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cahaya reviewed Signs on Sep 12, 2010 02:55 PM [Report This]

beautifully written
kindda sad when agnes falls for jinwoon although he falls for aya
glad jinwoon realize it before its too late
love the ending ... ;)
Author's Response: teehee he needs to fall for someone else first xD

BambiJiBin reviewed Signs on Aug 08, 2010 04:17 PM [Report This]

SEULONG!! TOO BAD HE WASN'T IN IT XD But I imagine him with his name from PT

NOrmally I do not find Jinwoon my type.. But this made me love him XD But Jae is number one :D and Changminnie is number 2 XD
Author's Response: Well, I want to make Seulong the cousin from the first time but since we can't have two boys in our story, he transforms to Taehoon kekeke :D Ahahaha Jinwoon is my #2 after Changmin, of course~~

Blossy reviewed Signs on Aug 07, 2010 10:20 PM [Report This]

WOW you came with a totally different approach! I love it! Jinwoon didn't automatically fall for her and she had been in love with him for a while. It was good how you showed their characters unable to get their love then composing a song together. Man Taehoon was really good! I never could guess he would be the cousin!! hahaha GREAT STORY THANK YOU
Author's Response: OH MY GOD THANKIES B! Glad you like it^^ Ahahaha I thought quite much about putting in the cousin thing kekeke XD
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