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I loved this whole chapter of course!
nyehehehe their bickering in the car was priceless :P
I loved all of it and the whole fortune telling was such an awesome idea!!!!
kyaaaaaaaaaaa the making out scene was hotttt teeheeeheee
lol the boys are hilarious!
I love itttt and I can't wait to see the drama you have thought up of *hearts*
write moreeeeeeee :D
Author's Response: Oh goodness, I'm smiling. I'm so glad you loved it! I am working on a new chapter now! ...though I am sort of doubting it. I don't know. :/ ANYWAY. I HAVE LOTS OF DRAMA. <3

Christine reviewed Chapter 12 on Jun 30, 2011 06:35 PM [Report This]

I loved it ahahahhaa
the character chart looks amazing, Lillith is becoming so effin good with those!!!
Seeing Ryo naked...yummy I like I like haha
but poor Koya, I kind of feel sorry for him :P
What's this what's this..did I miss something between pi and chri? XD
I thought they hated each other!!!!
Update moreeeeee and shige is so going to get a beating and not the sexy kind ahahaha
Author's Response: Lol, I'm glad your belief in God has been restored! Haha, well, Chri and Pi are going to have a more in-depth chapter soon. It should be fun to write! ^_^ Ryo is hot naked, and that I am seriously not doubting. At all. xD I will update soon. I have a fun few chapters planned out! Thank you so much for reading. Love you, babe! <3

Anna Clair reviewed Chapter 12 on Jun 30, 2011 04:39 PM [Report This]

I am so immatureeeee.

I cannot believe I giggled so much this chapter. It's a perfectly adult thing you know. Seeing people naked once in a while. Totally something to get used to BUT I still giggled like hell.


LOL SHIGE. Ghost naked well since Tali is a white girl it would make sense she would be pale like a ghost =D but poor Koya aching.

And wow why is Shige the catalyst in all events? Poor guy man. He needs to get himself a GF so he can stop accidentally ruining other people.

Ryo shouldn't have admitted it so readily though. If he'd kept his mouth shut everyone would have just told Shige to shut up XD.

Koya should totally go off on a rampage about Tali describing Ryo's naked body like art. =D

I still feel bad for him poor guy. But I have a feeling this isn't the only time I'll feel bad for him so I'll save all my emotions he's going to need all of them to get through this part of CLTMS.

Update soooner! XD
Author's Response: GIGGLING IS SO MUCH FUN THOUGH, BABE. xD Seriously, poor Shige. I adore that boy. So freaking much. SHIGE AND A GIRLFRIEND? LE GASP! I don't know, maybe, I was thinking about it anyway. xD Ryo has a big mouth... amongst other things. ;D ...nextchapteryoureadmymindkoyawillragebyhimself, what!? Nah, Koya will have a good, happy ending, I promise. It will be beautiful. ^_^ I can see it already. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING, LIKE ALWAYS. <3

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Hehehehe Taria I am so so jearous. Why can't I be as great of a writer as you?!
Author's Response: Emnaree, you are. ^_^

nightwhale reviewed Chapter 1 on Dec 29, 2010 09:54 AM [Report This]

Hi, hi! Oh, man. It's too late and I read this all tonight, so I don't think this review will be any good. Anyways, I like your story. It's easy to read and I like your sense of humor. I lol'ed multiple times. =D My only thing is that I wish there was a bit more Chri/Yamapi time. Seems like the story is focusing solely on your character (which is totally understandable, ya know).

Anyways, I look forward to reading more! =D
Author's Response: I'm so happy you read the whole story, and that you liked it! Also, I'm very glad you laughed out loud. Don't worry, the focus will swing toward ChriPi more soon. :D By the way, you are the 50th reviewer! So for that, I give you a special hug. *hug* I'll be writing more soon. Thank you for reading, enjoying, and reviewing. <3

Tsuki-chan reviewed Chapter 11 on Dec 20, 2010 10:50 PM [Report This]

Hehe, nice chapter. A bit short but a good one, though.
I love the way Ryo-tan and Keii-chan are fighting for Olives... That's weird the others didn't understand what's really behind that fight ^^
But it's a short and sweet chapter and I like it.
Your characters have a hell of a temper and I like that because they stick to it.
Some times authors can't stick the way their characters are to them and stories become wild but not here and I really like that.
I wanna read more about them. Please write more... onegai shimasu^^
Author's Response: Thank you so much! You're such a sweetie. I'm glad you think I can stick to my characters!! I will write more soon. <33

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yay you updated!!!!
haha ryo and koya fighting over the olives, i like how you used the olives to represent you.
I hope you don't end up hurting all the people you care about though.
Because that would suck.
update soon!!!! lessthanthree
Author's Response: Of course that would suck. xD I hope you like how it's going to turn out... asfhlkahsf. I'm all like, BLAH. So anyway, yeah. Thanks for the review!<3

Anna Clair reviewed Chapter 11 on Dec 20, 2010 08:39 PM [Report This]

You crazy little girl. The end was absolutely adorable and so was the middle and the beginning of this chapter.

I feel bad for Koya though cause he's an adorable little bunny and all he really wanted were some olives.

You know who needs some action =D? Shige I LOVE THAT BOY FOR DIFFUSING THE TENSION.

Pi and Chri sitting beside each other was adorableee. Which is good cause it gets me in the mood to go review BM which is what I'm gonna go do right now.

I LOVE THE END. It's so cute it's as if you started the story all over again.
Author's Response: I love Koya, and I feel bad having to beat him up like I am, but it's necessary for the plot. :[ I love Shige. He really does need more action, you're right. I love ChriPi<3 xD Yay, I'm glad to have got you int he review mood! I'm glad you like the end! That was the point. ;D

Punklovgrl reviewed Chapter 10 on Nov 24, 2010 01:42 PM [Report This]

Yay new chapter!!! *giggle* Ryo following her, it's really cute how you had him in this chapter. I really can't wait to read more!!
Author's Response: Thank you so much. :D Of course Ryo was following her. ;D

Christine reviewed Chapter 10 on Nov 24, 2010 12:00 PM [Report This]

Woahhhh the only thing which I can remember about this chapter is the incredible sexual tension between Tali and Ryo, but is it just me or is Tali completely oblivious to Ryo's attraction towards her? hmmmm
Author's Response: She's not COMPLETELY oblivious....... kekekeke, you'll see. ;D Thanks so much for reading doll! I really appreciate it. ;D
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