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Warnings: Fluff
Chapter 5

Author's Chapter Notes

i am so happy...
really, i am!

maybe i'm just having a bit of a difficult time expressing that happiness due to some things going on around me...
but yeah...

btw... back to the story... :):):)

“You mean she likes him?” Shii exclaimed for what’s possibly the fifth time that evening, Sho having told them the reason behind him calling Shii and Jun out on a Saturday night for drinks when they usually hang-out during Sundays.

The reason, to put it simply, is that Meisa had just told him that she’s going on that all important second date with Narimiya that afternoon. She’s probably there already, in fact. And Sho just couldn’t understand what that bit of information is making him feel.

“How many times are you going to repeat it?!” Sho retorted before taking in a long swig of his beer. “Are you just rubbing it in?!”

“You have to say, he’s got reason to be surprised,” Jun reasoned with a mysterious smile on his lips and a spark in his eye. “After all, rarely had Mei-chan been really interested in a guy these past few years… With her career and you in her life, she already had her hands full.”

“Funny,” Sho snorted, taking another swig of his bottle, making Jun and Shii caught each others eye knowingly.

“So, you’re saying we’re here waiting out again for Mei-chan’s SOS?” Shii asked, his voice sounding curious but the wink he gave Jun says otherwise.

And true enough, when Sho simply snorted, Shii and Jun shared a smirk before Shii said “Ah! But why would you? Mei-chan already said that she’s interested in the guy. It’s therefore highly not likely for her to send the bat signal tonight, or any future nights for that matter, considering that you said she said she liked him.”

Sho looked at his two friends who were both looking at him quite innocently before he snorted once more and shook his head. He didn’t need for them to talk to know that the innocence they’re showing is purely just for that, a show.

“I am not taking the bait,” he simply told the two.

“Ah, Mei-chan’s interested in a guy,” Shii told Jun in a singsong voice, ignoring what Sho just said, almost like a senior talking about his junior with pride. “I wasn’t expecting time to fly by this fast.”

“Yeah,” said Jun, mimicking Shii’s tone as they both threw Sho furtive glances. “I wasn’t expecting it this soon too. Although, I have to say, I’m not entirely sure what to feel right now.”

“Really?” Shii asked with the air of great surprise, turning his body fully towards Jun when in truth, it’s Sho, who’s seated between the two of them, he’s looking at. “”What do you mean?”

“Nothing much,” Jun shrugged before throwing Sho a pointed look. “I mean, as her friend, I should be happy for her, right?”

“Right!” Shii jumped in, nodding patronizingly. “You should. I mean, a good friend would be happy with the development of that part of her life and shouldn’t be dragging his other friends along because he’s moody. A good friend would happy! ”

The sigh Jun released would have been entirely believable if not for the small smile that rose to his lips for a few seconds as he and Shii both saw how Sho started gritting his teeth.

“But…” Jun continued.

“But what?” Shi prompted.

“But somehow, it feels weird that she found that happiness in someone else and not with me.”

Shii gasped. “Are you saying you like her?” he exclaimed, his eyes wide open but is trained at Sho and not at Jun.

“Am I?” Jun asked back, his eyes on Sho too.

Sho needn’t look around to see those pairs of eyes on him. He could feel their stares. He knew the moment they started that conversation that they were doing it for him, or as him. For a lot of reasons too. But he didn’t look at his friends. He just stared at his glass before drinking it all in just one gulp.

There was a smile on Meisa’s lips as she made way through the hallway leading towards her apartment. Nari had just dropped her off, their date having just ended.

It was a simple dinner, a lot more simple than the first one they shared. But in more ways than one was this one more relaxing than the first one. Maybe because the first one started awkwardly when Nari ordered a dish, curry, she can never eat, and this time he knew better. Or maybe it’s because the previous one was “the” first date and it is a date destined to be awkward and weird even when they’re practically adults now and no longer teens.

Whatever the reason was, it still was different from the first one.

The talk they shared wasn’t intruding. Nari made sure that the conversation stayed on mutual and safe grounds, like work, hobbies, and the like. They had a bit too much fun talking about what could have happened between Aiba and Becky by now, considering that the two had gone on a European trip for their honeymoon, and speculating on whether or not Becky would be pregnant by the time they come back in about a week.

To a certain point, they even talked about the weather, but that was mainly because it started drizzling outside when they were half-way through their meal. She was almost about to feel afraid when the drizzle started turning into rain just before they finished eating. But thankfully, while the rain did strengthen, some things that would usually come in with the rain didn’t occur.

Still, it did affect their plans. Nari was thinking the two of them could share a walk after dinner but considering the rain, they had to change plans. They just decided to call it a night and maybe rightfully so because the rain looked like it had no plan of stopping. In fact, when Nari was driving her back to her apartment, it started raining a bit too hard that Meisa insisted that he needn’t walk her to her door. He didn’t have to get wet, after all.

Not that Meisa got really wet with that quick run she had to do from Nari’s car towards the sheltered walkway to her apartment. In fact, other than the water droplets clinging to her coat and hair, it was as if she wasn’t wet.

The same can not be said for the guy currently sitting outside her apartment door, with his hands holding his head as he looked down and looking very much worse for wear as droplets of water dripped from his clothes and hair.

“Sho?!” Meisa exclaimed.

Author's Chapter End Notes

i enjoyed writing the part where Jun and Shii were joking around Sho... i hope you liked that part too...
how was it? like it or not?
reviews are always loved! :)


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