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YoonEunHyeFan reviewed Prologue on Jun 03, 2012 05:52 PM [Report This]

well short chapter but intriguing hehe *goes to nect chapter to find out what happens next*

maohartjun reviewed Pursue on May 28, 2012 10:12 AM [Report This]

*claps* *blows kiss* thats for updating.

Geez my brain froze after reading this chapter. For a minute their I was getting confused about all the drama of Lillith aka Rie (gomen) had to read again to realise that they are one person haha.

Anyway yeah I am getting pretty angst at Rie's thinking. Shes really making me go aarrggh to my screen while reading. All I know is that I have to believe that she still has feelings for Osamu and as for Toma he just has baggage I guess and I'm hoping that she doesn't fall for him.

Now Jun hmm he seems like an ok guy but I kind of don't trust him. Gosh I thought he might do something with Rie like kiss her *angry eyes* but he better not be cheating on Mao. I hope Mao gets to appear more and especially with her and Jun's relationship status on here.

I just think ok why he wants Rie to tell him whatever her feelings are and he won't tell anyone I kind of don't buy that but will see on your next update.

OOOhh I like your preview already and I hope that Mao appears.

I just want to know who says what on your preview.

Ganbatte ne. Looking forward to more of your awesome writing.

Christine reviewed Pursue on May 25, 2012 09:55 PM [Report This]

this is intense
ok first of all I don't think I forgive Jun just yet, I mean he seems to be a little sweet in this chapter but still...he was such an asshole in front of Takuya that its going to take some time to forgive him

omfg the parting scene was sad...and shit Rie heard all of that?
No wonder she broke down in the car. I think that scenario would amke her surrounding walls crash and make her realise that hey...maybe just maybe you do feel something for the guy and its not just respect and awe...its lurveeee XD

I like how this chapter focused a bit on the relationship between Rie and Jun. I think you should give those two more airtime.

It was also understandable that Christine wouldn't leave her child in the hands of her monster husband (btw poor pipi you made him so mean in this it's kind of hot at the same time im weird...)

Thank you for another yet amazing chapter and I wonder if she will start to realize that she is in love with Toma...

btw Toma is freaking sexy in this...yeah I know I must have told you before but he is freaking hot hahaha

update soon!

love this!!!!!!!!!!!!

maohartjun reviewed Prologue on May 07, 2012 04:50 AM [Report This]

Oh Anna you know me I love a good story and I stick to it till its completed. Well hopefully by then you won't be sick of reading my long reviews *blush*.

Yeah I seriously can't wait for your other fic and definitely hopefully gaybo Jun will be nicer or I will definitely be dealing with him in my review haha.

I totally am waiting patiently for your action scenes to pop out into the story and if its what I'm hoping for wow kudos to you for adding but either way how you write the action scene is fine with me and you know I am definitely going to enjoy and love it.

Volcano High is a korean movie starring (yes my other fangirl) korean actress Shin Min ah is definitely pretty. Oh boy I love her just like Inoue Mao I just find both of them great. Like real humble upbringing kind of way no scandal to them both or so I like to think. But both of them are totally different and they are my favorite asian stars of all.

Anyway as I was saying hehe when you have the time to watch any of her drama or movies I hope you enjoy them. As for Jewel in the Palace I'm kind of biased about certain dramas or movies either Japanese or Korean that I like to watch which is rarely. Lets just say I only watch Inoue Mao and Shin Min ah's movies/dramas.

maohartjun reviewed Prologue on May 07, 2012 04:38 AM [Report This]

haha you and me both fangirling but for Mao-chan I would say that shes my favorite Japanese actress and yes I have seen Ohisama but that was on raw without eng subs when it came out. I practically like watched it every week. But now I want to buy me the dvd. I love that drama well its something new for me to see Mao-chan in. But I really enjoyed her movie Rebirth"Youkame no Semi" thats one movie that was so powerful and moving for me. So glad she won the JAA award thou' so proud of her haha fangirling again.

Well as for her new movie I am hoping to see it also but unless you know a torrent for me or where I can watch it without downloading *begs* haha.

As for the Asian guys you can't really tell. Just like the Arashi boys.

maohartjun reviewed Deceive on May 06, 2012 08:14 PM [Report This]

Omg like superfast update. *blows kiss* thankyou for updating.

Ok now where to start. I might not have much to say BUT this is what came to mind.

Rie is in a whole lot of trouble so far when I was reading this and she finally met the kingpin Takuya. Wow he sure sounds scary.

I am trying to get past the fact that Toma is a goody or a baddy (I'm kind of confusing myself haha). So many things that I tried to keep pinpointing about Toma and Rie. Now that I know she was bait and he was in love with Christine. Wonder why shes leaving? Maybe she knows or thinks that something is going on between him and Rie!! aarrgh well I just hope that Toma gets to see her before she *coughs* leaves.

I don't like Takuya seriously when I started reading it just made me think this is like a movie.....just knowing that hes evil makes me wish that Rie had kicked his ass *winks*.

Now Talia hmm psycho or what?? one minute shes nasty and the next she seems a little friendly to Toma even thou shes engaged to him I don't know Toma just needs to kick her ass to haha.

