Reviews For Say Sorry

cahaya reviewed Say Sorry. on Sep 17, 2010 08:07 AM [Report This]

nicely written
love the one shot
beautiful ending ...keep up the good work!
Author's Response: Thank You! :D

Dreamy Luna reviewed Say Sorry. on Aug 14, 2010 01:15 AM [Report This]

Omg... I can't believe Jiro hacked her account and everything. LOL Everytime Myra asked "are you mental?", I was like "yes yes he is!" XD I loved the friendship between Jiro and Alec! Alec was my first celebrity love and I haven't read any stories of Alec for years. Nice one-shot, Shweta! ^^

If you don't mind, I would like to give some constructive feedback. I would like to point out that sometimes you use you're
(you are) instead of your
and they're
(they are) instead of their

Here are some random examples I took from your story:

Incorrect: I like you're laugh.
Correct: I like your laugh.

Incorrect: she could see the depth of they're friendship in that brief instant
Correct: she could see the depth of their friendship in that brief instant

Keep writing! =D
Author's Response: Thank You for pointing that out xD Yes I realise I always make that mistake! I get confused between them and in the flow of writing I type those up and don't even realise I was wrong :( I'll recheck and correct ASAP xD

BambiJiBin reviewed Say Sorry. on Jul 20, 2010 11:53 AM [Report This]

JFLKNDFKNKDSLFNSLK JIRO FREAKIN WANG! I LOVE YOU :3 Too bad I'm taken XD But I still love ya! EEEEEKKK!! I totally loved it Shweta!! BSKFBSBFKS JIRO 8D the poem is sooo not lame!
Author's Response: Thank you :D And thanks again :P And I wish Jiro was my next door neighbor :( I would so seduce him :P

Blossy reviewed Say Sorry. on Jul 19, 2010 06:57 PM [Report This]

Wow! Double WOW!!! This was AWESOME!!! Hahaha man that is sooooooo like Jiro to act like that! I loved the friendship he had with Alec, how he hacked into her site and blackmailed her. LOVED IT! AHHHHHH Ryo and Ayu are married??? SO COOL! XD If i didnt already say it, AWESOME STORY! Thanks for this AWESOME story! XD
Author's Response: Hey I'm glad you liked it :D And awesome challenge, really loved it :D And you're story was great to, a good way to build it off :D
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