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InnocentDevil reviewed Tryst on Jul 03, 2012 02:38 AM [Report This]

Loved the chapter... I was holding my breath when she dropped that tray!! Toma seems so intense.. and I think you write with your audience in mind for sure, every woman can certainly relate to the pain of uncomfortable shoes and trying to be the perfect woman at once!! thanks for the amazing chapter :)

maohartjun reviewed Tryst on Mar 20, 2011 01:10 AM [Report This]

wow this is really a good read.....badass Toma haha but poor Rie (can't wait for her to kick ass)......hopefully nothing happens to Rie?
Author's Response: Toma's totally way too badass in this story to fit with his real personality but that's okay XD that's why it's fanfiction neh? Plus in my head he could totally pull of this kind of role in a drama. Did you know Meisa and he actually kissed in the Azumi stage play? XD The interview where they talk about it is actually quite funny. YAYY! I feel happy you think this is a good read. Thank you for your kind words =)

Christine reviewed Tryst on Dec 15, 2010 02:05 PM [Report This]

That was...AMAZING
I loved it, I really did.

I felt sorry for the boss, his tired eyes and stuff, but very realistic :D


Shit...the first encounter with that chick must have been so intimidating. Poor Rie :( New things are always so scary and the fact that she has a mission to complete doesn't help.


Shit those heels must have been so painful! Poor Lillith *lessthanthree* I don't understand why Daisy didn't help you.

God i love this, the way you write things already make me anticipate the smut! lol...I don't know it's a sexy way of writing things which is like so awesome and I wish I could do that.


Shit...she dropped the alcohol on him...great first impression Lillith XD but don't worry I'm sure Toma will love you.

Btw Mukai blowing you kisses...SO ADORABLE!

Toma stripping and looking pissed off...nice...very very nice :D:D:D:D and this time he didn't ask me to write a nice sexy comment about him so it's awesome right Toma? ;)

I wonder how you are going to redeem getting goosebumps just thinking about it so PLEASE UPDATE SOON WOMAN!!!

Author's Response: WASN'T IT? I'M GLAD YOU LOVED IT BABY BOO. Dude...I don't know what exactly I'm doing so I'm sorry if it ends up sounding scattered baby boo. Tryst's poster was a kill because sam on one side wasn't shiny enough and the other girls looked brighter than her so I had to give her extra brightness and even then I'm not sure I did it properly. Yeah. O.O Christol is a little- yeah intense for lack of another word? She's like my anti-hero. She's not exactly easing the transition for Rie. I'M GLAD YOU LOVE IT AND DON'T HATE ME FOR IT! LOL. XD Daisy was just being very intimidating too. And Rie's not exactly the girliest girl out there. She's very plain and simple when it comes to her life. So Tryst is a whole new experience for her. I'm glad you think it's at least sexy O.O I DON'T XD I SUCK AT SMUT! (I think O.O I need lessons from you btw. thank you for helping me write the kissing scene <3 it was hard to pull of sexy and invading in the same make out session) LOL XD You know me clumsy as hell =D Mukai is adorable neh? <3 I love his character here. Toma stripping *droools* all I need to christmas is that. Seriously but does Santa listen? NO. (Toma agrees it is awesome) ILY TOO. <3 THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME UPDATE =D I'M GLAD I DID ! I HOPE YOU RAMBLE LIKE CRAZY CAUSE YOUR RAMBLES KEEP ME GOING <3

Lil Daisy reviewed Tryst on Dec 13, 2010 02:24 PM [Report This]

Lol, loving the chapter.
looking forward to the update :)
Author's Response: DAISY! Seriously everytime you comment I get little butterflies in my tummy like omfg. daisy commented *proceeds to freak out* I'm glad you liked it! I hope you enjoy what I have planned for Sho and you which is actually quite a lot =D because I love you AND your writing so I hope I do your character here real justice thank you so much for commenting! And I hope you enjoy the new one too =D

inawza reviewed Tryst on Dec 13, 2010 02:21 PM [Report This]

wanani here...but from now im inawza :P
i know rie is a strong woman...she can handle almost everything that comes her way...
but i cant help feeling sorry for wat happen to her...tsk tsk tsk...
she's helpless...her first undercover and that was the kind of job they gave her...
i think she'll do just fine....somehow... :)
i like this one...its shows how dedicate rie is to her job...
yea i like meisa and mukai too...
have you watch shinzanmono?
they're a couple in there...sweet... :P
p/s:hahah thanks...i'd be very glad if u wanna put me in the story...hahaha...any particular guy i like?pheww...that guy is definitely akanishi jin... :))
yay for this awesome chap...
and yay for the next update...
Author's Response: ...<333 BE PROUD OF LILLITH =D SHE FIGURED OUT YOUR ROLE. AND SHE REALLY LIKES IT AND SHE HOPES YOU DO TOO. Part of me still wants to call you wanani XD but I will call you inawza. I just have one quick question to ask you inawza what would you like to be called in the story? I feel sorry for her even if she's strong too! You got exactly the feeling I wanted readers to get so I'm glad to hear that! Usually undercover is solitary but she's still completely isolated which isn't good. But I'm trying to make her buck up soon cause I hateee weak protagonists XD. Rie really loves her job right? =D I'm glad you were able to see that perfectly. I HAVEN'T SEEN SHINZANMONO! They are?! I couldn't tell from the poster! But I might watch it now! I didn't even realize they'd done anything together. I just thought they were pretty sexy together O.O (Jin is very cute =D I totally approve of your choice in men) I hope you enjoy this chapter Inawza! <3 Thank you so much for commenting and reading *bows* =D
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