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Christine reviewed History on Dec 05, 2010 05:25 PM [Report This]

ok first of all, beautiful chapter girl.
nice, very very nice.
This chapter was really nice and sweet and aww-ing then towards the end it was like turning from sweet to angsty
cage? O.o gahh i wanna read more and I can't wait til Toma comes in ;)
*forever faithful to TomaLillith even though this is Rei but it's still a part of your wonderful mind LESSTHANTHREE*
Btw beautifully written once again, the steamy scenes but not yet steamy where awesome.
I can't wait for the real unicorn :D
Author's Response: OMG CHRISTINE. I swear to god I got scared right now so I made this chapter so long because the point I ended it at was so boring that I was like o.O AND THE POSTER GOT EDITED AND I'M SO IN LOVE WITH IT KYAH KYAH KYAH! <3 I'm glad I started with a sweet chapter cause this story tends to get really sour in the middle. O.O it's very very very angry and brutal and I'm going to try and remain true to the crime genre and not like hesitate to use scary plots O.O which I'm sorry for the girls I'm using to represent them. Angst is my true calling. XD you know that baby. I may dabble in sweetness but in the end I will always go back to angsty-mama. I hope you're dreaming of BM right now. TOMA STARTS TO- *yeah i can't tell you but you read the best part already so XD* I TOLD YOU. I CAN'T WRITE LEMON. So I had to write that < whatever that was in chapter one O.O It was like- lemonade? lemonade. A new genre of lemons. XD You are the queen of unicorns woman. Seriously. And I hope you like this story as much as I do by the end of it =D *glomps* Thank you for reading ChriChri I love you!

inawza reviewed History on Dec 05, 2010 05:32 AM [Report This]

awww sweet...i love mukai too... :P
and i love both of them...
i can feel the love between them...
so sweet that im lost for words...haha
only you could do that miss... :))
Author's Response: WANANI I'm glad you liked the first chapter. I hope the second one isn't too long and it doesn't bore you. T.T I didn't realize how long was until I clicked on it right now. I'm glad you liked Mukai and Rie =D I think Meisa and Mukai would make an amazing couple on screen~! You're so sweet I'm lost for words O.O thank you so much for that compliment! *bows* I love sweet couples and I know a lot of them so I try to mimic their relationships here =D Kay wanani I never get to talk to you outside reviews and I want to kind of thank you too so is there a particular guy you like? I'll put you into the story if you like =D You're such an awesome reader! So tell me okay? I hope you enjoy the next chapter! <3333

Lil Daisy reviewed History on Dec 04, 2010 04:01 PM [Report This]

ah Mukai. that man's so hot he scorches the screen.
loved the first chapter. cant wait for the next.
Author's Response: Okay you're so awesome I had to put you in there. <3 Is that cool? Cause so far I kind of have a lot planned for your character. So if it's not totally tell me okay =D? But I get excited thinking of your character =D HE IS SO HOT. I still remember him from the Honey and Clover days when he was a total DB. <3 I hope you enjoy the next chapter Daisy! Thank you so much for reading! *bows*

inawza reviewed Prologue on Nov 25, 2010 11:10 AM [Report This]

and yes...this is it...
im already excited and its only the first chap...
say yes to the update...!!!
Author's Response: YAY you read this story =D that makes me very happy wanani I hope you like how this goes. =D I'm excited too to see how you guys will all like this story cause I'm already in love with it =D I hope you enjoy the update! It's just normal beginnings nothing too special. thank you for reading and reviewing! *bows*

Ooper reviewed Prologue on Nov 23, 2010 03:18 AM [Report This]

I was just on Facebook for quite a while and when I finished the story, I immediately thought, "OH, LIKE BUTTON." And then I was like... "Oh." And I felt like a loser. BUT THIS STORY IS SO GOOD. I CAN'T WAIT TO READ MORE!
Author's Response: ....LMFAO. DID YOU KNOW! THERE IS NOW OFFICIALLY A LIKE BUTTON ON HERE =D it might just be because you said that so good job TaliTali =D i'm glad you liked it =D I love it too! I can't wait to write more. It's very similar to your birthday gift but then- not really at the same time because this one has a huge crime aspect and your role in each story is VERY different. THANK YOU FOR READING TALI.

biniBningPunkista reviewed Prologue on Nov 22, 2010 05:37 PM [Report This]

is this going to be a very very sexy dark story with not much humor in it???
the ending part of the chapter just... it just caught up on me. ~_~

update soon. I LOVE TOMA. you know that already. *hugs*
Author's Response: YES. it is . I love dark stories and honestly i can't see humor working in this story but I'm a funny girl so it might come about once in a while. XD I'M GLAD YOU GOT SHOCKED =D it's gonna be a while before we find out what's happening but I'm glad you're shocked already =D I KNOW YOU DO! I DO TOO SISTER =D <3 thank you so much for reading *glomps*

Christine reviewed Prologue on Nov 22, 2010 12:30 AM [Report This]

major spazz attack, oh how i love crime stories!
I can't wait to read the rest and omg the teasers look amazing!
I felt so much anger from those one liners amazing!
Update soon! I can't wait to read more :D love you like I love ......(fill in the blanks! ;))
Author's Response: I love this story like a crazy bitch so I wrote some more last night and I'm in love with it even more. Kudos to heartbeat for inspiring me. I LOVE CRIME TOO =D now. Almost as much as history or well whatever Erika is. ...Now whose saying what line is really important cause I haven't figured out whose saying what XD. I just know what they're saying =D LMFAO. I love that line ^ it can be substituted for anything so here's what i'm filling it in with. the cool side of the pillow =D THANK YOU CHRICHRI
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