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Warnings: Fluff
Chapter 6

Author's Chapter Notes

it seriously feels like it's about time that i update this story... LOL... :)

Meisa couldn’t help but heave a sigh coupled with a bit of small laughter as she came out of her kitchen and into the living room only to be met by the sight before her: Sho already fast asleep in her sofa.

He had already changed out of his wet clothes, which are now hung by her bathroom to dry, and into a pair of Meisa’s loosest clothes. The shirt actually was once his but he had removed it from his back and ‘given’ it to Meisa that one time they spent the night with Jun, Shii, Aiba, Becky, Mao, and a couple of Shii’s workmates at the beach and Sho said that he didn’t like how Shii’s workmates were looking at her with only her bikini set on. She had laughed at his weirdness then but, with Mao’s insistence, followed his almost demand when she saw how serious Sho looked.

She didn’t bother returning the shirt to him though. And while the shirt does look okay on the guy (considering it is his), the pants, Meisa’s loosest, looked a bit funny on him. After all, it was still a bit girly and somehow did not match well with his physique.

Shaking her head a bit, she walked towards him and reached out to touch his forehead. He still felt warm but it was already good news since he felt like he’s having fever earlier when Meisa got home. The medicine must have already taken effect.

Her worries about the guy’s health had already eased up a bit by the time she had extracted a blanket from her closet to cover the guy with and she was about to head to her room already when the corner of her eyes caught something by the side table. It was Sho’s jacket, the one she removed from him earlier after she dragged him into her apartment. She had simply placed it on the side then before she hurried off to get a towel and a change of clothes while Sho murmured stuff that sounded suspiciously like apologies.

Picking the jacket up with the intention of hanging it with the rest of Sho’s clothes to dry, she realized that there was something heavy in one of the pockets. It turns out that it was a set of keys, Sho’s set of keys and while it is just normal that he would have his keys on his pockets, she noticed a familiar key that made her forehead crease.

It was the key to her apartment, the very same key Sho claimed to have left in his own apartment when, for some reason she still hadn’t found out, Sho decided to walk in the rain and into her apartment.

“Why didn’t you just enter anyway?” Meisa asked worriedly taking the towel from Sho to continue the drying of his hair on her own. “You didn’t have to wait for me you know.”

“I…” Sho started to say but he didn’t follow it with anything for a while. Only after she prompted him did he continue “I didn’t have your key with me.”

To be completely honest, she felt a bit hurt when she heard him say that, after all, she’ll never leave the key she has of his apartment when she goes out of the house. It’s almost as important to her as her own keys. But seeing it amongst his house keys confused her even more. It’s highly unlikely for Sho to forget that he has her keys there. But there lies the question of why Sho didn’t use it in the first place.

With a worried look, she turned to Sho again and asked in a low voice “What’s going on?”

“Thank you for taking care of me last night,” Sho said in a really low tone before he took a sip of the coffee Meisa had placed in front of him.

It’s morning already and they were in the kitchen, with Meisa preparing for their breakfast after having made sure that Sho’s temperature had gone back to normal. The two of them were quiet, a lot quieter than they would usually be when the two of them are together. Sho had not said much since he woke up while the questions of the previous night continued to haunt Meisa.

“Un…” Meisa simply nodded.

Sho must have noticed her unusual quietness too because after a little while, he added “I’m sorry too for ruining your night last night. You must have been tired with your date and all and you had to take care of me.”

Meisa ended up snorting at this, breaking out of the silent slump she’d been in since they woke up.

“It’s not like I can leave you out in the corridor, right?” she chided. “What really happened last night?” she continued. “I asked you but I don’t think you understood what I was asking, or if you did, I couldn’t understand what you were saying at all! You were just mumbling and mumbling.”

Sho chuckled a bit. “Jun, Shii and I went out drinking last night,” he admitted.

“So you were drunk?” Meisa asked.

“No, no!” Sho said immediately. “You know us, we don’t really get drunk.”

“What happened then?” Meisa asked, turning around to face him.

Sho was silent for a while as he looked into her eyes.

The honest answer to her question was “Because I realized last night that I might have always been in love with you!” but he knew he couldn’t’ say it. But it truly was what he had come up with the night before.

“Are you saying you like her?” he heard Shii ‘ask’ Jun, making him roll his eyes.

The gist of that question had already been asked to him a million times in the past, both by friends and acquaintances, that he’s not really that affected by it anymore. He’d already been asked that even with Meisa around and he’d always say “Of course I do!”

But then Jun’s chosen answer to that question, or to be exact, the question Jun answered with Shii’s question, and the intonation and insinuation behind the words “Am I?” somehow startled him.

It wasn’t about him just ‘liking’ Meisa anymore. It was something more.

And even as he told his two best friends that he’s “Not taking the bait”, his mind and heart couldn’t help but start a conversation of their own. And as much as he would never admit it to Jun and Shii, the conversation the two continued doing, even after he figuratively told them to drop it, helped him come up with the realization that he’s always had that special feeling for the closest woman in his life.

“I was just a bit confused,” he ended up admitting vaguely. “Not anymore though. Do you think it’s weird?”

“What is?” Meisa asked.

“That when I’m confused or something, I always end up coming to you,” Sho asked.

“Do you?” he heard Meisa ask again.

“Yeah,” he admitted, not knowing that his words, and his vagueness, are causing Meisa’s heart rate to increase. “I always find myself coming to you and then it all clears out,” he added seriously as he looked into her eyes.

Author's Chapter End Notes

how was the story???

To Be Continued.
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