Reviews For Ashes to Ashes

Ooper reviewed Break on Nov 09, 2015 05:38 AM [Report This]

So. I literally spent my ENTIRE day reading this story. Every chapter. Every single chapter. I love it. I love every word of this freaking story. I am so happy. I cannot wait for more. This is the most delicious thing I have ever read. I missed your writing so much. When I saw this was updated, I thought to myself...
Why not let this story consume my entire soul? And it has. Please don't stop. Also I am a bitch in this story and I LOVE IT. I wish I had that kind of killer confidence. OMO. Perfection, Lil, PERFECTION. You are so amazing!!
Author's Response: Thank you bb :)! I'm glad you loved it! it was definitely fun to write and get back in the zone! Also your kind words make me super duper happy. And you do have that killer sense of self confidence in that story! Story Talia lets nothing stop her and her beloved but she's also kind of adorably vulnerable and scared of losing the things that are important to her. Thank you bb :)! On a side note omg, I'm so excited for you to go to Japan and learn all this wonderful stuff and culture!
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