Jun I definitely don't like him here (but *swoon* my OTP together) I mean hes flirting with Rie and Mao knows but doesn't care well as far as I can tell she doesn't care one bit about her father being a Yakuza. She seems so different to Talia's character but I wished she had been abit more tougher and that Jun is making me want to reach in and shake the living daylights out of him haha. Hopefully I get to read more about Mao in the next upcoming chapters *whistles*.

Plus curious as to why Jun wanted to drop Rie off somewhere. I still don't trust him at all.

Phew got that off my chest but looks like I am missing out on the rest of the characters and my most anticipated of all is Mukai.

Your preview is making me anxious and I want to know who said "I can't do it anymore........." oh the suspense of this story is killing me and I come back just to see if you've updated.


Christine reviewed Deceive on May 03, 2012 03:49 PM [Report This]

OMFG I love this I swear *hearts*

I am so glad you updated, and I am going to tell you straight up I WANT MORE lol

ok so Toma...he is seriously scaring me...I mean...I don't know what the fuck is happening to him?

Also Rie...she is in such deep shit man...I mean emotionally she is fucked up and she doesnt even know it.
She is going to feel so bad when she realises that she she loves him...
Also dude I feel so bad when you write all these things like...Toma and Christine loved each other...
Lol and it's also kind of funny how you write Yamashita Tomohisa and the others just their name hehehe sorry im dumb like that XD

Ok Jun needs to get a fucking life I don't like him

Mao...I feel so freaking bad for Mao but somehow I think that towards the end she is going to end up shooting Jun...that's what I think :P

Talia...omfg she is such a powerful character...I mean I love how you write her seriously...first she is a cold hearted insane bitch and then she gives one look and one gesture that means she actually cares for Toma? Does she have any sort of feelings towards him? I think she does...but she also has something to hide by wanting to marry him....

And yeah when Toma asked her if she was looking out for Christine's wellbeing that she wouldnt marry him I was like YEAH WHY ARE YOU?

Dammit she didnt reply truthfully though...just like a true Yakuza!!!

Takuya...he is a fucking insane and like so scary and and SO HOT! Dude you are writing Yakuza perfectly I love this I seriously all their emotionless killing...aaaaaahhh awesome lilly!!!

"Toma-" Mao blinked as she looked at her future brother-in-law. "She hasn't left yet you know? They're picking her up later tonight. She’s waiting to say goodbye.”


Ok I'm done...sorry I had to say it XD

Jun....fuck is he going to do something to her? I seriously hope not...oh oh or maybe he will try to do something to Rie and Toma comes and saves her and it's so cool and romantic and yeah im high


Ooper reviewed Opportunities on May 03, 2012 01:06 AM [Report This]

Author's Response: OPPORTUNITIES HAS MORE ACTION! DOESN'T IT DOESN'T IT? Yeah well its as much action as I could muster at that point :( Koyama's a very interesting character too (DON'T READ THE REVIEWS) but yeah. He's only briefly mentioned here but he gets bigger as time goes on. All the characters end up getting a lot more developed as time goes on :) so I hope you'll enjoy that Tali! huge hugs and hearts. Thank you for reading and reviewing :) <3 it really means a lot!!

Ooper reviewed Assumptions on May 03, 2012 12:46 AM [Report This]

Short review because I want to get back to reading! Absolutely brilliant, Lillith, I love this story! *hugs*
Author's Response: AHHH totally fine. As long as you're enjoying the story you are having fun this is the important part. I'm glad you liked it! <3 I know this chapter was rather uneventful. In fact most of the beginning is uneventful as she's trying to get into the gang but the moment you hit like Sacrifice. BOOM so much action <3 :D so I promise it'll get more exciting :D

maohartjun reviewed Tell on Apr 28, 2012 01:09 PM [Report This]

Oh gosh I've been waiting to read this and now I have *kiss* for updating *smiles*.

Omg this is really really getting good its like watching a movie but its not (get what I mean).

Rie I am getting abit worried for her cause she is bait (correct me if I'm wrong). Just whats been happening makes me not want to read the rest of it cause I guess I'm too worried about Rie haha. Now as for Toma whats his deal aarrggh my head is giving me a migraine just thinking now who is the goody or baddy. I miss reading about Mukai I want him to come back. Will Mukai and Rie be together???

But guess I will have to wait on your next available update(s). ^^v
Author's Response: SUPER BIG HUGS AND KISSES BACK FOR REVIEWING! <3 Thank you :) Seriously :D? My sister always tells me that I should try to write a screenplay maybe I'll try that. But yayy! This story is supposed to feel like a movie! So I'm glad :D Rie is bait. You're totally right. Whose bait is the question...but really a lot of people are sharing and using her the way they need her because she was foolish enough to let herself be used. She's very new still, only having worked a couple of months before being put on this case. Don't worry though she can hold her own. Once she realizes she's being weak she doesn't let herself down for long :) She'll get stronger I promise. He is definitely coming back :) as for them being together I can't tell you gomen! it's one of the major points of the story! Where all the fun is, or at least where I hope all the fun is. I'm crazy about romances and love triangles as you'll start seeing :D (This is a really twisted one I've created though) I hope you like the update maohartjun :D <3 thank you for reviewing again!
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