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Kristy reviewed Plot on Nov 13, 2012 02:02 AM [Report This]

Woah. Crazy stuff just went down.

I promised I wouldn't review until I got to the end! I have just one word to say: Excellent! That was the BEST story I have read in a while! I love the intricate storyline that gets more complicated as you read on. To be honest, I like Rie's character. She is very frank and true to herself. Please update soon, author-san? Thanks! ^^
Author's Response: Hi Kristy!!! Welcome to AtoA first of all :) thank you for reading this story! YES Crazy stuff is always going down here. Especially since now we're getting close to the real event she entered Tryst for - the shipment. I'm so glad you think it's excellent :) makes me very happy and I'm relieved in a way...because often it's my friends who review this story so I get scared they're obliged to say it's good :) so I really appreciate your honest feedback. It's definitely complicated but I promise at some point soon things are going to start making a lot more sense :)!!! All the solutions to the problems I created are coming out soon :D! I'M GLAD YOU LIKE RIE. She's one of my favourite female protagonists because even though she's super tough and a cop and all these bad ass things there are things about her that I think are very much softer characteristics like she's actually vulnerable and if you hit one of her emotional spots she breaks down very easily. I hope you enjoy this next chapter :) and thank you for reading and reviewing again :)! I really appreciate all your feedback.

Christine reviewed Plot on Nov 11, 2012 12:39 PM [Report This]

First off I love the poster, it's freaking beautiful. The effects and the pictures you choose are perfect.
Good job Anna, good job!
Onto the chapter...
my god this is getting more and more complicated...
Shige knew Mukai?
Mukai knew Ryo and Koyama??
How in the world is Rie going to get the drugs away from the chief?
The plot thickens and it's getting really exciting!
update soon bb and lets talk because now i am worried :(
love you
Author's Response: Yessss I did :D everything is getting so amped up in this story I feel I have to write it very carefully or else I'll mess it up :D I hope this is a nice new years treat for you as well :) Thank you for liking the poster :D It's kind of showing that between Rie and Mukai there's now this secret hidden life that even when she's out in the open and being totally honest about it...will always be somewhat of a barrier between them. That barrier is represented by Toma and Jun :) And yesss :) everyone knew each as we get into the next part of the story we'll see why this was important :) I think what I've realized while writing this genre at least it's kind of bad updating sporadically because it's easy to forget things you wrote about so I have to constantly go back and like read and be like okay what did I write so I can follow the same line I was thinking about before or see if it even makes sense what I was about to know? It's really hard that way >< Rie has a plan don't you worry XD butttt lets just say her plans may not always work out. As you know :) I'm now fine bb <3 but we won't get to talk for a while...and I'll miss you a lot. I love you!!! <3 Have a great holiday and I hope we get to talk soon!
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