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A job for the body

This is the kind of work I would be using my body for???

Ayanomi gawked around the area as she stared at the pile of laundry that was strewn all over her feet.

The lady who owned the laundry shop told her that she should consider herself lucky for getting this job. If it wasn’t for Jinsuke she wouldn’t have gotten it at all.

Who the hell was Jinsuke anyway that they all have come to respect him in this community?

She complained to herself as she tried picking up the dirty sheets that were stinking and loaded them in the basket bin, using her thumb and index finger to pick them up. Her other hand covering her nose as she picked them one by one but she soon found out that by doing this, getting everything inside the bin makes it even harder. In her disgust, she picked up everything using her two bare hands and tried shoving and sitting on it but still the sheets wouldn’t get in.

“Having a hard time with those?” A voice behind her suddenly interrupted her work, if she could call that work.

It was one of her co-workers, Miura Haruma who looked very young to be even working in such a place.

“I tried stacking it all in, but it doesn’t seem to get in.” Ayanomi announced in utter frustration.

“First day at work and you’re already frustrated? We’re not even that busy.” Haruma said while chuckling as he picked up some sheets.

“You have to fold everything first before you could load them into the bin.” He said as he demonstrated folding the sheets in his hand neatly within 10 seconds.

Ayanomi stared at him in awe, she was pretty much amazed at how he did it.

“You’re a magician!” She exclaimed.

Haruma grinned and shook his head then took another sheet to do the same thing.

“Practice makes perfect.” He said while grinning, and then threw her a sheet to fold which she found very much hard to do the way he was doing it.

“How old are you anyway?” Ayanomi asked trying to make conversation.

“18 next month.” He answered nonchalantly.

So that makes him 17. Why wasn’t he at school?

“Aren’t you going to school?” She asked curiously this time.

“I am, at night.” He said with this odd look on his face.

“Isn’t that hard?” She prodded on.

“Nee-chan, aren’t you supposed to fold them properly? What are you doing with the sheets?” Haruma said as he pointed at the cloth she was folding in her hands. As her eyes looked down at what she was holding, it was very much crumpled and bulky.

Then it hit her, she just had no idea how to fold sheets properly because she has never done this before.

Ayanomi groaned at the site of it as Haruma continued to laugh at her. She just looked helplessly at him at first… then couldn’t help but laugh with him as she realized how lame it was for a 23 year old girl not to know how to fold sheets properly in the first place.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it.” Haruma said reassuringly. Ayanomi smiled at him and attempted to fold more sheets as both of them continued to talk with lighter topics.

Author's Chapter End Notes

Haru... can't help but put him in. ^_^v


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