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Special Delivery

Author's Chapter Notes

I do not own the characters, nor is the story true.
This is a work of fiction.

A month has already passed.

Ayanomi was able to adapt to the poor lifestyle, the roof top doesn’t seem to bother her any longer since Jin did reassure her that he was a pretty good carpenter which did convince her to say the least and finally, work wasn't that hard anymore now that she got used to it.

In the evening they still slept side by side every night, both of them couldn’t understand why she still couldn’t sleep whenever Jinsuke is away, there was that attachment that Ayanomi herself couldn’t comprehend.

One thing that Ayanomi could be sure of about Jinsuke, there were no hints of malicious intents whenever he touches her back, which made her think if he even thought of her as a woman at all. Not that she was complaining, it just made her doubt her own feminine traits. To add to this, Jinsuke also never stopped calling her ‘Kid’, thought she always reminded him she was already 23.

“How old are you Jin?” She asked that morning as they ate the rice that she cooked which was half burnt. Of all the things he taught her, cooking was the one thing she could never perfect, though Jinsuke didn’t complain at all

“28.” He replied.

Though she had asked this already a long time ago she wanted to state a fact and point out something to him.

“You’re only five years older than me. That doesn’t really make that much difference, so you could really stop calling me a kid.”

“Five years is a big deal, I have already been playing in the dirt when you’re still inside your mother’s womb and sucking on your thumb.”

“But women mature earlier than men!” Ayanomi argued.

“Look who’s talking? Between the two of us, who kept asking to sleep beside whom at night to rub their back just to be lulled to sleep?”

This made Ayanomi shut up.

“See my point?” Jinsuke said smugly as she just shoved the burnt rice into her mouth.

“I have to go, make sure you scrub the dishes properly unlike the last time you washed them. There was still rice sticking in the bowl that was harder to remove.”

After saying this, Jinsuke grabbed his bag and walked out of the house, but before he left he stretched out his arm to give her something that was wrapped in plastic.

“What’s this?” She asked curiously.

“It’s been a month since you lived in this house, it’s just something that reminded me of you when I was on my way home from work.” Jinsuke shrugged his shoulder indifferently then quickly got out of the house before she could say anything else.

Ayanomi sighed at how he always does that to her, for all she knew it was another strainer he bought for the kitchen sink.

When she opened the plastic wrap there was a small black and white MonoKuro Boo silver cellphone strap.

A sudden blush crept up to her face when she saw the gift. This was how she pictured Jinsuke and her, two characters very opposite from each other and yet still lives in harmony together.

Receiving gifts were common to her, especially ones that came from different places and countries, something that has a high value. The item she received today wasn’t a pricey thing at all, but the thought that Jinsuke remembered her because of it… was special.

A smile slowly formed into Ayanomi’s face as she placed the strap carefully inside her pocket and grabbed the empty bowls from the table. There was a knock on the door and that same person opened it, although she didn’t say anything.

“Aren’t you done yet?” Haruma complained as he was stepping inside the house.

“Hai hai… almost done. I have to wash these properly or else master Jinsuke would throw another fit at me.” Ayanomi told him as she washed the dishes with a silly grin pasted on her face, which made Haruma look at her weirdly.

As soon as she was done, she took her bag from the room and locked the door. Haruma kept telling her that they would be delivering some sheets to some Hotel in Shibuya another district in Tokyo. He seemed excited about this since he doesn’t get out much of Akihabara, but not her. She had tried avoiding it as much as possible, Shibuya was the one place where a lot of people would be recognizing her; she was a socialite in the upper class society after all.

When they reached the laundry place where both of them worked, the van was already loaded and it was up to them to bring it to the said hotel. There was a sinking feeling in her stomach that day; she just didn’t know what it was.

The ride towards Shibuya was the most excruciating experience for her that day.

When they finally reached the hotel, she realized who owned that hotel chain they were bringing the delivery to; it belonged to Tomo.

Nagase Tomoya. The person she thought she has already forgotten.

With this realization, she, she quickly helped Haruma unload all the clean sheets at the back door. The faster they finish the quicker they could leave, it was also good that Ayanomi did not forget to bring a cap to cover her face. Her head was always bent down whenever they entered the hotel, even though it was only the back door.

Though she had this gesture the whole time, there were two people whom she couldn't help but notice, a man and a woman making out in the corner near the kitchen caught her attention. The man’s hand was crawling all over the woman’s body, who was clearly a chef in that kitchen.

This sight made her blush and feel embarrassed at herself for even looking at that intimate moment. So she quickly looked away and got to the van to unload some more sheets.

After they have unloaded everything, she scurried out of the place quickly but not before bumping into someone, making the cap fall off her head and her hair dropping to her shoulders, revealing her face. To her shock, she saw the man whom she bumped to.

It was Tomo.

There she stood in front of him, in that ragged looking clothes while he was in that Armani Suit that he always coveted. A female chef approached him and linked her hand into his, telling Ayanomi immediately that she belonged to him.

Ayanomi looked at him in shock, then in disgust when she realized something… he was the same man who was making out with this woman earlier.

She should have known that he would be like this. It was partly her fault for ignoring simple things like the way he always groped at her whenever it was possible, she just didn’t let him continue the things he wanted to do with her.

“Ayanomi?” He said in bewilderment.

“Who’s this… girl?” The woman in his arms asked him, but he completely ignored her as he reached out his hand to touch Ayanomi.

She was fast enough to avoid it, she didn’t speak or blink, she just ran. Ran as fast as she could towards the van and even meeting Haruma along the way.

“Aya! Aya!!! I saw this magazine! She looked like you…! Only… your names are different. Couldn’t you be like a…” Haruma’s voice was cut short when she pulled his arm towards the van with all her strength.

This caught him off guard but he followed suit, confusion was registered on his face. She pushed him to the driver’s seat as she ran and jumped to the passenger’s side.

“Drive!” Ayanomi shouted at Haruma who fumbled at the gears as the van lurched forward without questions asked.

Someone was running behind the van, a man in a suit, calling someone in the name of Ayanomi. Haruma looked at the rear-view mirror, at the man who was still trying to catch up with them. He stepped on the accelerator to move the van faster, leaving the man behind.

After an hour of total silence, Haruma slowed down and stopped the van in front of a small noodle shop along the road. He stepped down of the driver seat and walked towards the passenger’s seat where Ayanomi sat with her hair in total chaos due to the open window by her side, her cap was gone and all the while she was just staring silently in front of the road.

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