Under One Roof by biniBningPunkista

Their destiny has been tied the moment they met but what would they go through and give up in the end just to stay together under one roof?
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Story Notes:
This story is fiction.

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First encounter by biniBningPunkista
Author's Notes:
When everyone wanted Ayanomi Ueto to marry a multi-millionaire’s son whom she barely knew, getting out of the Ueto house-hold was her only option. But does a princess like her have a place to stay? There was no one to trust, not her relatives and not even her closest friend. No one could be her ally in this time of need.

The only place she could run to… were the slums; a place where anyone and everyone is able to hide, but also a place lethal to her kind. This was her only choice if she had to hide from the clutches of her own family.
In the heart of Akihabara, Ayanomi found herself alone and in deep trouble. This is where Jinsuke Akanishi comes in, a man who lives in the slums; the person who will teach her how to survive in such a place.

Their destiny has been tied the moment they met but what would they go through and give up in the end just to stay together under one roof?

Main characters:
Akanishi Jin - Jinsuke
Ueto Aya - Ayanomi

Supporting Character:
Miura Haruma


Hey guys... yes, its me again.

Don't expect this to be a long fic because this is supposed to be a one shot story line dedicated to my cousin living in California right now, who's absolutely estrogen crazed towards Akanishi Jin. I would have used her as my main character in this fic, but she wanted it to be Aya Ueto instead.

Hopefully this wouldn live up to your expectations...
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OH MY GOD… what is this dreadful place and what have I gotten myself into?

Ayanomi said to herself as she looked around Akihabara town, a place where everything looked dark, gloomy and dirty. Not to mention that there were a lot of wiring everywhere. It was known for a place where the computer geeks and the unfortunate stays put.

The only place where all kind of people shows up.

This was the very first time she’s been into such a place; Ayanomi had nowhere else to turn to. Everyone she knew had close ties with her parents. It was a smart move to throw all her credit cards away and withdraw cash as much as she could but going to this god forbidden place was one thing she had underestimated.

Ayanomi Shinku Ueto. You have to be strong!!!

She told herself over and over again, as she tried to survey the dark alleys and streets.

“Yosh!” She exclaimed out loud trying to build her confidence as she walked past the eerie looking buildings, all the while clutching her prada duffel bag close to her body as she crossed the empty dirt strewn street.

In the middle of her walk someone suddenly called out from behind.

“Yo!!! Lady…” A male’s voice shouted from behind her which sent chills to her spine.

Instinctively Ayanomi gripped the bag closer to her body, then looked instinctively to check ahead and at her sides if someone else was around.

There was nobody, except for herself and the people behind her.

A hand grabbed her shoulder and in that moment she stood frozen in the middle of the empty street, her mind becoming void of the possibilities that could actually happen to her, it just went completely blank. Ayanomi was too scared to speak, move or even think.

“What’s a pretty lady like you doing in a place like this?” The guy whose voice called out to her said, as another hand reached out to touch her hair and smelled it.

This made her cringe a bit but she stood still not making eye contact.

“Man, she smells like a million bucks!” Another guy muttered from behind.

There were three of them?!?

Ayanomi realized by now, as she glanced to her sides. Fear started to crawl in every inch of her body.

The guy who was touching her hair grabbed her chin and forced her to look into his eyes.

At that moment, Ayanomi felt more terrified for her life than ever. Looking into the man’s eyes before her, brought images of nightmares which she never wanted to have. Ayanomi’s eyes were locked onto him for those few seconds that felt like hours, until finally, she had the courage to kick his shin, shove him aside and run for her life.

She caught them off guard for a few seconds and was able to run as fast as she could.

“Shit.” One of them muttered loudly.

As Ayanomi’s feet pounded the pavement beneath, the three men behind were cursing and sprinting after her. Her mind was running wildly of thoughts on how to escape those thugs, when all of a sudden a man with strong hands appeared from the corner of a building and grabbed her arm to pull her towards his lean chest, muffling the small scream that tried to escape from her mouth.

Full of panic, Ayanomi felt her body involuntarily shook in fear.

Was he one of them? Is he going to hurt her too?

It was the only thing she could think of right then.

“Yo.” The man who locked her in his arms called out to the three men who were heavily breathing.

“What are you doing to my cousin?” He blatantly lied to them.

What was he doing? Does he know me? His voice does not seem familiar at all.

These thoughts rummaged through Ayanomi’s brain as she listened to the conversation. Her shaking body stopped the moment he told them the lie. She couldn’t see anything since her face was buried in his chest and her body was enveloped in his tight hug.

“Ah… Jinsuke! Why didn’t you tell us that she’s with you? No one usually comes in at a time like this anyway. She looks rich too. Maybe we could use her or…” One of the guys started to say when the guy who was clutching Ayanomi cut him off.

“She’s normal. Didn’t you notice she’s wearing fake stuff? Go home guys and don’t ever bother her again.” His voice sounded like he was amused at the thought of them, chasing someone so unimportant.

“Jeez… it’s your cousin’s fault for coming around this early late this evening.” Another guy said.

“Tell your cousin never to walk here. Ever again...” The one with the low voice said.

That voice frightened Ayanomi through her core as she remembered the way he looked directly into her eyes.

“Yeah, I’ll remind her that.” Jinsuke called out to them as Ayanomi heard shuffling of feet and footsteps fading away, the guy kept his arms around her until she couldn’t hear any other sound.

When everything went silent and all she could hear was the man’s loud thumping heart, he suddenly released her and held her at arm’s length then looked at her face clearly for the first time. Ayanomi’s vision got blurred, she heard deep gulping breathes and sobs… after a few seconds she realized it was her own sobs she was hearing. She had started to cry and hyperventilate without even noticing it. She couldn’t breathe properly… then slowly all she could remember was the way the man’s eyes looked before her. It was a look of concern and then everything went black.

+++To Be Continued+++
The introduction by biniBningPunkista

Ayanomi’s eyes fluttered for a few seconds before opening them slowly. Bright light immediately greeted her, hitting her entire face which probably woke her up to her senses in the first place. When her eyes were fully open, she saw a tattered ceiling in front of her, with hinges hanging out and nails improvised to hold the roof together.

Then she remembered what happened last night. She bolted up right and looked around.

Where in the world am I?

Her head screamed silently as she looked around panic stricken. That’s when she noticed that a pair of big bright almond eyes was staring directly at her.

“Aniki!!! She’s awake! She’s awake!!!” The pair of eyes belonged to a child, a girl who looked like 5 years old.

The girl was shouting and looked excited as she stood up and started jumping up and down in glee. She was wearing a worn out yellow dress which was sewn and patched up.

As Ayanomi looked more carefully around the place she realized that she was in a very small four cornered bedroom which seemed more like a closet than a room. There was a big window beside her where the sunlight came in hitting her directly in the face.

