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please update!! i love your story! I can not wait to see what happens to everyone,and where Amy is,and who the real father is! Its so exciting!

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what is going to happen..
please write more

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Please write more!

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poor kyu jong, not his baby
i cant wait to read more

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Are you continuing the fic..??
Author's Response: Yes I will. I know I haven't updated in a long time but I've been having writer's block, the story is still going though. I'm currently writing the next chapter.

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nice...i am super loved this...Please post a news chapter faster....I'm addict into this now...Thanks for make me happy after reading this story..gomawoyo...

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Yay new chapter!! yea we really haven't talked in a while.Hope you are doing well. I need to start working on my stories again, but I'm still trying to get used to my new job. Anyway can't wait to read more.

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Yay new chapter!! Awww everyone is doing their separate things and I don't blame her for getting a bit selfish. I'm sure she wants everyone together like before.

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I think some how this story got off my tracked list. I hadn't seen these past chapters. :( Loved them though, I like her with Jungmin. Though I don't dislike her with the other two, the way you wrote them has gotten me to prefer Jungmin, he's more stable and cares more about her happiness then his own. Any way still loving your story and can't wait to read more!!

Librajem reviewed Chapter 7 on Nov 24, 2010 12:03 AM [Report This]

Great chapter, Bonnie
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