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Uniquemikoto reviewed The Proposal on Aug 06, 2013 04:57 PM [Report This]

That's the most sweetest thing I ever seen
Oh gosh this so good ~ *screams again*
Thanks for the one-shot ;D

Kumohime reviewed The Proposal on Jan 18, 2013 05:06 AM [Report This]

What a cute story!
Loved the younger man with the older woman :P
And what is it with men thinking women just sit around a wait for them to show up??
But Jang Geun Suk is one of the two Korean actors/singers I actually recognize!
The proposal was so sweet. I feel a little sorry for Jang Suk in the end... but 2 years!

Anyway, loved the story and I will definitely keep reading more of you fics.

Good job!
Author's Response: read this too! awesome!!! i'm so glad you liked it...i'm pretty bad with one shots you always ended up as a long story! thanks for reading and the comment!

SouthWest reviewed The Proposal on Dec 29, 2011 08:45 AM [Report This]

Awwww. That was such a cute ending!! And yet so sad… I hated Geun Suk for coming back into her life. But he’s the reason that Kame realized he wanted to keep Yuki forever. That last part of the story made me feel so sad for him…

I really like the conversation Yuki had with Ayumu and Christine in the beginning. You did a great job showing their relationship. And Yuki talking to them about her worries was a great way to set up the story. We now know the conflict. We know Yuki wants a family and she’s not sure that Kame wants that. And now Geun Suk is back in the picture offering her something different…

I loved the part where Christine runs into the room with good news but then notices Yuki and makes up the excuse about the cat. That whole scene made me laugh. =) This one-shot had lots of different emotions in it. It made me laugh, it made want to cry.

I think this story would be better if it was put in past tense. But even as it is, I really enjoyed it. Your stories are just so good!!!

Did you ever write a Sequel to this? I would love to find out what happens next. =)
Author's Response: i'm so happy you liked this story too...i noticed you're going through my stories...hehehe...thankful for that...i actually bragged how good a reader/reviewer you are from the other writers here...hehehe...everyone agreed that you're any writer's dream reader! hehehe i'm glad you got the humor and the other emotions i tried to convey on this fic. you know...since you started reading and reviewing my fic, it made me want to go back and read it all again and re-write i might do that...but then that would make me behind updating my fics...hahahaha... again...thank you!!! - oh yeah...not sure if you'll read B2ST Temp Coord since it only have 17 chapters right now....but that's the most current fic I'm working will be awesome if you could beta read it...then i can change it...hehehe

springjasmine reviewed The Proposal on Jun 15, 2011 01:49 PM [Report This]

Well done! I love i! Keep it up! Really great!
Author's Response: whoa!!! thank you! so happy that there are still few people who read my earlier one shots...hehehe

cahaya reviewed The Proposal on Dec 07, 2010 04:21 PM [Report This]

morning yuki...
beautifully written
so yuki much older than kame...
ohh boy GS show up ...glad kame finds out about it n plans strategy for it :lol:
the way kame confess his feelings to yuki, the proposal kindda romantic n sweet
glad things work out fine for them... ;)
love the ending
hopefully GS will not kill himself :lol:
keep up the good work n take care yuki ;)
Author's Response: hehehe...thanks for reading and leaving your thoughts here too cahaya...i saw you did it too in soompi... wait till the actual wedding!!! i'm writing the wedding part next year...around Valentines or sooner...hehehe thanks again!!!

Ooper reviewed The Proposal on Nov 21, 2010 07:02 AM [Report This]

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT NEECHAN. ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. This was gorgeous, and perfect, and it flowed beautifully. I especially loved the last two paragraphs. Stunning.
Author's Response: TALI-MEI!!! you are sooo sweet!!! thanks for reading and commenting...hehehe i just luv the song!!!! hehe can't wait for your fic to come!!!

Anna Clair reviewed The Proposal on Nov 20, 2010 04:58 AM [Report This]

Hello Yuki-chaan,

That was cute and loving. Women are forever waiting for that confirmation that they mean as much as they THINK they mean to the men in their lives neh?

It was written well to that extent. Kame's frantic behaviour was executed cutely too =D

It sucks that you didn't get to upload it in time for the challenge!!! It would have been a great addition =D

I felt bad at the last line for Jang Geun Seuk. I really like him after you're beautiful =D he's such a sweetheart! So I feel bad he didn't end up with baby Yuki!

BUT KAME HAS HER =D So it's cool.

A Happy's what we all hope for and you wrote it well so cheers girl =D I loved it!! It was cute and light and everything i needed right now.
Author's Response: ahhh...lilith...thanks for the long reviewwww....luv readint it!!!! i's pretty bad with jang geun suk...but it was his fault too! ..there are some guys who thinks that they can just come back and pick up where they left off...arghhh...hate them! anywayz, i can't wait to write the

Christine reviewed The Proposal on Nov 19, 2010 01:19 AM [Report This]

Ahahhaa this was good!
I laughed and aww-ed!!!
Poor Kame and poor Yuki too!
Both of them were confused but I'm glad that he proposed!
The cat part was so funny lol!
Great story yuki :)
I can't wait for the wedding kekeke!
Author's Response: awww...thanks chrissy... yeah...i think the cat part was funny too...hahaha...the others were like...yuki..a cat? really? lol yeah...ill be doing the wedding fic next time...maybe close to valentines or maybe new year!

Tsuki-chan reviewed The Proposal on Nov 18, 2010 05:12 PM [Report This]

AWWWWWW I like you're story^^ I really love Kame's speach XD made me giggle all along XD
And chri XD "I just saw a cat…” loool.
This one was a great one, go on and make us dream with your stories again ;)
Author's Response: OMG Tsuki-chan!!! Mon amie!!!!! Thank you for reading and leaving a comment/review!!! i wuvvvvv youuuuu!!! I'm soooo glad you liked the story!!! and yes...Chri didn't know what to say and the cat was the first thing that came to her mind...hahahaha I'm thinking of doing a Wedding Fic after the Proposal...hahahaha Thank you again!!!! Merci mon amie!!!!

KAT_NEWS_Fahrenheit reviewed The Proposal on Nov 17, 2010 12:21 AM [Report This]

AWWWWW im sooo jealous!!! lol but i have my Junno but Kame will always be my first love...!!! Love the story amazing as always yuki!!!
Author's Response: awww...thanks're one of the best!!!!
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