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maohartjun reviewed Pursue on May 28, 2012 10:12 AM [Report This]

*claps* *blows kiss* thats for updating.

Geez my brain froze after reading this chapter. For a minute their I was getting confused about all the drama of Lillith aka Rie (gomen) had to read again to realise that they are one person haha.

Anyway yeah I am getting pretty angst at Rie's thinking. Shes really making me go aarrggh to my screen while reading. All I know is that I have to believe that she still has feelings for Osamu and as for Toma he just has baggage I guess and I'm hoping that she doesn't fall for him.

Now Jun hmm he seems like an ok guy but I kind of don't trust him. Gosh I thought he might do something with Rie like kiss her *angry eyes* but he better not be cheating on Mao. I hope Mao gets to appear more and especially with her and Jun's relationship status on here.

I just think ok why he wants Rie to tell him whatever her feelings are and he won't tell anyone I kind of don't buy that but will see on your next update.

OOOhh I like your preview already and I hope that Mao appears.

I just want to know who says what on your preview.

Ganbatte ne. Looking forward to more of your awesome writing.

Christine reviewed Pursue on May 25, 2012 09:55 PM [Report This]

this is intense
ok first of all I don't think I forgive Jun just yet, I mean he seems to be a little sweet in this chapter but still...he was such an asshole in front of Takuya that its going to take some time to forgive him

omfg the parting scene was sad...and shit Rie heard all of that?
No wonder she broke down in the car. I think that scenario would amke her surrounding walls crash and make her realise that hey...maybe just maybe you do feel something for the guy and its not just respect and awe...its lurveeee XD

I like how this chapter focused a bit on the relationship between Rie and Jun. I think you should give those two more airtime.

It was also understandable that Christine wouldn't leave her child in the hands of her monster husband (btw poor pipi you made him so mean in this it's kind of hot at the same time im weird...)

Thank you for another yet amazing chapter and I wonder if she will start to realize that she is in love with Toma...

btw Toma is freaking sexy in this...yeah I know I must have told you before but he is freaking hot hahaha

update soon!

love this!!!!!!!!!!!!
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