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Christine reviewed Admit on Aug 07, 2012 05:28 PM [Report This]

this chapter was so full of emotions!
Rie is really pushing Toma to his limits isn't she?
I think Toma is really good inside but maybe he just pretends to be all bad so he doesn't really suffer anymore...kind of like a defense mechanism...
Toma is just such a complex yet simple character. I mean he's a killer yes but I guess killing might not effect him after some point...Rie could be just trying to find some good in him so she doesn't really feel bad for wanting to save him...

for loving him...

I also think something is going on with's like she is coming out more...I don't know how to explain but I felt that she was a bit in the sidelines before and now she is moving towards the front...did something happen between her and Toma? like...I dunno her sudden involvement makes me wonder what she really knows...

Ahh this was too short man! I want to read more!
*can you send me someeeeeee pleaseeee??? since you have 5 chapters written? :D I loveyouuuu*

This is awesome though I'm really happy with how this story turned out, with the complexity of the plot and unveiling of the characters themselves :D

Update SOON-ER!!!!!!!!!!!

love you buttercup
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