The small kid went out of the room and was chattering loudly when heavy foots steps came near by the door. A man in blue overalls stood at the doorway and looked down at where she sat. He didn’t inch a step inside the room, he just stood there and looked at her.

“You… you saved me last night.” Ayanomi stammered upon recognizing him as the guy whom she bumped into at the street.

“What would a girl like you be doing in a place like this?” He asked coldly as his eyes stared back into hers.

“I…” She was searching for an appropriate answer, but nothing came into her mind.

“Never mind, with the looks of it… you seem to be like a runaway girl. How old are you anyway? 16?” He guessed in a more curious manner this time.

“Ummm… 23.” She said quietly.

“Pfft… are you serious? You are running away from your home at your age?” His facial expression instantly changed as he tried to choke his laughter.

As embarrassing as it sounds, Ayanomi had to admit to herself that it was pretty pathetic for her age to run away from home but she had pretty good reasons to do it.

“I have my own reasons for doing it.” She snapped at him airing out what she was thinking, and then she stood up from the futon.

“What’s your name?” He asked her mid step.

Ayanomi stopped and thought for a while, before looking back at him.

“Tomoko Aya. You can just call me Aya.” She nodded to herself rather than at him, trying to fake her name and adapting the nick name her parents gave her.

“And you are?” It was her turn to ask.

“Akanishi Jinsuke, as you could have heard last night.” He replied.

Truthfully, last night was very dim for her. It was better left forgotten, because if she tried to remember it, all she could think of were those men’s voice and the terrifying look that one of them gave her and of course to top it all… this man’s broad chest, the heat it emanated from his body…

Ayanomi shrugged her thoughts out of her head, she was getting carried away.

“Thank you for the help…” She started to say, but he interrupted her quickly.

“Nothing’s for free anymore kid. You have to pay me back.” He said with a smirk.

Ayanomi’s brows knitted in confusion as she thought of the kind of payment this man would want her to give him, and then a realization came to her. Of course, he would want money for helping out last night since he just confirmed that she was indeed a rich girl.

She ambled towards her bag, took out her wallet and gave him thousands worth of yen and reached it out to him.

“I’m not a kid anymore, and here’s the payment for your help last night.” She said smugly this time.

The guy just stared at her like she had slapped him or something. There was something weird with the way he looked at her, it was intense and… very deep. He made a small step towards Ayanomi as she automatically took a small step backward.

“What made you think that’s the kind of payment I would be asking for?” He said smugly with his voice low and husky as he took another step towards her, slowly inching his face closer to Ayanomi’s.

“You can pay me with your body instead.” He said in a demanding tone, with his face inches away from hers as his eyes grazed her whole body.

When he did this, Ayanomi's heart sped up a notch and felt like closing up to her throat, she immediately thought of that broad chest of his, the heat coming from him… but her senses struggled with her, instead her arms went across her chest instinctively protecting herself with what little that she have and letting the money she was holding fall down the floor.

What the hell is he thinking?!?

Ayanomi’s voice rang loudly in her head, though at the back of her mind she wanted to feel him close to her again that she can’t believe she’s actually imagining such perverted thoughts on a time like these! But right that moment she can’t speak or shout, she's plainly too stunned to even move.

Jinsuke's hand slowly reached up to her arm, her eyes went wide with fright and mixed feelings as she tried to imagine what he would do to her in this small room. She would be totally helpless in this situation because there was nowhere else to run. There was even a kid in the house and he dared do this kind of thing!

Ayanomi was getting the courage to shriek as loud as she could when his hand grabbed her arm, but his facial expression changed as to one that was not cold or with malice. It looked more tired or… something she could not entirely understand.

“What were you thinking, Kid? I’m not like those guys whom you had a run in last night. You are going to work your ass off if you want to hide in this place. If something happens to you while you’re staying in Akihabara; that would be too much in my conscience. Your money would help you a great deal if you would use it in dire needs, but in terms of staying here… you will have to work with your body whether you like it or not.” He said as he pulled her arm outside the small room and the small girl greeted them with a lollipop stuck in her mouth.
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A job for the body by biniBningPunkista

This is the kind of work I would be using my body for???

Ayanomi gawked around the area as she stared at the pile of laundry that was strewn all over her feet.

The lady who owned the laundry shop told her that she should consider herself lucky for getting this job. If it wasn’t for Jinsuke she wouldn’t have gotten it at all.

Who the hell was Jinsuke anyway that they all have come to respect him in this community?

She complained to herself as she tried picking up the dirty sheets that were stinking and loaded them in the basket bin, using her thumb and index finger to pick them up. Her other hand covering her nose as she picked them one by one but she soon found out that by doing this, getting everything inside the bin makes it even harder. In her disgust, she picked up everything using her two bare hands and tried shoving and sitting on it but still the sheets wouldn’t get in.

“Having a hard time with those?” A voice behind her suddenly interrupted her work, if she could call that work.

It was one of her co-workers, Miura Haruma who looked very young to be even working in such a place.

“I tried stacking it all in, but it doesn’t seem to get in.” Ayanomi announced in utter frustration.

“First day at work and you’re already frustrated? We’re not even that busy.” Haruma said while chuckling as he picked up some sheets.

“You have to fold everything first before you could load them into the bin.” He said as he demonstrated folding the sheets in his hand neatly within 10 seconds.

Ayanomi stared at him in awe, she was pretty much amazed at how he did it.

“You’re a magician!” She exclaimed.

Haruma grinned and shook his head then took another sheet to do the same thing.

“Practice makes perfect.” He said while grinning, and then threw her a sheet to fold which she found very much hard to do the way he was doing it.

“How old are you anyway?” Ayanomi asked trying to make conversation.

“18 next month.” He answered nonchalantly.

So that makes him 17. Why wasn’t he at school?

“Aren’t you going to school?” She asked curiously this time.

“I am, at night.” He said with this odd look on his face.

“Isn’t that hard?” She prodded on.

“Nee-chan, aren’t you supposed to fold them properly? What are you doing with the sheets?” Haruma said as he pointed at the cloth she was folding in her hands. As her eyes looked down at what she was holding, it was very much crumpled and bulky.

Then it hit her, she just had no idea how to fold sheets properly because she has never done this before.

Ayanomi groaned at the site of it as Haruma continued to laugh at her. She just looked helplessly at him at first… then couldn’t help but laugh with him as she realized how lame it was for a 23 year old girl not to know how to fold sheets properly in the first place.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it.” Haruma said reassuringly. Ayanomi smiled at him and attempted to fold more sheets as both of them continued to talk with lighter topics.
End Notes:
Haru... can't help but put him in. ^_^v
Baby sitting by biniBningPunkista

“So how did you get to know aniki?” Haruma asked as he and Ayanomi walked on their way home from the laundry shop.

“Ummm… he…” Ayanomi let her voice trail off trying to think of a right answer when suddenly someone spoke from behind.

“She’s actually a family friend, she came to visit me from Hokkaido.” Jinsuke answered for her instead.

