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Lacey reviewed Sacrifice on Oct 26, 2011 02:53 PM [Report This]

Love this story. Please tell me you're continuing with it!
Author's Response: Thank you Lacey! Yes :) I promise I am continuing this story don't worry! I could never give it up! It's one of my favourites to write :) I hope you enjoy the update!

maohartjun reviewed Sacrifice on Jul 21, 2011 06:54 AM [Report This]

omg honest to who I couldn't believe that I haven't read this chapter yet .... ok I don't want to get ahead of myself but I just had to reread the whole fic again hihi to refresh the brain hihi but I hope that she will be fine & that Ikuta is a goody hmm we'll see when I get an update hihi...

Looking forward to when you will finally UPDATE author (^_^)
Author's Response: Ahh I promise I'll be better from now on! The next chapter's already written so I can't get much worse. Ikuta his character in this story I never know which way to take it so I guess you and I will find out at the same time T.T sometimes he's nice...sometimes he's mean...other times he's so hot I'm like O.O Dear god yakuza male characters are the best. XD I'm glad you enjoyed reading it though! Thank you again!

nitelotus reviewed Sacrifice on Jul 05, 2011 03:14 AM [Report This]

What? I am already at the end of your update?

This is hot Lili! Write more! And yes for gaining Ikuta's trust and for Rie riding that fine line between good and bad! Woot!
Author's Response: Jannie!!! <3 Thank you for reading this story it's my violent crime baby! Is it hot?! I know I barely include the romance but I try to get some of it in each chapter! I'm glad you think so sweetie :D <3 (That line is totally going to get even smaller) and YAY TRUST. Honestly if you look through the story that's one of the biggest themes. Trust how to let someone in and make sure they don't betray you things like that :) so I'm glad you caught that. Thank you again! <3 I l y!

Christine reviewed Sacrifice on May 20, 2011 11:56 PM [Report This]

OK so first of all beautiful epic poster. It's really amazing Lillith, good job

Second, GAHHHH I can't believe you ended the chapter like that!

So many questions left unanswered! Rie going to be ok? Will Toma do something to avenge her? Will he trust her more now?

Come home she jumped in front of him like that?

What will Mukai think?

and so many more!!
Keep writing this wonderful story!
Author's Response: HEY SEXY. So I couldn't help myself...I really really REALLY wanted to update this before the exam yesterday and I didn't so I updated it today like a loser :D do not kill me. SO YEAH THE EPIC POSTER THIS CHAPTER IS YOURS. Thank you so much for it :) It's beautiful. Second AHHHH I am queen of UNANSWERING OF QUESTIONS. No that's not true but don't worry you'll get/got your answers :D So far Rie seems okay but we'll see what happens there, Toma has definitely done something to avenge her (as you know XD cause I tell you everything) and as for the trust well...we'll find out XD. And Rie's just a psycho crazy beech like her author so she does stupid shit like that sometimes when her bias is going to be killed XD. JKJK the real reason will come out eventually but not for a while because Rie herself isn't too sure. Mukai on the other hand is VERY sure about how he feels and you'll get to see that soon :D THANK YOU YOU AMAZING PERSON :) I love your reviews, you are the bomb ILY
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