Reviews For Ashes to Ashes

maohartjun reviewed Believe on May 17, 2011 06:26 PM [Report This]

thankyou author for the update ... hmm I just wondered if Toma has a thing for Rie? & I am wondering also about Mukai?? btw will you have a lil part for JunMao??
Author's Response: Toma his feelings for Rie are very very confusing only because we see most of this story from Rie's point of view right? So to really find out what's happening with him she needs to figure it out first. I'll definitely say that Toma loves Christine there's no doubt about that but he doesn't quite trust Rie enough to let her know everything and let her in the way he would with someone he loves. Mukai :) she still loves him but I think the time away from someone can confuse your heart. Mao's going to be introduced when they enter the main yakuza house which will actually be very soon! Thank you again for reading and I love how you're thinking about the characters motivations and whats going to develop between all of them :)!
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