Ayanomi have noticed that lately a lot of people have been catching her off guard from behind.

Jinsuke fell in step with the two of them and started talking about how his family and her family were pretty close with each other, he even threw in that Ayanomi and her parents wanted to experience life in Akihibara… as if it was something she had always wanted to do.

One thing that was very noticeable from this Jinsuke guy is that he was a very convincing liar.

“How long are you staying with us nee-chan?” Haruma asked her with a hopeful look in his eyes.

“I’m not sure.” Ayanomi said truthfully, because in reality she really had no idea how long she could run away without her family finding out where she was staying.

“Haruka wanted to see more of you nee-chan, could you keep her company while I go to night school for the mean time? Aniki usually looks after her at night, but he found a night job too.” Haruma said looking at me with hopeful eyes.

What do I know about baby-sitting? Zero.

This request made her want to shout the question at him, but opted to act cool and well… someone who knew what she was doing.

“Sure. Just send her over.” She said trying to mask her nervousness.

“Thank you nee-chan.” Haruma hugged her quickly looking very relieved.

She didn’t want to disappoint him, after all he was a good kid and he helped her a lot earlier.

When they arrived at the house Haruma waved his hand and went to his own home where his little sister would be waiting for him.

Jinsuke gazed at her with an odd look. Then when he walked into the house he threw in some more suspicious glances at where she stood.

“If you couldn’t trust me to stay here, you should just let me go. I’ll find another place to stay in. Haruma might even open his place for…” Ayanomi stopped talking when Jinsuke suddenly shook his head.

He softly flicked her forehead with his index finger and then smirked.

“Your thoughts are always far ahead from yourself. I was just thinking that you wouldn’t know how to take care of a kid. You don’t even know how to fold sheets…”

“How did you know that?!?” She cut him mid sentence, looking bewildered.

“The owner of the Laundromat said so.” He answered nonchalantly as he walked towards the bedroom.

Jinsuke checked if anything was missing. In Akihabara, you could never be careful of anything.

“You should keep your bag somewhere safe, you could store it here.” He motioned for her come inside the room as he removed a portion of the tatami mat at the corner of the room.

This amazed Ayanomi, she never thought that such a dingy place would have something like a secret storage. Back at home, it would have been a bolt in the cellar, but never under the floor.

“That’s the best place to keep it.” He said as he took the bag and shoved it in.

“Jin…” She started without realizing that she had given him a nickname already. There was just something about him that made her heart at ease whenever he was around.

“…how did you get here in Akihabara? And why are you helping someone like me.”

He was silent for a moment as he sat on the floor, not looking at her. Jinsuke seemed to stare out in space as if he was not there but instead in another place where his mind has taken him.

“Jin?” Ayanomi said slowly.

“It’s been a year. Yesterday it’s been a year that I have been staying in Akihabara. I’ve come from Tokyo, that’s where my… family was from. Then I went here, as for helping you out… you reminded me of myself when I first came in Akihabara, the only difference was… no was able to help me out back then.” He said in a voice almost inaudible.

Silence hung in the air as Ayanomi’s thoughts took her elsewhere too. It occurred to her that this man before her must have experienced a harsher life in Akihabara than she would have thought. In some ways, they were almost the same, ‘Almost’ but not entirely.

“So how are you going to take care of Haruka?” Jinsuke asked.

“She usually stays here the whole night and early in the morning, then Haruma would pick her up in the day to bring her to daycare school.”

This explains why the kid was already gone earlier when she came back from the public bath, which by the way irked her in every possible aspect. Never in her life have she experienced taking a bath in a public place like that.

“So you’re like a baby sitter in the evening too?” She asked, diverting her thoughts to the topic at hand.

“You could say that.” He said in a light tone.

“You let the Haruma pay you for it?”

“No. I wouldn’t let him, instead he makes me dinner and breakfast for both me and his sister. That’s payment enough for me.”

This made Ayanomi look at Jinsuke in another light, he looked gruff on the outside but he has a good heart after all. He seemed to like kids too, when she observed him early this morning.

“Do you know how to change diapers?” Jinsuke asked her all of a sudden.

“D-diapers? That girl still wear diapers?!?” She stuttered, unbelieving that a kid that size would still need diapers and besides she had no idea how to change diapers.

“No. I was just asking.” Jinsuke gave her a sly grin.

He was definitely making fun of her.

“All you have to do is help her with homework, since she is still a kid and then you would have to let her sleep before 10 so she would wake up early tomorrow. Don’t forget to let her pee before-hand so she wouldn’t pee in the evening, or in worse cases on the futon.” Jinsuke scratched his nose at the mention of peeing.

“You’ll only baby sit two days a week, so you don’t have to worry too much about it.” He added.

“I see…” It was all Ayanomi could say as she set her mind into baby-sitting that evening.

After an hour, when Ayanomi has arranged the room to her liking since Jinsuke decided that she should take the room in which she happily obliged, Jin would be sleeping on the receiving area starting that night.

There was a knock on the door and Jinsuke opted to answer it while Ayanomi looked out at the dark sky through the window, wondering as to how her parents were doing. They were old, she knew and she was the only heir of the family but she didn’t want to tie herself with someone she didn’t know.

Multi-millionaire my ass.

Ayanomi thought while she scowled by herself at the thought of marrying a millionaire she barely knew.

“Neechan!” Haruka greeted her in all smiles, there was a tooth missing at her lower gums, but this didn’t stop her from smiling brightly towards Ayanomi.

“Hello Haruka, how have you been?” She asked the kid as she knelt down to hug her.

“I learned my ABC’s today nee-chan! I even know some words in English!!!” Haruka said excitedly to her.

“That’s great, but I think we should see your brother off as he goes to school. Shall we?” She said to Haruka as the kid suddenly stood up and rushed towards her brother’s side to hug him before he left.

In truth, Ayanomi never had any siblings, so she doesn’t know the feeling between sisterly and brotherly love at all. She grew up spoiled, treated as a princess and never once had to give up anything for anyone until the day she was told she had to sacrifice her sanity by marrying someone she never knew. There was one person whose sibling she had always coveted. It was the sister of the man she loves or LOVED rather, with the past tense.

If only Tomo would have fought for her… if he just didn’t give up that easily. Then she would have at least a reason to stay and fight her way towards the end, she would have even run away in his arms only… if he could have taken her with him.


That man was a coward, he would rather stand by his company’s name than be with her. Her family was one of the biggest assets in his own company, they have indeed threaten to withdraw their shares if he didn’t let her go.

Pain seared through Ayanomi’s heart as she looked at the affectionate actions that was being showed in front of her. Thinking of Tomo’s little sister which led to her memories of him was too much. She ducked inside the room to avoid this display of affection and calm herself. Jinsuke has noticed this and followed her suit, but did not enter the room.

“Are you okay?” He asked looking concerned.

“Yes.” She answered her voice tight.

“Will you be alright tonight?”

