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Anna Clair reviewed And So It Begins on Sep 26, 2010 09:56 PM [Report This]


So freaking hot. I'm so glad I checked my email. And that I put on Beautiful Monster before reading this again.

It amplified it =D you know how much Iove this story already.

Shall I start the legit review?

Okay then. Ruby is a very scarred individual obviously if she's letting men touch her when she doesn't want them too. She's also confident and proud. I love reading about her because she's so intensely hard on the outside. I can imagine her glaring like hell at almost every boy she sees until she makes them fall in love with her.

Yamapi, yamapi, yamapi. Poor boy is so pathetic but at least he has good friends like Ryo and Mike. I'm glad they took him out and helped him get over Tsurara evil woman. I can't wait till he gets a little over the woman. Or Ruby's going to eat him alive and spit him out within seconds. Or well...she would right now if she met him =D

And Toma, Toma Toma. he's positively wonderful. I feel bad when I read how pained he was to take her back and how easily she let herself be taken away. I can't wait to read moreeeeee as I'm sure you already know.

I'M CHEERING SUPER HARD. Write well and write hard =D and if you need help you know i'm always here.
Author's Response: OMFg you listened to BM before you read this? kekeke perfect timing then babe ;) I'm so glad you liked it ;) Yes Ruby is one emotionally twisted girl, you will see how twisted she is and what made her so weary of love. Yes he has good friends who take him to a brothel to make him forget about his love kekeke but hey...without them this story would have never been born XD LOL girl Ruby will eat him and chew him up almost through the whole story I think XD TOMA! Like seriously he is going to be one of my favourites to write because I have something planned for him which is going to be so omg-ing! lol. Thank you so much for your support! I miss talking to you girl and PLEASE UPDATE YLIMD SOON IM DYING HERE! love you ;) <333
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