This is a story about a boy longing for his lost love. A love which he can never forget. A love that always haunts him. And a love that he will never receive again.
Category: Korean Entertainment – Drama/Series: None – Challenges: None
Characters: SHINee: Jonghyun, SHINee: Key
Story Type: One-Shot, Song Fic – Genres: Angst – Warnings: Fictional Character(s)
Published: Nov 30, 2010 – Updated: Dec 02, 2010 – Word Count: 982 words – Read Count: 840 – Completed: Yes

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This story is just a mere work of fiction. I do not own any of the characters, except the plot. This story does not potray the actual personalities of the idols and the lyrics are credited to 'kimchi hana' @ SFI. No copyright infringement is intended.

Table of Contents

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1 Chapter 1 840 2