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Warnings: Fluff
Chapter 2

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confidences and competencies...

“Oh please… Don’t start blaming me for your utter inability to keep a woman for more than a month…” Meisa snorted.

“Of course I can’t stay long with those girls…” Sho grinned. “They aren’t you…” he added as he looked straight into her eyes.

They caught each others gaze for a while, both challenging. And it could have, would have lasted longer too, if not for someone else in their little group clearing his or her throat, attracting both their attention.

And sure enough, when they turned around to face the others, all eyes were on them, Jun, Shii and Mao watching them (not so) innocently and extremely interestedly.

“You know…” Mao started, pointing her fork towards Sho and Meisa’s direction.”You both make a really nice pair...”

“Don’t start with the intrigues about us, Mao-chan…” Meisa chuckled, shaking her head. “Because that ‘us’ is never going to happen…”

“Ouch!” Sho cried, his hand landing over his left chest, feigning a hurt look as he pouted at Meisa as the other men in the table started laughing in expense. Mao ended up chuckling too when Meisa simply smiled at Sho dismissively.

“I’m highly amused by the fact that other girls would swoon at Sho-kun’s slightest and lightest sweet words and actions but Mei-chan simply dismisses his most romantic words…” Shii told Jun.

Jun laughed. “That tends to happen when the girl knows all the tricks in that guy’s book… Right, Mei-chan?”

“Right…” Meisa nodded before turning towards Sho and adding “And also if the guy has no effect on her whatsoever…”

As Jun and Shii snickered at her response, Sho raised an eyebrow at her as he leaned over, their bodies almost touching. “Are you sure I don’t have an effect on you?” he asked challengingly.

Before Meisa could respond though, or even for that moment to last longer than a couple of seconds, a figure suddenly bounded to their table.

“Am I seeing what I am seeing?” Aiba asked in surprise as he joined their table. “Are you two the next in line to get married?”

“Oh please…” Meisa sighed, shaking her head, as Sho straightened up to grin at his newly married friend.

“You heard her…” he shrugged as if agreeing with Meisa. But then he added with a groan “She wouldn’t accept me up to now…”

“That sounded almost believable!” Becky exclaimed as she joined their table, their hands automatically linking as Aiba pulled to hug her from behind.

“So, how does it feel being married?” Shii asked.

“Blissful…” Aiba replied quickly but then Becky chuckled and amended “We’re still quite caught in the midst of everything so we’ll tell you when we finally settle down…”

“Of course…” Sho amended.

“Fair warning though…” Jun grinned. “Living with Aiba might take a lot of getting used to…”

“Hey!” Aiba cried, pouting at his best friend but then Mao nodded and added “So please have a lot of patience…”

Becky chuckled though. “That can be arranged…” she smiled as she looked up at her husband’s face and smiled endearingly.

Aiba ended up smiling endearingly at her before turning to the table, to Jun and Mao in particular, and saying “I thought you’re my best friend! And you’re my cousin! You shouldn’t be putting me down!” he pouted.

“What?” Mao asked very innocently. “I’m just saying the truth…”

“Besides, you two are already married…” Sho agreed as the rest of them chuckled. “That’s already an inseparable relationship…”

“Funny Sho-chan…” Aiba pouted, although there’s no sign of real pain or offense anywhere in there especially since he ended up smiling. “Speaking of inseparable relationships, when are you two getting together?” he asked, addressing Sho and Meisa.

Before either of the two could respond though, Becky exclaimed, her eyes wide as she smiled at the two “No kidding! You two are getting together?”

“Of course not…” Meisa exclaimed as Sho simply shrugged, signifying that he’s going with whatever Meisa is saying.

“Oh!” Becky replied, her shoulders dropping very slightly before she bounded up again and exclaimed “Then it wouldn’t be an issue if I introduce Mei-chan to someone, right Sho-kun? He said he actually knows you two…”


“Narimiya Hiroki…” Sho said before raising the whiskey glass to his lips and draining its contents.

He was already at the open bar of the reception where he and the guys went straight to after Becky pulled Meisa and Mao towards the guy Becky was referring to who turned out to be her second cousin.

“You know him?” Shii asked as the three of them continued watching Meisa and Mao talking with the guy a few feet away from them, Aiba and Becky having moved on to talk to their other guests.

“Yeah…” Sho shrugged. “We were schoolmates in high school for about a year or two… And then he transferred out…”

“He’s pretty good-looking…” Jun observed, taking in the tall figure of the guy. “And he looks nice… And he seems pretty interested in Mei-chan…”

True enough, while the guy isn’t ignoring Mao and all, he’s actually treating the girls nicely as far as they can see, there was something different with the look he’s giving Meisa. It wasn’t desire, or lust, which they usually see in other men’s eyes, prompting them to go into action, but something a bit more wholesome, like admiration.

“I think he’s had a crush on Mei-chan before…” Sho said dismissively, truning around to face the bar instead of the three. “But it’s not like he’s the only one…”

“You mean those two had a past?” Shii asked, turning around and raising an eyebrow at Sho.

“No…” Sho snorted. “I think she actually ignored his existence back then…”

“She’s noticing him now…” Jun chuckled, nodding towards the trio’s direction, prompting the other two to look too.

Just as they did, Mao had excused herself before heading towards the buffet table, more specifically the dessert area, leaving the two behind. But Mao’s departure didn’t make the situation awkward at all. Meisa was actually laughing and smiling at something he said.

“She looks like she’s enjoying herself…” Shii observed.

“So she is…” Sho simply said.

Shii snorted as Jun asked Sho “And you’re not affected?”

Sho met the eyes of his two friends before he snorted and shook his head, a smug grin on his lips. “The relationship between me and Mei-chan is complex… You guys wouldn’t understand…”

“Yeah right…” Jun replied as Shii noted “Yeah, it’s so complex that even you two don’t seem to understand it…”

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