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maohartjun reviewed Tell on Apr 28, 2012 01:09 PM [Report This]

Oh gosh I've been waiting to read this and now I have *kiss* for updating *smiles*.

Omg this is really really getting good its like watching a movie but its not (get what I mean).

Rie I am getting abit worried for her cause she is bait (correct me if I'm wrong). Just whats been happening makes me not want to read the rest of it cause I guess I'm too worried about Rie haha. Now as for Toma whats his deal aarrggh my head is giving me a migraine just thinking now who is the goody or baddy. I miss reading about Mukai I want him to come back. Will Mukai and Rie be together???

But guess I will have to wait on your next available update(s). ^^v
Author's Response: SUPER BIG HUGS AND KISSES BACK FOR REVIEWING! <3 Thank you :) Seriously :D? My sister always tells me that I should try to write a screenplay maybe I'll try that. But yayy! This story is supposed to feel like a movie! So I'm glad :D Rie is bait. You're totally right. Whose bait is the question...but really a lot of people are sharing and using her the way they need her because she was foolish enough to let herself be used. She's very new still, only having worked a couple of months before being put on this case. Don't worry though she can hold her own. Once she realizes she's being weak she doesn't let herself down for long :) She'll get stronger I promise. He is definitely coming back :) as for them being together I can't tell you gomen! it's one of the major points of the story! Where all the fun is, or at least where I hope all the fun is. I'm crazy about romances and love triangles as you'll start seeing :D (This is a really twisted one I've created though) I hope you like the update maohartjun :D <3 thank you for reviewing again!

Christine reviewed Tell on Apr 26, 2012 07:50 PM [Report This]

I had forgotten about the poster XD glad you liked it hehehe
Ok so throughout the whole hospital scene I literally kept saying...please stop Toma please stop dont hurt Shige it was so well described and omg just damn.

I'm so glad she did O.O

Dude this chapter...there were so many revelations...

Shige and Ryo were going to kill Rie? but why? would does Tomohisa-sama (and sorry this name makes me giggle a little tehehe thanks to VLV boo XD) want Rie dead?

Why is he viewing her as a threat now?

Also Toma was tortured? I think you need to expand on that was he captured to be tortured? he doesnt seem like the type of guy to surrender to easily so there must have been something to bargain and I think I know what it is.

Rie went to the chief OMFG! NEXT SAT??? dude this is moving fast! I love it!

Update soon! this is getting interesting *hearts*
Love youuuuuuuu
Author's Response: yess the poster was amazing :D it allowed me to chill and just focus on writing the chapter which is always a good thing. This whole update took me a day O.O how sad. I was working on it from when I was with you to this point now. And this isn't even the stuff that I wrote today. This is all stuff that I'd written before. I'M SO GLAD. I think this chapter really allows Toma to shine in all his evil-ness. You guys will see him get worse because you see...he trusts her now. Which means she's not barred from any of his monstrous acts... (hospital scene may be my FACE scene) XD. (THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME WRITE IT BROSKI YOU GAVE ME GOOD ADVICE) Shige and Ryo were going to kill Rie on orders from Tomohisa-sama who recieved a request from Takuya. The truth though now that we know that Takuya didn't care so much about Rie working on the project is really just who asked Takuya to kill Rie...(TOMOHISA-SAMAAAA XD VLV is love <3 CAN'T WAIT FOR THE UPDATE :D) Rie does have a distant relationship to Tomohisa that she's unaware of right now :D you shall find out soon too :D We're slowly getting to the prologue scene! Another three chapters and we should be there! Toma's torturing! I agree I'm glad you spotted that :D but that you'll find out later. LOOK LOOK RIE WENT TO THE CHIEF. Yeah its going to get intense. Takuya's not a very caring man. Most yakuza leaders are very crude, cheat on their wives and have been known to beat their children without care. I'm taking this from the memoir of the daughter of a yakuza I read. It was quite sad man :( THANK YOU FOR READING BABE :D ILY <3
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