Janpu! Sora ni Tassuru! - Teaser by Blossy

a.k.a Jump! Reach the Sky!

Hamano Ayumu lost sight of life when her best friend passed away
She believed that she did not deserve happiness
She definitely did not want another friend
But once she moves to Tokyo, she encounters a bunch of delinquents, a girl’s volleyball team and maybe the happiness she did not want…
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1. Jump! Reach The Sky! by Blossy

Jump! Reach The Sky! by Blossy
Author's Notes:
Woooo new Story!

Okay most of the characters are in the Japanese drama "Tumbling"
The drama left me with a great impression and Yusuke was awesome as usual.


My name is Aragaki Yui

This is a story of my best friend Hamano Ayumu who I left behind…

I’ve died at such a young age…

I had so much to live for, so many boys to date, so many…
Sorry got ahead of myself…
This is a story of my friend, not me…

Because of my sudden death, Ayu, my poor, poor friend is devastated.
Who wouldn’t be, right? I died!

Unable to deal with my death, Ayu wishes to die every single day.
My poor, poor friend is suffering because she misses me.

She’s now alone in Tokyo where her father transfers her to attend High School.
She doesn’t know how to live.

If only I could tell her to live happily in my half too.
If only I could give her some kind of sign that I don’t want her to suffer anymore.
But I don’t have the power to interfere with her life now that I’m dead.

Oh wait…
What’s this?

Ayu believes I’m giving her signs…
Who the hell is this delinquent she’s besotted with?
Just because he said a few lines I said before she believes it’s a sign from me…

In her new school, she meets the girls’ volleyball team.
Bleh, they’re not even good.
Their team sucks and have no fans at all.
They should just disband like everyone wants.
Ayu, can jump so much higher than them!

Ohhh, it’s getting better!
They realised just how good Ayu is!
But obviously she’s good!
She’s my best friend!

How will things turn out?
Ayu is still not ready to open up to anyone…
She sure as hell doesn’t want to have fun…

Will the delinquent, Yamamoto Yusuke, be able to help her?
Will the girls’ volleyball team help her?

Ahhh, someone just give me the power to help my friend!
Too bad, I’m dead


Blossy Story and Production Presents…


“Janpu! Sora ni Tassuru!”



Hamano Ayumu.

The female protagonist. She only had a best friend she lived for only to suddenly be taken away from her. Ready to give up her life, she meets Yusuke, the guy who gives her hope. Was she in love with him already?
Yamamoto Yusuke.

The male protagonist. He was the school’s fearsome leader. He can’t just leave Ayumu alone. For some reason she was different to the girls he met. Unable to understand what that meant, he allowed her to follow him around.

Aragaki Yui.

She is a deceased character that is always in Ayumu’s flashbacks. Was Ayumu’s hot-headed best friend.

Miura Shohei.
Daito Shunsuke.
Kaku Kento.
Seto Koji.
Nishijima Takahiro.
Yamashita Tomohisa.
[Ayu’s Guardian]
Ayase Haruka. [School Nurse]
Yamamoto (Otsuka) Nene. [Yusuke’s mom]

Girls’ Volleyball Team:

Kuninaka Ryoko. [Coach]
Sugimoto Yumi. [Manager]
Maeda Atsuko. [Captain & Setter]
Kawaguchi Haruna. [Centre Back]
Takei Emi. [Centre Forward]
Mizusawa Elena. [Right Back]
Fukuda Saki. [Left Back]

And other characters...

Coming soon in asianfanfiction.com
End Notes:
Let me know what you think!
I'm excited to write this story!

Just to warn you...
The story WILL BE in 3rd POV...
The story WILL NOT BE a supernatural one...
Argagaki Yui is dead and will not come back as a ghost...
This story is published on Asian Fan Fiction at http://www.asianfanfiction.com/viewstory.php?sid=1557