Anna Clair reviewed Chapter 26: Where It All Started on Feb 06, 2012 03:16 AM [Report This]

I'm scared to review. Because Baka Lillith is really really freaking late about this. She'd originally read this chapter about three months ago but got really angry with her computer when it logged her out and gave up on reviewing on it right away.

But she promises to make up for it right now! I hope you don't hate me for being so super late with this. I'm of course still enjoying this story as I was three months ago :) It's just that type of story that's easy to reread and doesn't annoy you or make you feel like you already know what happens.

Mao there is no escape from Jun! XD Even though she'd already decided she had to talk to him she still feels scared. Which I can understand as a woman. I'm sure Jun is enjoy watching her squirm himself. XD Jun's side of the story is very clear but still seeing Mao get worried is nice. Especially I guess because she had it so easy this past couple of chapters XD with the two guys chasing after her.

Oh this girls' problems XDWhen he called Meisa the woman he left behind though I can imagine Mao would get a little choked up.

Ohhh MAO SWITCHED THE SWITCH! I bet Jun wasn't expecting that. She's been fairly non-aggressive throughout the story and seeing Meisa bring about these changes in her is really making me happy!

Jun's really patient with her which as a girl I admire him for. Mao's ready to move forward isn't she? *tears up*

OH MY GOD. Sorry okay I'm calm. Sorry I read the kiss scene right now. Yes Jun may have described it as heavenly but the sweetness with which it was completed was adorable! Mao just moving forward but Jun finally breaking his patience and moving faster and grabbing her by the waist.

Man. That was angelic.

Thank you Mitch :) This story is really one of the best on this website :) Please await my heinously delayed reviews even if they suck XD.

I hope you're doing well :)
Author's Response: Lillith!!! Dear, you should never be scared to leave a review, especially to mine... i love reading the reader's reaction or point of view in what i've written... :) and i enjoy reading your thoughts on the story... :)

awww... shocks, i'm glad you feel that way about this story... :D

actually... now that you've mentioned it, i do agree that Mao has had it really easy for the last few chapters... even with the "huge" dilemma of two good looking men courting her! LOL! but yeah, even the non-aggressors needs to take that proverbial first step, right? *grins*

and even the most patient ones gets to their breaking point sooner or later... *ah!Jun*

this chapter had been one my anchor chapters from the very beginning... i already told myself that i'd be making this whole elevator chapter by the time i've written Jun and Mao 'meeting' in the elevator in the first few chapters... i was a bit worried that the whole "switching the switch" thing would not be able to work (because i really love those scenes in NCIS) but i'm glad it sort of did... :D

i'm really, seriously flattered you like this story Lillith... it has been a pleasure writing it and it's a pleasure reading the reviews on it... i especially love yours *yay!longreviews!lol*... :) 2 more chapters to go! lol...
and yes, i've been doing well, thank you very much... tired but well... :) inspiration has been hitting on and off lately but i did manage to put up an update! yeah! Perfect now has a chapter 2...
hope everything is fine at your end... :) hope your well... ;)

iamsinglelicious reviewed Epilogue: Everyone Deserves At Least One Chance on Dec 06, 2011 11:18 PM [Report This]

congratulations!! you did a wonderful story.too sad coz' im not often visiting this site :( anyways, congratulations again.hope you write more about maotsujun!!!
Author's Response: Thank you... thank you very much... :) it's been quite a pleasure writing this series... :) i have written quite a few maotsujun stories before (if you wanna check em out) as well as other JE stories... :) and yes, Maotsujun stories are still in the works... :) thanks so much! :):):)

Anna Clair reviewed Chapter 25: A Wo(man)'s Intuition on Dec 03, 2011 03:12 PM [Report This]

So Meisa's not that bad much of a bitch thank god. I was scared she was going to totally kill Mao's confidence but I think now she actually helped boost it a little by showing her the house. The fact he had it cleaned out makes me feel like he's going to ask her to move in...but it would be too soon for that since he doesn't even know yet that she's chosen him right?

And Nakai! So perceptive...and the whole Meisa hadn't found her reason to stay back yet made me feel sorry for her :( (OMG FLIRT WITH SHUN MEISA, THERE'S YOUR REASON)

OHMO WEDDING? Are we actually going to see it :DDDD i'm excitedddd

Thank god. Now Toma and Mao finally get a chance to reconnect as friends. They seem like such good friends though so I knew the whole trying to get her back thing wouldn't affect their friendship.

LOL at her avoiding him though.