“I think I can manage.” Ayanomi said with a half-hearted confidence in it.
End Notes:
Tomo is not Yamashita Tomohisa in case you guys are wondering who he is. You'll find out enough later on. ;)

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The other kind of baby sitting by biniBningPunkista

Haruka was sleeping soundly on the futon while Ayanomi sat quietly beside the little girl. It was already midnight, she can’t sleep. Even though she was tired because of helping Haruka with her assignments, struggling to wash the dishes that both of them used and cleaning the house, sleep was still evading her.

To top it all off she was parched due to the fact that she couldn’t think of drinking from the water coming out of the faucet but what was really bothering her the most to the point of not being able to sleep is that she was scared.

There were a lot of things she began to notice that evening, though Haruka was able to sleep peacefully on the futon Ayanomi still couldn’t imagine how she was able to sleep soundly the night before. There was this bad feeling that kept on itching inside her by looking at the roof, it was the insistent thought that it might fall down anytime soon while she was asleep, thus making her restless.

Different kinds of noise and shuffling sounds could also be heard through the thin walls of the house. Ayanomi had no idea what those sounds were and where it came from. Her mind was already imagining things that when a sudden creaking sound came from the front door she started to freak out more.

Ayanomi’s hair all over the body stood up, she crawled towards the bedroom door and tried to peak through it by sliding the door ajar half an inch. She was crouching low when she saw a foot walk quietly on the small living room. Her heart thumped faster, her eyes slowly inching upward when the foot came closer to the door and stopped just right in front of her. Then the door swiftly opened and made her fall forward onto the feet of that person while yelping out loud.

"Kyaaaaa!!!!" Ayanomi squeaked.

“What the…!?” Jinsuke exclaimed as he fell down crashing on the floor with Ayanomi sprawled on his legs while her heart was thumping wildly.

They both stared at each other for a few moments and then quickly looked towards the sleeping child in the room. Haruka was still sleeping undisturbed even with the entire racket they have caused. This made them both sigh with relief.

Jinsuke sat on the floor properly while Ayanomi scrambled to sit in front of him.

“What were you thinking?” He asked her harshly in a low voice as he looked at her.

“I was hearing a lot of things, I can’t sleep.” She complained.

“But you were able to sleep properly the first night.” He pointed out.

“That was because I was terrified out of my wits and I fainted!” She defended herself.

“You’re scared?” There was a twitch on his mouth that seemed to look like an amused smile.

Ayanomi just nodded completely embarrassed.

“I’m here now, so you don’t have to be scared.” Jinsuke said as he touched her knee gently while giving her a soft smile.

There was a short silence between them as Jinsuke reassured her.

“Jin… knowing that you're here already made me feel better.” She said shyly.

She didn't understand why she suddenly felt like being honest.

“You should go get some sleep, there’s still work tomorrow.” Jin told her stiffly instead then started to stand.

Ayanomi didn't say anything about the sudden change in attitude so she crawled back to the bed room to lay down beside Haruka.

After a couple of minutes listening to Jinsuke shuffling movements outside the room her eyes were still wide open. She still couldn’t sleep. After deliberating a few moments, she crawled back into the living room and opened the door to look at Jinsuke who has lying on his own futon and was already changed in his sleeping clothes.

Jinsuke must have felt someone watching him that he suddenly opened his eyes and found Ayanomi staring at him. This made her blush and bend her head, suddenly feeling uneasy from Jinsuke's gaze.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“I… I still can’t sleep.” She mumbled softly.

Jinsuke sighed then muttered audibly.

“You’re worse than Haruka.”

Jinsuke covered his eyes with his arm, ignoring her altogether. After a few minutes he took a peek at Ayanomi, and she was still there, looking at him helplessly.

“What now?” He asked completely frustrated, he did seem tired after all.

“Can you sleep inside the room beside me?” Ayanomi’s voice was childlike, almost inaudible but it was begging.

“Are you serious?!?” Jinsuke sat up straight looking at her making sure she was just kidding.

There was no trace of humor in Ayanomi’s face, only fear. Like that of a five year old having nightmares at night.

“You’re not kidding…” He suddenly said surprised at this newly discovered fact.

Ayanomi had a fear in new places; she could not sleep properly in places she’s not used to unless someone was sleeping beside her to calm her down.

As she told this to Jinsuke, he just nodded and took the futon in the cramped room and started to sleep. Ayanomi lay down happily in the futon between Haruka and Jin. It was more comfortable than before but something else was lacking.

“Jin?” She whispered in the dark.

“Yes?” He answered back.

“Can you rub my back so I could fall asleep faster?” She asked hopefully.

There was no answer, not even a grunt.

Ayanomi's shoulder sagged thinking that her request was too childish anyway so it didn’t matter; she would just try to sleep with the comfort that someone else was there beside her. With this thought, she turned to face Haruka on a side lying position and gently closed her eyes.

Then she felt a hand on her back, rubbing it gently, calming her down…


This made her smile and she quickly went to sleep.
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Special Delivery by biniBningPunkista
Author's Notes:
I do not own the characters, nor is the story true.
This is a work of fiction.

A month has already passed.

Ayanomi was able to adapt to the poor lifestyle, the roof top doesn’t seem to bother her any longer since Jin did reassure her that he was a pretty good carpenter which did convince her to say the least and finally, work wasn't that hard anymore now that she got used to it.

In the evening they still slept side by side every night, both of them couldn’t understand why she still couldn’t sleep whenever Jinsuke is away, there was that attachment that Ayanomi herself couldn’t comprehend.

One thing that Ayanomi could be sure of about Jinsuke, there were no hints of malicious intents whenever he touches her back, which made her think if he even thought of her as a woman at all. Not that she was complaining, it just made her doubt her own feminine traits. To add to this, Jinsuke also never stopped calling her ‘Kid’, thought she always reminded him she was already 23.

“How old are you Jin?” She asked that morning as they ate the rice that she cooked which was half burnt. Of all the things he taught her, cooking was the one thing she could never perfect, though Jinsuke didn’t complain at all

“28.” He replied.

Though she had asked this already a long time ago she wanted to state a fact and point out something to him.

“You’re only five years older than me. That doesn’t really make that much difference, so you could really stop calling me a kid.”

“Five years is a big deal, I have already been playing in the dirt when you’re still inside your mother’s womb and sucking on your thumb.”

“But women mature earlier than men!” Ayanomi argued.

“Look who’s talking? Between the two of us, who kept asking to sleep beside whom at night to rub their back just to be lulled to sleep?”

This made Ayanomi shut up.

“See my point?” Jinsuke said smugly as she just shoved the burnt rice into her mouth.

“I have to go, make sure you scrub the dishes properly unlike the last time you washed them. There was still rice sticking in the bowl that was harder to remove.”

After saying this, Jinsuke grabbed his bag and walked out of the house, but before he left he stretched out his arm to give her something that was wrapped in plastic.

“What’s this?” She asked curiously.

