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Haruma opened the door and took Ayanomi’s hand, which she didn’t take back nor did she budge from her place, so he tugged at her until she became aware that he has been trying to get her attention for quite some time and was pointing at the noodle shop in front of the van. Upon realizing this, she shook her head as if trying to wake herself up then climbed down from her seat to walk inside the small store.

Inside the shop, they both ordered the same thing and ate ramen in total silence.

Ayanomi didn’t notice that there was a magazine clutched under Haruma’s arm, until he slid it towards her, and then started speaking.

“That’s you isn’t it?”

Ayanomi nodded.

“Your real name is Ueto Ayanomi.”

She just nodded again.

“So that’s why you didn’t know any house works at all or even how to fold sheets in the first place. You grew up with a golden spoon in your mouth.”

She just kept silent.

“Does Jinsuke know about this?” Haruma asked with a look of concern.

She shook her head in answer.

“What if Jinsuke gets in trouble because of you?” He said in between distress and anger.

“But there is no report of me missing; my parents would never want to do that anyway. It would be bad for their name and… it would not look good in the eyes of my future fiancé.” She mumbled the last few words to Haruma.

“You have a fiancé???” He exclaimed with wide eyes.

“The man in the suit earlier?”

“No. That was Nagase Tomoya, he owns that hotel we delivered the sheets to and he was my ex boy friend which by the way I was too blinded to see that he was just a playboy who wanted to grope on women’s body.” Ayanomi sighed out loud.

“Now that he knows where to find me, he would certainly tell my parents about it. He’s a conniving man, who would date his financer’s daughter just to get ahead in the industry. I should have seen that. I was just so stupid not to realize it back then.” She let her head fall to her hands shamefully. There were no tears in her eyes, just pure hatred and shame.

“The trouble would just go back to Jinsuke, Aya… Ayanomi!” Haruma called her in her real name.

Ayanomi looked at him blanky, not getting what he was trying to imply. How would that incident get Jinsuke in trouble? It’s not like Tomo would know where to find her.

“The van Ayanomi! It has the Laundromat’s name on it and even though he has a bad memory he could still ask through the hotel’s listings about the Laundromat’s location, where it would lead to finding you. That would make things plainly easy for him.” Haruma said worriedly.

This time Ayanomi finally understood what he was talking about.

“There is a such a thing called framed kidnapping, if someone finds out that Jinsuke has taken you in, he might just be framed for it. Have you thought any of that? If you care for Jinsuke at all, you should tell him the truth, go home and deal with your own problems. Running away doesn’t help.” He sounded like a man full of wisdom instead of an 18 year old boy struggling in life as he advised her of the things she should do.

At that moment Haruma seemed more mature than her, Jinsuke was right after all. She should be called a kid for being stupid enough to make such decisions like running away from her own problems. She bit her lip and tried to think of going home to settle things properly, but the thought of leaving Jinsuke and Akihabara all together brought her more pain than seeing Tomo make out with someone else.

---------------------To be continued---------------------


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