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Christine reviewed Reveal on Apr 26, 2012 07:32 PM [Report This]

ok slap my hand and call me a bitch I can't believe I havent reviewed this...I mean what the fuck?
Brilliant chapter as always and as always with A To A your some of your questions are answered with answers that yet again lead to more questions!
Toma...he is such a mysterious character to me...i can't understand if he really is evil or if he isnt...although now that I have read his background story (muahahaha I am so privileged all you other readers! lol) I can definitely understand his story more.
Also...CHRISTINEEEEE hehehe I am so excited man you have no idea...dude she is married to Tomohisa??? KYAAA but also sadness :(

I think it's a scary situation to be in...and also if I were Toma I would think that Tomo is plotting something because he would never let his wife not be home without an ulterior get what I'm saying?
and Koyamaaa
It's really amazing how you write your moment he seems sweet and the next he is a cold blooded killer...
next next next!
Author's Response: Never. Never. Never. You can take your time bb I'll just politely remind you like a loser. So never what the fuck and the bitch for that. We only do that when we read rumors where we're like O.O? WTF But yeah XD lol HI! THANK YOU FOR REVIEWING <3 I LOVE YOU. IS IT LIKE THAT? In someways I apologize cause as a reader I can understand if that's aggravating but at the same time this is that sort of story and we're not at the part of it where we simply start revealing things and stop questioning things so YAY.. I'M HAPPY. if that makes any sense. Toma is very strange because his motivation for the things he does is quite different from what one might infer from his actions themselves. (YES YOU ARE PRIVILEGED) CHRI IS MARRIED TO TOMOHISA! <3 (As she would be but this story = 1800x angst there). As for the motivation, from what you know about Tomo do you think he'd let his wife stay in bed with someone else not taking any sort of revenge on the guy?? At the same time Toma may not care because he is kind of cocky though. Yeah. I guess we'll see :D KOYAMAMA Always rocking the mother feeling. Was that convincing shift :D? YAYY I'M HAPPY <3 See thats what I imagine with yakuza and gangsters that to them killing would be just like another task. Not something that emotionally affects them because they're brought up in a way where it doesn't seem out of the ordinary any longer. YAYYY NEXTTT. (THANK YOU FOR READING YOU AWESOME HUMAN)

maohartjun reviewed Reveal on Feb 22, 2012 01:01 AM [Report This]

omg finally hugs for updating yay!!!!!!

Anyways this is really getting heated and now I can't seem to wait to see what happens.

Koyama and Yamashita yeah I would like to know what their story is as well.

But hopefully nothing happens to Rie.

Gotta say that when I was reading I go aarrgh the angst for not remembering this fic but I had to reread the whole 11 chapters to now 12 so I'm glad I did cause this chapter really brought it together for whats going on.

Thanks for updating ^^v.
Author's Response: Thank youu! *hugs back* I know I'm a little slow T.T I apologize for being one of the lame-st writers on here when it comes to time. I hope you enjoyed the heat this chapter maohartjun! Koyama and Yamashita are definitely going to start getting a lot more time concerning all the revelations this chapter :D I hope you'll like what I planned. Rie's life is definitely going for a toss. LOL XD I'm sorry I made you reread! Hopefully this one you won't have to! *prays* I hope it's somewhat consistent with the last one at least. I should be the only one thanking anyone man! Thank you for reading :) I really appreciate it but you're also welcome for the update. *hugs*
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