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Ezdaahaaa reviewed Doll on Aug 02, 2013 11:48 PM [Report This]

Up-date as soon as you can please! I really want tobknow what will happen and how it will end!
Author's Response: Hi Suzy! Thank you for reviewing :D I hope you enjoy the latest chapter of Ashes to Ashes and it explains a bit of what happens at the shipment!

Kristy reviewed Doll on Apr 03, 2013 03:07 AM [Report This]

First off, I'm just going to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your poster! Did you make it? That's super awesome! It's so dramatic- and that girl's dress is super pretty!

I like how you added the recap! It helped me remember exactly where I left off in the last chapter. Oh yeah, and that scene (the forever dramatic bite-the-enemy bit is definitely something to take note of!) is my favorite! Girl power!~

BUT WAIT- Lillith let it all go? Just like that? She revealed WHO she was, WHAT she was doing, and WHO she was working for? With such simple words, a dam was let loose... All those pent-up emotions have finally been able to be released. I feel so bad for Toma. He really put his trust into her, and I bet this came as a S-H-O-C-K to him. I was rooting for him and Lillith (well, do I call her Rie now? XD) to get together... Then I remembered Christine. Oh, the drama!

NOOOOO KEI DIED? WHAT? That's horrific. Now I'm so confused. I don't know if I like the clan or not... They seemed so down-to-earth, but in an instant, everything can change. Anyways, I'm seriously torn at the fact that Kei's gone. (Some teeny, tiny part of me was screaming at you to make him a full character... ^^)

But I can't wait until you update! *pouts* It's SUCH a cliffhanger. This story's going to eat at me until you update, so you should do it soon! Thank you for the update in the meantime, author-unnie!
Author's Response: Hey Kristy! Thank you thank you yesss I did make it :D The actress is gorgeous and has great sense of style so sigh cannot take credit but I agree the flow is very very very good. Yeahhh I'm debating adding the recap every chapter just because my updates can get a bit spaced so I know it's harder for readers to get back in the flow of the story >< maybe it'll become a permanent thing. (AND AHHH I AGREE :D Girl power! It was bite or knee him in the crotch XD) Ahh yes...see the thing she wants to do is tell Toma about her suspicions about the chief like she did with Mukai...but she never got to the reason she let out her >< sadly her revelations were in vain. (or were they O.O?) does that kind of make more sense now? (You can call her whichever name :) ) and aww yeah in a way it was the ultimate betrayal...but right now he has no time to dwell on it. (AHH so many love triangles :O) just Inoo Kei XD the clan...well we'll see what really happened. Inoo Kei's murder is something that is delved into a little bit later as we go back to Mukai's side of the story :D but yeah things are definitely getting a lot more serious in the clan. (Ahhh gomen gomen >< I hope you're not too upset by his death <3) Thank you for your patience! and your review! It totally boosted me up to write more ^.^ *hugs* you rock Kristy!
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