“It’s been a month since you lived in this house, it’s just something that reminded me of you when I was on my way home from work.” Jinsuke shrugged his shoulder indifferently then quickly got out of the house before she could say anything else.

Ayanomi sighed at how he always does that to her, for all she knew it was another strainer he bought for the kitchen sink.

When she opened the plastic wrap there was a small black and white MonoKuro Boo silver cellphone strap.

A sudden blush crept up to her face when she saw the gift. This was how she pictured Jinsuke and her, two characters very opposite from each other and yet still lives in harmony together.

Receiving gifts were common to her, especially ones that came from different places and countries, something that has a high value. The item she received today wasn’t a pricey thing at all, but the thought that Jinsuke remembered her because of it… was special.

A smile slowly formed into Ayanomi’s face as she placed the strap carefully inside her pocket and grabbed the empty bowls from the table. There was a knock on the door and that same person opened it, although she didn’t say anything.

“Aren’t you done yet?” Haruma complained as he was stepping inside the house.

“Hai hai… almost done. I have to wash these properly or else master Jinsuke would throw another fit at me.” Ayanomi told him as she washed the dishes with a silly grin pasted on her face, which made Haruma look at her weirdly.

As soon as she was done, she took her bag from the room and locked the door. Haruma kept telling her that they would be delivering some sheets to some Hotel in Shibuya another district in Tokyo. He seemed excited about this since he doesn’t get out much of Akihabara, but not her. She had tried avoiding it as much as possible, Shibuya was the one place where a lot of people would be recognizing her; she was a socialite in the upper class society after all.

When they reached the laundry place where both of them worked, the van was already loaded and it was up to them to bring it to the said hotel. There was a sinking feeling in her stomach that day; she just didn’t know what it was.

The ride towards Shibuya was the most excruciating experience for her that day.

When they finally reached the hotel, she realized who owned that hotel chain they were bringing the delivery to; it belonged to Tomo.

Nagase Tomoya. The person she thought she has already forgotten.

With this realization, she, she quickly helped Haruma unload all the clean sheets at the back door. The faster they finish the quicker they could leave, it was also good that Ayanomi did not forget to bring a cap to cover her face. Her head was always bent down whenever they entered the hotel, even though it was only the back door.

Though she had this gesture the whole time, there were two people whom she couldn't help but notice, a man and a woman making out in the corner near the kitchen caught her attention. The man’s hand was crawling all over the woman’s body, who was clearly a chef in that kitchen.

This sight made her blush and feel embarrassed at herself for even looking at that intimate moment. So she quickly looked away and got to the van to unload some more sheets.

After they have unloaded everything, she scurried out of the place quickly but not before bumping into someone, making the cap fall off her head and her hair dropping to her shoulders, revealing her face. To her shock, she saw the man whom she bumped to.

It was Tomo.

There she stood in front of him, in that ragged looking clothes while he was in that Armani Suit that he always coveted. A female chef approached him and linked her hand into his, telling Ayanomi immediately that she belonged to him.

Ayanomi looked at him in shock, then in disgust when she realized something… he was the same man who was making out with this woman earlier.

She should have known that he would be like this. It was partly her fault for ignoring simple things like the way he always groped at her whenever it was possible, she just didn’t let him continue the things he wanted to do with her.

“Ayanomi?” He said in bewilderment.

“Who’s this… girl?” The woman in his arms asked him, but he completely ignored her as he reached out his hand to touch Ayanomi.

She was fast enough to avoid it, she didn’t speak or blink, she just ran. Ran as fast as she could towards the van and even meeting Haruma along the way.

“Aya! Aya!!! I saw this magazine! She looked like you…! Only… your names are different. Couldn’t you be like a…” Haruma’s voice was cut short when she pulled his arm towards the van with all her strength.

This caught him off guard but he followed suit, confusion was registered on his face. She pushed him to the driver’s seat as she ran and jumped to the passenger’s side.

“Drive!” Ayanomi shouted at Haruma who fumbled at the gears as the van lurched forward without questions asked.

Someone was running behind the van, a man in a suit, calling someone in the name of Ayanomi. Haruma looked at the rear-view mirror, at the man who was still trying to catch up with them. He stepped on the accelerator to move the van faster, leaving the man behind.

After an hour of total silence, Haruma slowed down and stopped the van in front of a small noodle shop along the road. He stepped down of the driver seat and walked towards the passenger’s seat where Ayanomi sat with her hair in total chaos due to the open window by her side, her cap was gone and all the while she was just staring silently in front of the road.
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Unveiled by biniBningPunkista

Haruma opened the door and took Ayanomi’s hand, which she didn’t take back nor did she budge from her place, so he tugged at her until she became aware that he has been trying to get her attention for quite some time and was pointing at the noodle shop in front of the van. Upon realizing this, she shook her head as if trying to wake herself up then climbed down from her seat to walk inside the small store.

Inside the shop, they both ordered the same thing and ate ramen in total silence.

Ayanomi didn’t notice that there was a magazine clutched under Haruma’s arm, until he slid it towards her, and then started speaking.

“That’s you isn’t it?”

Ayanomi nodded.

“Your real name is Ueto Ayanomi.”

She just nodded again.

“So that’s why you didn’t know any house works at all or even how to fold sheets in the first place. You grew up with a golden spoon in your mouth.”

She just kept silent.

“Does Jinsuke know about this?” Haruma asked with a look of concern.

She shook her head in answer.

“What if Jinsuke gets in trouble because of you?” He said in between distress and anger.

“But there is no report of me missing; my parents would never want to do that anyway. It would be bad for their name and… it would not look good in the eyes of my future fiancé.” She mumbled the last few words to Haruma.

“You have a fiancé???” He exclaimed with wide eyes.

“The man in the suit earlier?”

“No. That was Nagase Tomoya, he owns that hotel we delivered the sheets to and he was my ex boy friend which by the way I was too blinded to see that he was just a playboy who wanted to grope on women’s body.” Ayanomi sighed out loud.

“Now that he knows where to find me, he would certainly tell my parents about it. He’s a conniving man, who would date his financer’s daughter just to get ahead in the industry. I should have seen that. I was just so stupid not to realize it back then.” She let her head fall to her hands shamefully. There were no tears in her eyes, just pure hatred and shame.

“The trouble would just go back to Jinsuke, Aya… Ayanomi!” Haruma called her in her real name.

Ayanomi looked at him blanky, not getting what he was trying to imply. How would that incident get Jinsuke in trouble? It’s not like Tomo would know where to find her.

“The van Ayanomi! It has the Laundromat’s name on it and even though he has a bad memory he could still ask through the hotel’s listings about the Laundromat’s location, where it would lead to finding you. That would make things plainly easy for him.” Haruma said worriedly.

This time Ayanomi finally understood what he was talking about.

