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Uniquemikoto reviewed One Night on Aug 05, 2013 05:22 PM [Report This]

I don't know where to start with so I'll write the review generally
I LOVE THIS!! This is one of the favourite ofcourse!! Just the way you wrote it, the plot, characters, EVERYTHING!! I just love it *heart*
Jin wouldn't marry Aya, wouldn't he? XD
I'm so excited that Jun is finally recognizing Mao and I want to see what'll happen XD
Thanks for the story and the update as well~
Please update soon
Author's Response: Mahhh Miko you're definitely on the right track with a lot of the things you said btw. Jun's story with Mao is a little bit farther away T.T once we get further involved in the palace we'll see Jun and Mao meet again :D! (KYAA I know I'm waiting for that too trust me). Thank you for the review! And your kind words! Honestly I really appreciate it. This is definitely one of my better plotted stories XD (even I have to admit that XD I spent a whole week in 2011 plotting it out from beginning to end and it's helped a lot with writing it, It's just actually getting down and writing it that takes time XD) *HUGSSSSS* I can't tell you about Jin and Aya but ;)

Christine reviewed One Night on May 25, 2013 08:42 PM [Report This]

Jin's scenes in China and Erika's scenes in Japan...
It was something really strange between these two scenes...I mean...both Erika and Jin were dealing with romantic and lustful thoughts and yet they reacted differently sort of...

Jin...he didn't think about Erika unless I have forgotten...he didn't think about her and even though the boys were hinting about him and Aya, Erika wasn't wasn't mentioned that he was they even know? Kenichi's scene was intense...what did he really think was going to happen though? I mean..did he think that by telling her she was going to come running back to him?
I was really surprised and personally cheered for her when Erika said that she never really loved him. Then Shota...SHOTA! Like...

the sexual tension between these two is amazing.
I can't believe it...

They almost kissed and it was kind of sad how erika stopped him because of Jin and Jin on the other hand didn't think about Erika at all...

And Shota's last comment is really powerful and it makes a lot of sense...

Their relationship will never be the same because of him...even though they didn't do anything inappropriate...but he is a big influence now...
update soon bb!!!
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