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Ooper reviewed Assumptions on May 03, 2012 12:46 AM [Report This]

Short review because I want to get back to reading! Absolutely brilliant, Lillith, I love this story! *hugs*
Author's Response: AHHH totally fine. As long as you're enjoying the story you are having fun this is the important part. I'm glad you liked it! <3 I know this chapter was rather uneventful. In fact most of the beginning is uneventful as she's trying to get into the gang but the moment you hit like Sacrifice. BOOM so much action <3 :D so I promise it'll get more exciting :D

maohartjun reviewed Assumptions on Mar 20, 2011 03:13 AM [Report This]

this story is pretty good really addictive !
Author's Response: I got you addicted! YES! Joking XD

inawza reviewed Assumptions on Feb 27, 2011 06:42 PM [Report This]

yay you updated!!! :)
and omg...wana is with toma?!
but that was phenomenal, lillith... ^^
i like every part of it...
and she should i put this...hrmm...
less bitchy?well compared to the others =))
hope she'll be a nice friend to rie :P
how did she ended up with toma?
nuuuu...she could never takes lillith's place...
hahahaha shige likes lillith...and i was expecting her to slap him when he kissed her... ^^
she's much more stronger and composed now...its a good thing right?
and what's the real score between toma and christol?gosh...
this is awesome...
Author's Response: wana! Yes I updated and I'm going to update again now =D LOL yes now you all know how Wana is actually related to Toma. Wana is definitely less bitchy than some of the other girls at Tryst XD I figured Rie would need at least one other friend neh?? LOL. I SHOULD HAVE MADE HER SLAP HIM! Ahhhh that would have been so cool XD damn it I missed out XD Yeah I'm hoping to make her stronger as the story continues along and she still has a lot to learn because she's new on her job and stuff still neh =D? Thank you for reviewing sweety =D I hope you like the new chapter that comes up!

Lil Daisy reviewed Assumptions on Feb 23, 2011 10:03 AM [Report This]

hehe SHO.
Author's Response: He is quite the man isn't he =D? *Droools* I saw a picture of him with a baby and Daisy. My view on him has never been the same since.

Christine reviewed Assumptions on Feb 22, 2011 05:23 PM [Report This]

hell yeah the chapter should be called ASS-to the fucking-SUMPTIONS!
Is Wana with Toma?
What is Crystol's past relationship with Toma?
I wonder if you are going to develop their characters ahahahhaa
but offense wana but you have to make way for Lillith...
Author's Response: I love you like a mad beech! Yeah assumptions seemed like an apt title for the chapter =D 'you're totally in the shower right now and I'm just replying away. but yeah =D lots of confusion cause I just wanted to confuse all of you guys on who Toma's actually involved with =D but you get to find out soon anyways! Shige and Ryo are like my favourite escape in this story...because yes they're all involved in drug operations but at the end of the day its a club and a club's gotta have fooools like those two =D though Ryo might get more of a role later on if I see it in him I'm still not sure yet. LOL <3 now your review would be totally different now that you know whose actually 'with' him huh =D? I LOVE YOU TOO =D MUAH!
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