“There is a such a thing called framed kidnapping, if someone finds out that Jinsuke has taken you in, he might just be framed for it. Have you thought any of that? If you care for Jinsuke at all, you should tell him the truth, go home and deal with your own problems. Running away doesn’t help.” He sounded like a man full of wisdom instead of an 18 year old boy struggling in life as he advised her of the things she should do.

At that moment Haruma seemed more mature than her, Jinsuke was right after all. She should be called a kid for being stupid enough to make such decisions like running away from her own problems. She bit her lip and tried to think of going home to settle things properly, but the thought of leaving Jinsuke and Akihabara all together brought her more pain than seeing Tomo make out with someone else.

---------------------To be continued---------------------
Honesty between two people by biniBningPunkista
Author's Notes:
This is purely a fan-fiction.

Billy Joel’s song “Honesty” echoed within the house as Ayanomi cleaned its every nook and corner. While she was keeping herself preoccupied, she thought and thought about her conversation with Haruma earlier then finally arrived with a decision.

Ayanomi will leave Akihabara before someone else mistakes Jinsuke as a kidnapper.

In the middle of her thoughts the front door suddenly opened letting Jinsuke in, he was startled to see Ayanomi cleaning the house without being told to. As soon as he saw her, he looked at her proudly, as if he was a parent seeing a child walk for the first time.

“The house looks clean.” He smiled as he looked around.

“Labor of love I guess.” Ayanomi answered back, which took Jinsuke off guard.

“I was speaking in terms of expressions.” She justified herself though a red blotch easily formed at her cheeks which she quickly hid from Jinsuke.

Ayanomi couldn’t believe she just said that, she wanted to kick herself for saying that out loud.

“What got into you?” Jinsuke asked as he sat on the floor, looking really baffled that she cleaned.

“I’m leaving.” She said without any preliminary explanations.

“When?” Jinsuke asked without any traces of surprise in his face.

“Tonight.” She said softly.

There was a long stretch of silence between them, Ayanomi fidgeted by the sink while Jinsuke stared at the floor, both drowning in the awkward silence until Jinsuke decided to break it.

“Make it tomorrow. I’ll bring you to your house, Akihabara is dangerous in the evening. You should know that by experience.” He said calmly but with authority.

“But I have to go as soon as I can.” She argued.

“You might get into trouble because of me. I don’t want that to happen to you Jin.” Ayanomi said in a small voice.

“Has someone already found out that you’re Ueto Ayanomi?” He asked.

“Yes… unfortunately it was my ex who…” She started to say before she realized what he just said.

This made her stop talking all together and instead stare at Jinsuke, wide eyed with shock.

“You knew and yet you never said anything?!?” She cried out him.

“I’ve known you for a long time; saw you in magazines, followed you in news papers, in tv... What can I say? I was big fan. You being a socialite and all… so imagine my luck when I met you in distress? Truth is…” Jinsuke’s voice trailed off, like he was taking in strength.

“…I’ve always loved you. Well not in a stalker-ish way… but I could as well say that I have loved you for a long time. I just didn’t know how to reach it out to you.” He finally said without any warning.

Ayanomi staggered into a chair and kept quiet, unable to believe that this was all true but Jinsuke continued to speak.

“You don’t know the amount of restraint it took me not to make a move on you. The times I had to rub your back painstakingly at the same time trying to stop the urge to hug you, to touch your face and even kiss you… it was agonizing. There you were, in front of me… in your most vulnerable state. Not once did I think of taking advantage of that because I was afraid. Afraid that you would leave me if you knew but since you’re still leaving me after all that, I might as well be honest with how I feel now. I’ve loved you before you came into my life Aya, I’ve loved you even just through magazines and the media. I might not be alone in loving you this way, but I might be the first one saying this to you personally.” Jinsuke scratched his head in total frustration after revealing this to her.

Ayanomi started crying which confused Jinsuke and make him stand up and walk over to hug her awkwardly.

“I had imagined a lot of things for your reaction in my revelation, the thought of you running out of the house was on the top of my list but you crying because of it never really crossed my mind.” He shook his head as he continued to wrap her in his arms and gently knead her back.

Slowly in between her sobs, Ayanomi suddenly punched his chest.

“Stupid! You are really stupid!!!” She muttered at him angrily as she continued to cry.

“What is wrong with confessing?!?” He asked with an exasperated expression on his face.

“Do you know how it felt for a woman to be called a kid by the one she likes? The inferiority I have felt whenever you treated me just like a kid? I even doubted that I was a real woman because you didn’t pay attention to me as one!” Ayanomi started shouting at him.

It was his turn to be shocked.

“Y-you liked me?” He asked her in astonishment.

“YES!!! I like you!!!” Ayanomi wailed at him.

“I don’t care if you live in this shabby place… I like calling you Jin. I like you even when you’re pissed off at me because I didn’t clean the house properly or washed the dishes the right way. I like the way you rub my back at night until I fall asleep. I like the way you look in the morning. I like the way you take care of things for me. I like the way you reassure me that I am safe, that everything is going to be okay and that's because…” She paused to catch her breath then whispered softly, “…I simply love you Jin.”

She slowly looked up at Jinsuke, her eyes dry of tears, then he suddenly lifted her up from where she sat and crushed his lips onto hers. He was kissing her fervently, making up for all those days he had been restraining himself, so did Ayanomi. She kissed him with equal passion letting her hands graze across his hair, his back and finally, she held on to his neck. They were kissing like there was no tomorrow and then Ayanomi tugged on his shirt to slowly take it off. Jinsuke slowed down on kissing her and then gently parted his face away from her.

He caught her hand that was tugging at his shirt and smile at her softly.

“I want to do things right Aya. I respect you as a woman...” Jinsuke started to say.

“You don’t have to wait Jin, you don’t have to restrain yourself anymore.” Ayanomi told him full of anticipation in her eyes.

“Aya, please...? This much harder to me than you think but as I have told you, I want to make this right. I will sleep beside you tonight, nothing else and tomorrow… you’ll go back home.” He said gently to her but the sound of home did not give her happiness at all.

Her eyes went wide in alarm.

“No. No!!!” She shook her head like a child deprived of the things she wanted.

“Now that I know you feel the same way, I will not go home Jin!!! I’ll throw everything I have just to be with you! I swear I will. Let’s run away together, go somewhere far away from Tokyo or even Japan, just you and me.” Ayanomi suggested as she clung to his arms.

“Aya…” His hands gently grazed her chin as Jinsuke lowered his face and touched her forehead with his,

“…I will face my past just to be with you. When I am done, I will get you back from your family no matter what.” Jinsuke said with finality.

Tears fell freely from Ayanomi’s cheeks once again and Jinsuke waited for her until she could cry no more and then he carried her off to the room and laid her down on the futon. He started rubbing her back until she fell asleep but before darkness fell through her consciousness she felt Jinsuke’s arm enfold her body in the most comfortable warmth.
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Holding on to promises by biniBningPunkista
Author's Notes:
This is purely a fan-fiction.

