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Honesty between two people

Author's Chapter Notes

This is purely a fan-fiction.

Billy Joel’s song “Honesty” echoed within the house as Ayanomi cleaned its every nook and corner. While she was keeping herself preoccupied, she thought and thought about her conversation with Haruma earlier then finally arrived with a decision.

Ayanomi will leave Akihabara before someone else mistakes Jinsuke as a kidnapper.

In the middle of her thoughts the front door suddenly opened letting Jinsuke in, he was startled to see Ayanomi cleaning the house without being told to. As soon as he saw her, he looked at her proudly, as if he was a parent seeing a child walk for the first time.

“The house looks clean.” He smiled as he looked around.

“Labor of love I guess.” Ayanomi answered back, which took Jinsuke off guard.

“I was speaking in terms of expressions.” She justified herself though a red blotch easily formed at her cheeks which she quickly hid from Jinsuke.

Ayanomi couldn’t believe she just said that, she wanted to kick herself for saying that out loud.

“What got into you?” Jinsuke asked as he sat on the floor, looking really baffled that she cleaned.

“I’m leaving.” She said without any preliminary explanations.

“When?” Jinsuke asked without any traces of surprise in his face.

“Tonight.” She said softly.

There was a long stretch of silence between them, Ayanomi fidgeted by the sink while Jinsuke stared at the floor, both drowning in the awkward silence until Jinsuke decided to break it.

“Make it tomorrow. I’ll bring you to your house, Akihabara is dangerous in the evening. You should know that by experience.” He said calmly but with authority.

“But I have to go as soon as I can.” She argued.

“You might get into trouble because of me. I don’t want that to happen to you Jin.” Ayanomi said in a small voice.

“Has someone already found out that you’re Ueto Ayanomi?” He asked.

“Yes… unfortunately it was my ex who…” She started to say before she realized what he just said.

This made her stop talking all together and instead stare at Jinsuke, wide eyed with shock.

“You knew and yet you never said anything?!?” She cried out him.

“I’ve known you for a long time; saw you in magazines, followed you in news papers, in tv... What can I say? I was big fan. You being a socialite and all… so imagine my luck when I met you in distress? Truth is…” Jinsuke’s voice trailed off, like he was taking in strength.

“…I’ve always loved you. Well not in a stalker-ish way… but I could as well say that I have loved you for a long time. I just didn’t know how to reach it out to you.” He finally said without any warning.

Ayanomi staggered into a chair and kept quiet, unable to believe that this was all true but Jinsuke continued to speak.

“You don’t know the amount of restraint it took me not to make a move on you. The times I had to rub your back painstakingly at the same time trying to stop the urge to hug you, to touch your face and even kiss you… it was agonizing. There you were, in front of me… in your most vulnerable state. Not once did I think of taking advantage of that because I was afraid. Afraid that you would leave me if you knew but since you’re still leaving me after all that, I might as well be honest with how I feel now. I’ve loved you before you came into my life Aya, I’ve loved you even just through magazines and the media. I might not be alone in loving you this way, but I might be the first one saying this to you personally.” Jinsuke scratched his head in total frustration after revealing this to her.

Ayanomi started crying which confused Jinsuke and make him stand up and walk over to hug her awkwardly.

“I had imagined a lot of things for your reaction in my revelation, the thought of you running out of the house was on the top of my list but you crying because of it never really crossed my mind.” He shook his head as he continued to wrap her in his arms and gently knead her back.

Slowly in between her sobs, Ayanomi suddenly punched his chest.

“Stupid! You are really stupid!!!” She muttered at him angrily as she continued to cry.

“What is wrong with confessing?!?” He asked with an exasperated expression on his face.

“Do you know how it felt for a woman to be called a kid by the one she likes? The inferiority I have felt whenever you treated me just like a kid? I even doubted that I was a real woman because you didn’t pay attention to me as one!” Ayanomi started shouting at him.

It was his turn to be shocked.

“Y-you liked me?” He asked her in astonishment.

“YES!!! I like you!!!” Ayanomi wailed at him.

“I don’t care if you live in this shabby place… I like calling you Jin. I like you even when you’re pissed off at me because I didn’t clean the house properly or washed the dishes the right way. I like the way you rub my back at night until I fall asleep. I like the way you look in the morning. I like the way you take care of things for me. I like the way you reassure me that I am safe, that everything is going to be okay and that's because…” She paused to catch her breath then whispered softly, “…I simply love you Jin.”

She slowly looked up at Jinsuke, her eyes dry of tears, then he suddenly lifted her up from where she sat and crushed his lips onto hers. He was kissing her fervently, making up for all those days he had been restraining himself, so did Ayanomi. She kissed him with equal passion letting her hands graze across his hair, his back and finally, she held on to his neck. They were kissing like there was no tomorrow and then Ayanomi tugged on his shirt to slowly take it off. Jinsuke slowed down on kissing her and then gently parted his face away from her.

He caught her hand that was tugging at his shirt and smile at her softly.

“I want to do things right Aya. I respect you as a woman...” Jinsuke started to say.

“You don’t have to wait Jin, you don’t have to restrain yourself anymore.” Ayanomi told him full of anticipation in her eyes.

“Aya, please...? This much harder to me than you think but as I have told you, I want to make this right. I will sleep beside you tonight, nothing else and tomorrow… you’ll go back home.” He said gently to her but the sound of home did not give her happiness at all.

Her eyes went wide in alarm.

“No. No!!!” She shook her head like a child deprived of the things she wanted.

“Now that I know you feel the same way, I will not go home Jin!!! I’ll throw everything I have just to be with you! I swear I will. Let’s run away together, go somewhere far away from Tokyo or even Japan, just you and me.” Ayanomi suggested as she clung to his arms.

“Aya…” His hands gently grazed her chin as Jinsuke lowered his face and touched her forehead with his,

“…I will face my past just to be with you. When I am done, I will get you back from your family no matter what.” Jinsuke said with finality.

Tears fell freely from Ayanomi’s cheeks once again and Jinsuke waited for her until she could cry no more and then he carried her off to the room and laid her down on the futon. He started rubbing her back until she fell asleep but before darkness fell through her consciousness she felt Jinsuke’s arm enfold her body in the most comfortable warmth.

Author's Chapter End Notes

Two more chapters to go! I hope someone reviews this... *cross fingers*


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