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First encounter


This story is fiction.

Author's Chapter Notes

When everyone wanted Ayanomi Ueto to marry a multi-millionaire’s son whom she barely knew, getting out of the Ueto house-hold was her only option. But does a princess like her have a place to stay? There was no one to trust, not her relatives and not even her closest friend. No one could be her ally in this time of need.

The only place she could run to… were the slums; a place where anyone and everyone is able to hide, but also a place lethal to her kind. This was her only choice if she had to hide from the clutches of her own family.
In the heart of Akihabara, Ayanomi found herself alone and in deep trouble. This is where Jinsuke Akanishi comes in, a man who lives in the slums; the person who will teach her how to survive in such a place.

Their destiny has been tied the moment they met but what would they go through and give up in the end just to stay together under one roof?

Main characters:
Akanishi Jin - Jinsuke
Ueto Aya - Ayanomi

Supporting Character:
Miura Haruma


Hey guys... yes, its me again.

Don't expect this to be a long fic because this is supposed to be a one shot story line dedicated to my cousin living in California right now, who's absolutely estrogen crazed towards Akanishi Jin. I would have used her as my main character in this fic, but she wanted it to be Aya Ueto instead.

Hopefully this wouldn live up to your expectations...
Dropping a comment every now and then would always be appreciated. *wink*


OH MY GOD… what is this dreadful place and what have I gotten myself into?

Ayanomi said to herself as she looked around Akihabara town, a place where everything looked dark, gloomy and dirty. Not to mention that there were a lot of wiring everywhere. It was known for a place where the computer geeks and the unfortunate stays put.

The only place where all kind of people shows up.

This was the very first time she’s been into such a place; Ayanomi had nowhere else to turn to. Everyone she knew had close ties with her parents. It was a smart move to throw all her credit cards away and withdraw cash as much as she could but going to this god forbidden place was one thing she had underestimated.

Ayanomi Shinku Ueto. You have to be strong!!!

She told herself over and over again, as she tried to survey the dark alleys and streets.

“Yosh!” She exclaimed out loud trying to build her confidence as she walked past the eerie looking buildings, all the while clutching her prada duffel bag close to her body as she crossed the empty dirt strewn street.

In the middle of her walk someone suddenly called out from behind.

“Yo!!! Lady…” A male’s voice shouted from behind her which sent chills to her spine.

Instinctively Ayanomi gripped the bag closer to her body, then looked instinctively to check ahead and at her sides if someone else was around.

There was nobody, except for herself and the people behind her.

A hand grabbed her shoulder and in that moment she stood frozen in the middle of the empty street, her mind becoming void of the possibilities that could actually happen to her, it just went completely blank. Ayanomi was too scared to speak, move or even think.

“What’s a pretty lady like you doing in a place like this?” The guy whose voice called out to her said, as another hand reached out to touch her hair and smelled it.

This made her cringe a bit but she stood still not making eye contact.

“Man, she smells like a million bucks!” Another guy muttered from behind.

There were three of them?!?

Ayanomi realized by now, as she glanced to her sides. Fear started to crawl in every inch of her body.

The guy who was touching her hair grabbed her chin and forced her to look into his eyes.

At that moment, Ayanomi felt more terrified for her life than ever. Looking into the man’s eyes before her, brought images of nightmares which she never wanted to have. Ayanomi’s eyes were locked onto him for those few seconds that felt like hours, until finally, she had the courage to kick his shin, shove him aside and run for her life.

She caught them off guard for a few seconds and was able to run as fast as she could.

“Shit.” One of them muttered loudly.

As Ayanomi’s feet pounded the pavement beneath, the three men behind were cursing and sprinting after her. Her mind was running wildly of thoughts on how to escape those thugs, when all of a sudden a man with strong hands appeared from the corner of a building and grabbed her arm to pull her towards his lean chest, muffling the small scream that tried to escape from her mouth.

Full of panic, Ayanomi felt her body involuntarily shook in fear.

Was he one of them? Is he going to hurt her too?

It was the only thing she could think of right then.

“Yo.” The man who locked her in his arms called out to the three men who were heavily breathing.

“What are you doing to my cousin?” He blatantly lied to them.

What was he doing? Does he know me? His voice does not seem familiar at all.

These thoughts rummaged through Ayanomi’s brain as she listened to the conversation. Her shaking body stopped the moment he told them the lie. She couldn’t see anything since her face was buried in his chest and her body was enveloped in his tight hug.

“Ah… Jinsuke! Why didn’t you tell us that she’s with you? No one usually comes in at a time like this anyway. She looks rich too. Maybe we could use her or…” One of the guys started to say when the guy who was clutching Ayanomi cut him off.

“She’s normal. Didn’t you notice she’s wearing fake stuff? Go home guys and don’t ever bother her again.” His voice sounded like he was amused at the thought of them, chasing someone so unimportant.

“Jeez… it’s your cousin’s fault for coming around this early late this evening.” Another guy said.

“Tell your cousin never to walk here. Ever again...” The one with the low voice said.

That voice frightened Ayanomi through her core as she remembered the way he looked directly into her eyes.

“Yeah, I’ll remind her that.” Jinsuke called out to them as Ayanomi heard shuffling of feet and footsteps fading away, the guy kept his arms around her until she couldn’t hear any other sound.

When everything went silent and all she could hear was the man’s loud thumping heart, he suddenly released her and held her at arm’s length then looked at her face clearly for the first time. Ayanomi’s vision got blurred, she heard deep gulping breathes and sobs… after a few seconds she realized it was her own sobs she was hearing. She had started to cry and hyperventilate without even noticing it. She couldn’t breathe properly… then slowly all she could remember was the way the man’s eyes looked before her. It was a look of concern and then everything went black.

+++To Be Continued+++


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