Ayanomi’s parents received her with open arms, she didn’t hear any complaints or retaliation from both of them about her immature decision of running away but the fact that she was still to marry the man they have chosen for her did not change.

There were only 3 months left before she has to meet that man for the first time but she never bothered asking for his fiancé’s name because she knew… Jin would eventually come to get her. Tomo’s news came to her parents a little later than expected. There was a subtle notion from Tomo’s news that she could have been kidnapped but she was already there to defend herself.

Amid all this she never once mentioned about living with a man named Jinsuke.

Days turned into weeks, then into months as Ayanomi waited for Jinsuke to come but he never did. This crushed her heart more as the days went by. The thought of holding on to his promise to her never ceased to from her mind.

At night she took out that small silver MonoKuroBoo keychain that Jinsuke gave her, it was her constant reminder of his promise.

There came a time, earlier in that month when she couldn’t wait any longer that she went back to Akihabara with an escort. She came back to that place where she stayed with Jinsuke, but it was empty. The lot was already for sale. She even looked for Haruma and Haruka at their old place but they too have also left the apartment they have been renting. The last thing that she could think of was the Laundromat she had been working at during her stay in Akihabra. When she asked about Jinsuke and Haruma the owner barely recognized her until Ayonomi introduced herself. It took her some time to ask the owner for more information about the people she was looking for but all the help she got was that they have indeed left the place just a few days after she left.

This discovery did not bring down her hope, instead Ayanomi tried to look Jinsuke’s name in all the registry files and in the Internet but it was like he never existed in the first place. Although several Akanishi’s turned up, including a tycoon who passed away last year, there was no way she could connect him to that person, because it says that he only has one son in the name of Junichi who was 25 years old.

Upon learning this, her heart felt like crushing into little pieces.

Where was Jinsuke? Where in the world could she find him?

A crazy consideration came to her mind, Jinsuke was probably just an illusion that she had made up on her own to forget fear and loneliness in Akihabara. Then she remembered the way he hugged her tightly to his body, the warmth he emitted for her and… the one kiss that they have shared was all too real that it was never erased in her mind. She strongly believed that he genuinely loved her… only it was too late.

The promise that her parents made to her fiancé was already on its deadline. Tomorrow she was supposed to meet the man that was set for her.

---------------------To be continued---------------------
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The fiancé by biniBningPunkista
Author's Notes:
This is purely a fan-fiction.

Ayanomi walked into the hotel’s ballroom where the engagement party was to be held. She was clad in a light silver dress, with feathery silver-colored cloth lining for the left strap and a very thin strap on the right which is barely noticeable and her foot was clad in a pair of silver sandals which made her feet look more slender. Her hair was tied up in a bun with soft tendrils of hair escaping the pins and hung low at the sides of her neck.

She trotted across the room with a broken heart and a heavy feeling. This was the day she would be meeting the man she had tried to run away from. Her face couldn’t get any cloudier than it already was, she had already resigned herself being damned for the rest of her life.

“Ayanomi!” Her mother greeted her as soon as she entered through the doors.

“What are you doing? You should smile to the guests. You’re aunts and uncles are here to congratulate you.”

She forced a tight smile, though all she wanted to do was to cry.

“Mother… what’s the name of the man I am supposed to marry?” She finally took the courage to ask.

“His name is… Junichi.” Her mother replied.

“Junichi?” Her heart started to thump with this news.

"By any chance is his real name Akanishi Junichi?" She asked her mother eagerly.

Maybe… by some chance this person could be connected with Jinsuke.

“Yes. I was very surprised that it took you so long to ask about him. Junichi is a very bright young man, love. He is after all the son of a tycoon.”

This answer merely made her nod, she didn’t hate her parents for her ordeal. She just hated her situation, being in this arranged marriage was inevitable. As what Haruma said months ago, she had to face her own problems.

If this was her fate, then she should better open her eyes for a new prospect in life… better forget promises that were made… better… to become someone’s wife even if it meant sacrificing one’s own happiness. But putting these thoughts aside maybe this person could help her locate the one man who changed her perspective in life and by fate shared his family name.

There was no happiness left in her, only anticipation.

What else did she have to lose in this situation? She had once tasted freedom but reality has finally knocked at her door and made her life miserable. If being with Jinsuke was just a fairytale… then it was time she read “the end” and closed the book.

Ayanomi sighed heavily as she walked towards her seat, not enjoying the party at all, dreading and anticipating at the same time when her name would be called and introduced to the man she has to marry.

While she was sitting in her chair, she noticed someone familiar walking amongst the guest.

Her eyes suddenly went big…

“Haruma!?!” She called out loud, quickly standing about and automatically striding towards that direction but all of a sudden she bumped into someone’s shoulder which set her balance off, causing her to topple on the side.

Ayanomi would have hit the floor if that same person was not able to catch her.

“I’m sorry… I wasn’t looking.” She apologized quickly, not even glancing at the person who caught her.

She was already too much preoccupied searching for Haruma amongst the crowd. There was a slight panic in her chest when she lost the sight of him right after she bumped into someone.

“It’s alright, as long as you are fine.” The person told her, his voice ringing into her ears.

It was very familiar to her.

Hearing that voice made Ayanomi slowly lift her face upward to look at that person and the moment their eyes met, she almost fainted.

“Jin.” A hoarse whisper escaped her lips instead.

It was the only thing she could say.

“You look beautiful tonight.” He said with a smile.

Jinsuke looked striking himself, wearing that metallic brown tie and suit, it was a far cry from the clothes he wore back in Akihabara. Never did she try to imagine Jinsuke wearing something as formal as this.

“That’s beside the point. What are you doing here?” She gushed while standing up straight after recovering from her initial shock.

“Come.” He told her instead and took her hand to lead her towards the front of the ballroom.

“What are you doing?” She asked him looking alarmed as she almost stumbled just to follow suit.

They stood in front of the crowd, as Jinsuke signaled the maitre de for a mike, they produced one immediately and gave it to him. He held the mike in his right hand while he clutched Ayanomi's hand with the other.

“Good evening ladies and gentle men.” He greeted everyone confidently with a smile that warmed anyone who looked at it.

Ayanomi still couldn’t understand what was happening.

“Thank you for attending this engagement party tonight. In magazines and news I have always been known as Junichi Akanishi but I haven’t been completely honest in the reports nor have I circulated my photograph around. To make things clearer for the guests, my real name is Jinsuke Junichi Akanishi, I try to hide my other name to avoid any further inquiries about my private life. My deceased father already had his share of limelight in the world and I do not wish to participate in it too. As some of you know I am a man who doesn’t like to have his photograph taken. I am somewhat... a camera-shy type of person as it is commonly known.” Jinsuke gave a huge grin to the people listening to him which set them off into a small chuckle.

Ayanomi stood there beside him, shocked as she looked at him in a different light. Her eyes darted to her hand which was clasping Jinsuke’s… Junichi. Whatever name it was he used.