This elevator ride will be good :) you can't run there Mao!.
Author's Response: Lillith!!! i missed you dear!
how are you? how's the season easing in?

on the story: yeah, Meisa's not that much of a bitch... i didn't really want her to, anyway... as for her reason, oh well, i might have veered on a different path than what you have in mind lol (hint: Meisa's possible reason to stay is in the last chapter)... as for a wedding? hmmm....

the friendship between Toma and Mao never really left, even through the pseudo-tension that came up when Toma decided that he wasn't giving Mao up that easily...
ohhhhhhh.... i loooved writing the elevator chapter a.k.a. the next chapter... lol... it was rather different from all the other chapters of this story... :) i was actually really looking forward to writing that chapter.... i've had that concept in since around the beginning... :)

well, the story is finished now, posted and all... and i should be working on my other ongoings now, namely Against the Ghost of You, before i start on Perfect... :)
hope you enjoy the rest of the story dearie... :)

mmizuki951101 reviewed Prologue on Nov 29, 2011 10:39 AM [Report This]

ooh ok... can i have your email? it'd be easier to communicate (: mine is
Author's Response: added you on ym.... :)

mmizuki951101 reviewed Prologue on Nov 29, 2011 10:19 AM [Report This]

really?! haha! i don't think i've read them yet :P shall read it when i have time(: do you write anymore HSJ fanfics?

yeap! Keito will always be my first love! hehe!! btw, do you have facebook or something?
Author's Response: HSJ fics? other than those fics i just mentioned and "Leader Worries" which features only Yabu and Yuya, you've probably read all my HSJ related fics (oh, there's one more but it's actually an Ohno fic that's connected to Chinen "the fanboy" lol... but that's not in AFF...)...
yeah, i thought Keito would be... :)
i do have a facebook account but i'm rarely on there... and i don't actually post my stories there or anything... :)

mmizuki951101 reviewed Prologue on Nov 29, 2011 09:57 AM [Report This]

pair him up with me! *waves hand* haha! kidding :P

hmmm... i dunno who he'd look good with... but i hope there'd be yamaXshi in it :P
Author's Response: lol... i'd rather pair you up with Keito... :P
lol... i haven't seen that girl that would make me think would look really good with Yuya... :)
but i'm going to figure something out one of these days... :)
YamaShi though, i can make sure i'd be continuing to work at...
since there's still "The List" which i'm already on the 3rd chapter (you might not have seen the 2nd one, i think)
and there's that one-shot i posted here about a month back called "When Plans Fail" which is a YamaShi fic as well... that one too, i think you might have not yet seen...:)

aylabyu reviewed Epilogue: Everyone Deserves At Least One Chance on Nov 29, 2011 06:29 AM [Report This]

I'm sad that this is already the end of this fiction. I really loved it. Though I admit that I was expecting a wedding at the end part. hehe.. I hope you'll write another maotsujun fanfiction someday. I'll be reading that too. You're one of my favorite authors.. ^_^
Author's Response: thank you... :)

to be honest, i never planned of writing a wedding scene for this series... it felt to me like it wouldn't fit how i paced the story and how i wanted to show the characters...
besides, while Jun and Mao (in this story) already admitted to themselves that they are in love, wedding is a far too early deal... i want them to enjoy their relationship as boyfriend-girlfriend first...

i have written quite a few JunxMao stories already, if you like, you can check the stories under my pen name... :)
thank you... thank you very much...

mmizuki951101 reviewed Epilogue: Everyone Deserves At Least One Chance on Nov 28, 2011 08:44 AM [Report This]

OMG! IT HAS ENDED?!?!?!?!?!? sigh... i had an awesome time tracking this story from the start to the end... i can't believe it's finally complete... i'd miss this series though... hmmm...

just a suggestion, could you make a sequel to this? like talk about mao and jun's married life as well as Yuya's love life? please?! :P

anyways, awesome story... i love it (;
Author's Response: yes... yes it has...
and i am eternally glad that you feel that way... i'd miss writing for this series too... :)

hmmmm.... about your suggestion... i am not closing my doors but it is highly unlikely that i would make a sequel, especially since the next JunxMao series i'm working on (Perfect) is already touching "Jun and Mao's married life"...
sooner or later, i'd write something for Yuya though... i just have to find an actress to pair him with... LOL... any suggestions? :D
thank you mizuki... for following the story, for leaving reviews... for the support... thanks so much! :)

maohartjun reviewed Epilogue: Everyone Deserves At Least One Chance on Nov 28, 2011 02:31 AM [Report This]

huhuhuhuhuhu *sniffs* I am so going to miss this fic. I get how the ending went and I really think that you did capture everyone so thankyou. I am also glad that Toma has managed to finally find peace within himself and learning to love again.
But most of all is the happy ending of my favorite OTP. Even thou' its short but still I love it no other way just knowing that they both love each other made me smile. So thankyou thankyou thankyou lovesmatch for this awesome fic. *smiles*
Author's Response: thank you very much...
for staying with this story...
for leaving reviews...
really, thank you...
some part of me might end up missing having to write for this fic but over all, i am glad it is over, because it means that i've reached the personal goal i have set for myself...

looking forward to seeing(reading) you in my other works as well... :D
thank you... :)

mmizuki951101 reviewed Chapter 27: Officially on Nov 17, 2011 07:44 AM [Report This]

wow... 1 year plus... i can't believe i've been following this story for almost a year O.o i still remember reading this fic as soon as you published the prolgue... and now it's ending... :/ i feel sad... xP
Author's Response: and i can't believe i've been writing this story for over a year!!! LOLz...
awww... don't be... i'm kinda feeling sad myself...
but it does mean i get to work on my other stories too, right? *winks* :D
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