and… the one kiss that they have shared was all too real that it was never erased in her mind. She strongly believed that he genuinely loved her… only it was too late.

The promise that her parents made to her fiancé was already on its deadline. Tomorrow she was supposed to meet the man that was set for her.

---------------------To be continued---------------------

Author's Chapter End Notes

Sorry this was short... one last chapter to go ^_^v


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