When the crowd settled down to silence he continued to talk.

“Tonight I have a story to tell…” Jinsuke paused and looked at Ayanomi then he subtly gave her a wink while she just stood speechless beside him, eyes intently staring at his.

“Ten years ago, I fell in love with a girl… a girl I saw in magazines, the media and the news papers. I followed her grow up into a beautiful woman that she is today. I have always loved her… only I never had the courage to tell her personally or even ask her on a date. I was that bad in personal communication when it came to building relationships with the opposite sex…” he sighed exasperatedly and the audience gave another laugh.

“…so instead, I sent her parents a letter. A very long letter mind you. It was a letter about proposing to marry their child and providing everything she needs. That was two years ago and during that time I was confident to be taken in as a son in law. As I have mentioned already, I am a man who does not dwell too much in public but instead I show my talents in my work than in words.

Well somehow… that changed when the parents of the woman I have always loved denied my request.

They denied me, the son of a famous tycoon. I cannot believe that a person like me would be deprived of such a request.

Two years ago I was deeply frustrated with their response because I was certain that they would easily agree to my proposal. That’s when I realized that letters where not a clear judgment for such a proposition so I went to them personally, gathering all the courage that I have to set things straight and show my sincerity. To my surprise, the only response I got from them was, ‘You have not tasted the real world yet, if there came a time when you think being out there is better than being in the secured perimeter of your life, then maybe we could arrange the marriage for you instead’.

How could these people say something like that to someone with stature like me? How could they give me an ultimatum that I could just pretend my way out? It made me think for a long time until I came to the conclusion that if I were genuinely in love with their daughter I must leave my company and see the world for myself.” He stopped talking and nodded at my parents who were standing proudly in front of the crowd.

“One year ago when my father passed away, I left the company temporarily in the hands of my trusted subordinates to venture the world outside the rich and the famous. I lived in the name I am not known for, learned things on my own even feared by people not because of the things I had but because of the things I could do. I was known for myself and not for what I had stood for. There were times I was caught in trouble but got out of it on my own. I have met wonderful people along the way too and learned from them.” He smiled at Haruma whom Ayanomi did not notice was already standing just a few paces away from them.

“When I knew I have already experienced it all… I told the news to the parents of my beloved one. I wrote her parents that I knew how to live in the world that was presented to common people. That if I may choose between, I would have chosen the one I was living right then but since the woman I have loved was not capable of living in that same environment, I had to stay on the top that I may tell her the things I have learned. Her parents were really clever for coming up with such a response to my letter; because of this, I am indebted to these two wonderful people. Riches can never really bring you anywhere unless you have experienced the real terms of leaving in poverty. Armed with this thought and experience they have finally accepted me. True to their promise, they have set the engagement themselves.

The evening I was prepared to leave Akihabara…” by the mention of this place, everyone gasped and couldn’t believe that he indeed stayed in that place for a year.

“Yes, it was Akihabara that took me in… and it was the same place I met the girl of my dreams in flesh for the first time. The day I was prepared to leave Akihabara, imagine my shock to see Ueto Ayanomi walking on the streets of such a place, scared and alone. I too was scared for her for there were men who tried to mug her…” there were more gasps when they heard this, the eyes of Ayanomi’s parents almost bulged out of their sockets.

“But I was there and those people knew me, knew what I was capable of. I stood as a threat instead of being an ally. Of course I wouldn’t let anyone touch her, so I took her in my house and postponed for my comeback. If her parents wanted me to experience the real world, maybe they too would want that for her too. I told them the news… and they decided to let her be. For a month, I have lived under one roof with this beautiful woman at my side, the woman I have always loved from a far. She was also able to experience the real world, with me at her side. I was finally able to have a personal relationship with someone I cherished, though it was hard keeping it platonic for I respected her parents and most of all I respected her as a woman. What made me really happy was when she told me she was willing to throw everything away just to be with me, the poor me. Hearing that made me genuinely happy, I felt that Kamesama gave me not just wealth but he also threw in a goddess with a heart to be with me forever.” Jinsuke paused for one last time before throwing his last words to the crowd.

“Thank you for listening everyone. This has been a very long story… but the bottom line is, if destiny works for two people, they shall find happiness.” After saying this Jinsuke stooped down to kiss Ayanomi, who received those lips willingly. Everyone’s clap drowned both of them as they kissed each other fervently.


On the veranda just outside the ballroom Ayanomi and Jinsuke sat side by side while holding hands.

“You are a really good liar.” She said as she snuggled to him closely.

“No, I’m just not showy.” Jinsuke said as he traced her face with his fingers.

“But you said you said you were 28!”

“Adding a couple of years in my age adds charisma you know… besides you fell for it too.” He teased her while giving off a grin.

“That’s still lying.” She said as she tried to dart away from his fingers.

“Are you saying we shouldn’t have met? Then I wouldn’t have to lie?” He asked looking really hurt as his fingers was left hanging in the air.

For a few seconds they stared at each other in silence and then Ayanomi began to talk in a soft voice.

“The truth is I’m glad you saw me in Akihabara… and also it was you I was supposed to marry.”

This seemed to pacify whatever Jinsuke was thinking that his facial expression became lighter.

“I wondered why you have to run away from me in the first place when in fact I am that same person you are supposed to end up with.”

“As you have said, I was also probably supposed to experience things just as you did.”

“Probably… but I really thank Kamesama because of that.” He nodded to himself and then took something out of his breast pocket.

“Here.” He shoved his hand to hers.

A ring touched the middle of her palm. Carved on the band was intricate designs of oriental flowers and a small leaf shaped diamond was embedded in it.

The sight of the ring made Ayanomi’s eyes glow, but a thought came to her instead.

“Aren’t you supposed to wear this to my finger?” She pouted at him instead of wearing it on.

“Oh… yeah. That’s how it was supposed to be. Sorry.” He immediately took the ring from her hand, which she found funny because he was totally clueless on how things like this were supposed to work.

Jinsuke fumbled with the ring and slipped it onto her finger.

“That looks just perfect on you.” He held her hand upward, facing the ring towards him then grinned, he looked so cute that Ayanomi couldn’t help but give him a small kiss on the lips.

This took him by surprise.

“We’ll be staying under one roof again in a couple of days.” He said with a mischievous grin on his face.

“That seems to be the plan.” She nodded in agreement.

“You want to do it before we get married?” Jinsuke asked her with his eyebrows going up and down looking hopeful as his face crept slowly towards hers, his mouth aiming for her soft parted lips.

Trying to avoid eye contact Ayanomi thought for a second before answering.

“Jin…” Her voice trailed off… agonizing Jinsuke even more.

“I respect you as a man and I would want to make things right. Let’s just wait until the wedding night.” Ayanomi answered then laughed at him as he groaned loudly, she hugged him instead to make up for her small announcement which Jinsuke gruffly accepted in exchange with a kiss.

---------------------The end--------------------
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