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The introduction

Ayanomi’s eyes fluttered for a few seconds before opening them slowly. Bright light immediately greeted her, hitting her entire face which probably woke her up to her senses in the first place. When her eyes were fully open, she saw a tattered ceiling in front of her, with hinges hanging out and nails improvised to hold the roof together.

Then she remembered what happened last night. She bolted up right and looked around.

Where in the world am I?

Her head screamed silently as she looked around panic stricken. That’s when she noticed that a pair of big bright almond eyes was staring directly at her.

“Aniki!!! She’s awake! She’s awake!!!” The pair of eyes belonged to a child, a girl who looked like 5 years old.

The girl was shouting and looked excited as she stood up and started jumping up and down in glee. She was wearing a worn out yellow dress which was sewn and patched up.

As Ayanomi looked more carefully around the place she realized that she was in a very small four cornered bedroom which seemed more like a closet than a room. There was a big window beside her where the sunlight came in hitting her directly in the face.

The small kid went out of the room and was chattering loudly when heavy foots steps came near by the door. A man in blue overalls stood at the doorway and looked down at where she sat. He didn’t inch a step inside the room, he just stood there and looked at her.

“You… you saved me last night.” Ayanomi stammered upon recognizing him as the guy whom she bumped into at the street.

“What would a girl like you be doing in a place like this?” He asked coldly as his eyes stared back into hers.

“I…” She was searching for an appropriate answer, but nothing came into her mind.

“Never mind, with the looks of it… you seem to be like a runaway girl. How old are you anyway? 16?” He guessed in a more curious manner this time.

“Ummm… 23.” She said quietly.

“Pfft… are you serious? You are running away from your home at your age?” His facial expression instantly changed as he tried to choke his laughter.

As embarrassing as it sounds, Ayanomi had to admit to herself that it was pretty pathetic for her age to run away from home but she had pretty good reasons to do it.

“I have my own reasons for doing it.” She snapped at him airing out what she was thinking, and then she stood up from the futon.

“What’s your name?” He asked her mid step.

Ayanomi stopped and thought for a while, before looking back at him.

“Tomoko Aya. You can just call me Aya.” She nodded to herself rather than at him, trying to fake her name and adapting the nick name her parents gave her.

“And you are?” It was her turn to ask.

“Akanishi Jinsuke, as you could have heard last night.” He replied.

Truthfully, last night was very dim for her. It was better left forgotten, because if she tried to remember it, all she could think of were those men’s voice and the terrifying look that one of them gave her and of course to top it all… this man’s broad chest, the heat it emanated from his body…

Ayanomi shrugged her thoughts out of her head, she was getting carried away.

“Thank you for the help…” She started to say, but he interrupted her quickly.

“Nothing’s for free anymore kid. You have to pay me back.” He said with a smirk.

Ayanomi’s brows knitted in confusion as she thought of the kind of payment this man would want her to give him, and then a realization came to her. Of course, he would want money for helping out last night since he just confirmed that she was indeed a rich girl.

She ambled towards her bag, took out her wallet and gave him thousands worth of yen and reached it out to him.

“I’m not a kid anymore, and here’s the payment for your help last night.” She said smugly this time.

The guy just stared at her like she had slapped him or something. There was something weird with the way he looked at her, it was intense and… very deep. He made a small step towards Ayanomi as she automatically took a small step backward.

“What made you think that’s the kind of payment I would be asking for?” He said smugly with his voice low and husky as he took another step towards her, slowly inching his face closer to Ayanomi’s.

“You can pay me with your body instead.” He said in a demanding tone, with his face inches away from hers as his eyes grazed her whole body.

When he did this, Ayanomi's heart sped up a notch and felt like closing up to her throat, she immediately thought of that broad chest of his, the heat coming from him… but her senses struggled with her, instead her arms went across her chest instinctively protecting herself with what little that she have and letting the money she was holding fall down the floor.

What the hell is he thinking?!?

Ayanomi’s voice rang loudly in her head, though at the back of her mind she wanted to feel him close to her again that she can’t believe she’s actually imagining such perverted thoughts on a time like these! But right that moment she can’t speak or shout, she's plainly too stunned to even move.

Jinsuke's hand slowly reached up to her arm, her eyes went wide with fright and mixed feelings as she tried to imagine what he would do to her in this small room. She would be totally helpless in this situation because there was nowhere else to run. There was even a kid in the house and he dared do this kind of thing!

Ayanomi was getting the courage to shriek as loud as she could when his hand grabbed her arm, but his facial expression changed as to one that was not cold or with malice. It looked more tired or… something she could not entirely understand.

“What were you thinking, Kid? I’m not like those guys whom you had a run in last night. You are going to work your ass off if you want to hide in this place. If something happens to you while you’re staying in Akihabara; that would be too much in my conscience. Your money would help you a great deal if you would use it in dire needs, but in terms of staying here… you will have to work with your body whether you like it or not.” He said as he pulled her arm outside the small room and the small girl greeted them with a lollipop stuck in her mouth.

Author's Chapter End Notes

I love that small kid... ^_^v


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