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Uniquemikoto reviewed Happily Never After on Jan 30, 2014 06:06 AM [Report This]

The update that I've been longing for!!
Jin has always loved Erika!! why do they have to part? /cries/
And Jin has been suffering as much as Erika was suffering ;-; why life is so cruel? ;-;
I think Erika stayed with Shota for Mao's sake! I don't think they love each other, or do they? O:
Thank you for the update!
and please update soon~
Author's Response: Yayyyy :D T.T gomen I know these take a while sometimes. I need to update sooner with these long stories just cause I know as a reader the flow gets really disrupted neh? Alsoooo T.T I know I'm sorry but don't worry it's not the end I promise...well I can't promise properly cause I don't want to spoil but you know what I mean. (Yeahhh both Jin and Erika are victims of long-distance relationships :( and parents who seem totally against them getting together) Hmmmmm we'll see :D I can't tell you about Shota and Erika...they have a really weird love story O.O but it's a nice love story I promise. I know it's hard to ship him with Rika after Jin T.T but he's not a bad guy I swear! (Okay well technically he does cheat on his wife a lot...but there's a reason for that I swear! It's not a bad reason either but we won't know for a few chapters yet). As for whether they love each other- hmm right now it's at this really intense like. I don't think I'd call it full blown love on Shota's side and definitely not on Erika's side. I hope this update pleases you Miko :D! And I hope you're doing well! Alsoooo *hugs*

ichigoyamada reviewed Happily Never After on Jan 20, 2014 10:09 AM [Report This]


Okay, sorry for that caps lock, too excited xD

But really you should update this story!!! I'm curious girl, I am curious! ><

I LOVE this story & I LOVE you! You are amazing!!! :D *billion hearts*
Author's Response: @Yammie gurllll :D lol sorry this took a while <3 but for a good reason I promise. I wanted to make sure this chapter went really well so I hope you liked it! and i'm okay with CAPS CAPS ALL YOU WANT! (SEE I'M EXCITED TOO XD SHOULD I RESPOND IN ALL CAPS?) omo maybe not that'll be hard to read. I love you tooo <333 I know Shota's a bit hard to love after Jin but- I promise he's a good guy :D and he really does like Erika quite purely. I hope you enjoy the latest chapter *mwah*
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