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leilei3915 reviewed Prologue on Jul 23, 2018 04:32 AM [Report This]

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YoonEunHyeFan reviewed Prologue on Jun 03, 2012 05:52 PM [Report This]

well short chapter but intriguing hehe *goes to nect chapter to find out what happens next*

maohartjun reviewed Prologue on May 07, 2012 04:50 AM [Report This]

Oh Anna you know me I love a good story and I stick to it till its completed. Well hopefully by then you won't be sick of reading my long reviews *blush*.

Yeah I seriously can't wait for your other fic and definitely hopefully gaybo Jun will be nicer or I will definitely be dealing with him in my review haha.

I totally am waiting patiently for your action scenes to pop out into the story and if its what I'm hoping for wow kudos to you for adding but either way how you write the action scene is fine with me and you know I am definitely going to enjoy and love it.

Volcano High is a korean movie starring (yes my other fangirl) korean actress Shin Min ah is definitely pretty. Oh boy I love her just like Inoue Mao I just find both of them great. Like real humble upbringing kind of way no scandal to them both or so I like to think. But both of them are totally different and they are my favorite asian stars of all.

Anyway as I was saying hehe when you have the time to watch any of her drama or movies I hope you enjoy them. As for Jewel in the Palace I'm kind of biased about certain dramas or movies either Japanese or Korean that I like to watch which is rarely. Lets just say I only watch Inoue Mao and Shin Min ah's movies/dramas.

maohartjun reviewed Prologue on May 07, 2012 04:38 AM [Report This]

haha you and me both fangirling but for Mao-chan I would say that shes my favorite Japanese actress and yes I have seen Ohisama but that was on raw without eng subs when it came out. I practically like watched it every week. But now I want to buy me the dvd. I love that drama well its something new for me to see Mao-chan in. But I really enjoyed her movie Rebirth"Youkame no Semi" thats one movie that was so powerful and moving for me. So glad she won the JAA award thou' so proud of her haha fangirling again.

Well as for her new movie I am hoping to see it also but unless you know a torrent for me or where I can watch it without downloading *begs* haha.

As for the Asian guys you can't really tell. Just like the Arashi boys.

maohartjun reviewed Prologue on Apr 26, 2012 01:14 AM [Report This]

OMG seriously hes like nearly 30 wow he still looks young. I haven't seen Paradise Kiss cause at the mo' Keiko is not my fave not that I dislike her but I am so fangirling over Mao-chan. But I like Keiko's movies thou' and dramas.
Author's Response: LOL Yeahh I'm kinda still in a Mao fan girl mode too because of Ohisama! Have you seen it? I can't wait to see her movie that already came out but I don't know if the torrent for it is already out or not. I'll wait for it. Keiko's sweet :D Mukai's sweeter! I know I can't believe he's 30! Most asian guys seem to be able to pull off the young baby face though maybe that's why!

maohartjun reviewed Prologue on Apr 26, 2012 01:08 AM [Report This]

omg you finally replied and updated *coughs*.

I am glad that you did cause I am having withdrawal symptons from my favorite stories and for the life of me I can't read any other fics. Just the way I am we have our own clicks and this is one of my clicks knowing that a Inoue Mao and Meisa is part of the story.

Sooo onto what I am supposed to be saying haha.

I can't wait to read on more action *claps* and asking for some action wow I feel privileged haha anyways I had this in mind as I was reading.

If you haven't watched "Volcano High" or A Mighty Princess that stars Shin Min ah I love the action scenes there where she just stands there and then flips or something. Shes so awesome haha ok enough fangirling. But yeah those are my favorites. As for smut if you like you should but if you feel thats not your poison then either way your story can have smut if you wanted but I am happy to read a good story whether smut or no smut.

Ooops sorry look review haha.
Author's Response: YES I PROMISE I'LL BE BETTER FROM NOW ON! XD look look I'm actually doing it on time! I'm glad I'm updating then :) ! I'm hoping I'll be able to get a G Star update out soon too :) and I know you like that story and the next chapter is finallyyy Jun being nicer to Mao like proper treating her like a human being rather than a straight girl he hates :D I know what you mean I'm like that too! I have certain stories I just love to read. LOL YAYY! I'm glad you're getting ready for the action! We got a small taste of what the clan that Toma works for is like this chapter :) I hope you'll enjoy that. I love KEnt stuff too but I can't write for it for some reason T.T Right now I'm watching this one called Jewel In The Palace. Volcano High? Shin Min Ah's so pretty! I've never seen her stuff before but I'll def. take a look! Aww thank you maohartjun! I'm thinking of doing it just to test it out but if it's bad (or I think it's bad) I'll try to write the story in a way that it's easy to cut out the scene or something. :D i love your reviews! Thank you for constantly supporting me :)

harmony2244 reviewed Prologue on Jun 25, 2011 08:42 PM [Report This]

This is a really good beginning. ^^ I'm trying find some crime or action story to read, and I think I'll read this one! *thumbs up!*
Author's Response: Harmony :) <3 Thank you for reading! I distinctly remember reading your review because I'd written a really horrible finance exam and then right after I came out and checked my email and I saw it so thank you! You cheered me up back then! I wasn't quite into crime when I started it but now I think it's one of the most awesome genres around! You can worm so many other things into it depending on how you want to depict it! Definitely awesome. Thank you for reading :D I really appreciate it! I hope you enjoy whats coming up!

maohartjun reviewed Prologue on Mar 21, 2011 01:33 AM [Report This]

wow thanks for the review & thanks for the Mukai character enlightening me that he is someone famous also (will be googling him) I will definitely check out those drama/movie that you have mentioned wow Keiko Kitagawa aye she another of my faves but this is how it goes for me from my no.1 is INOUE MAO, KUROKI MEISA & then KITAGAWA KEIKO wow I want to watch their movie or is it drama?? thanks again for this awesome story !!
Author's Response: I realize I should say sorry I'm spamming your inbox with review replies T.T sorry! In advance. Mukai is very very sexy isn't he XD You can't even tell he's thirty now! He's one of the few actors who started getting more famous as he got older. Keiko is totally cool! I like some of her stuff like Para Kiss :D your number one and number two are the same as me! The one I was talking about was a movie :)

maohartjun reviewed Prologue on Mar 21, 2011 01:28 AM [Report This]

Yes totally agree with you long hair is pretty (pity I had mine cut for the summer)! Mukai's character I hope is not shady but that he is a genuine person for Rie !! haha I do have a name I go by & its Gynnie but I prefer maohartjun (^_^) !
Author's Response: I cut mine too recently! For the summer as well! Mukai poor guy I feel like I don't get enough time with him to develop him and hopefully that'll change soon :( He does seem pretty genuine right now right? Gynnie's such a pretty name! But of course I will call you maohartjun :) <3 thank you for supporting me always sweetie.
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