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Christine reviewed Look At Us Now on Aug 28, 2011 11:53 AM [Report This]

finally I read this chapter!!!
Wow I felt so freaking bad for come Mao pushed him away like that?? gahhhh
Erika and Shota!!
Damn it's like Shota is pushing Erika to become someone he is pushing her to slowly bloom but Erika is feeling scared about it...maybe she is feeling guilty that she wants to become a star so bad because of Mao...
Kennichiiii wow major role I see...heheh and I love the line he said when they first met...the whole I hope you push me down again hahaha nice one ;)
Update sooooon and I wanna talk to you without being all over the placeeee I miss you xxx

maohartjun reviewed Look At Us Now on Aug 01, 2011 09:41 PM [Report This]

WOW!! So many twists & turns, angst & laughter & teary also. I get the feeling that maybe Erika was so in love with Jin that she didn't know what to do anymore but just go with the flow??!! I don't really like Shota for Erika guess my heart will ship for Jin always in this fic. Jun is another matter the lil brat hihi I mean come on how old is he & hes hitting on Erika anyway I really felt for baby Mao.

I am really hooked on this fic & I seriously can't wait when you get to update cause I need to know if Mao will ever know that her parents really loved each other!! (In my mind its like they did) but aaarrrgghh interfering parents well more like the dad.

Seriously the more I read the more it unravels & I am not liking Shota one bit (ok I know I just repeated myself) & Ryo whats the outcome with him??!! & just curious the prince Jun was he the lil brat that pushed baby Mao??!! *groans* .......

iamsinglelicious reviewed Look At Us Now on Aug 01, 2011 02:54 PM [Report This]

hi Anna Clair, i'm kinda confused with the relationship of every characters with each other..hehehe..sorry2
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