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maojun reviewed Playing Mind Games on Apr 29, 2011 10:22 AM [Report This]

dear anna,

one of my favourite story updated!!!!.. i almost think that you won`t finish this story =( .. it has been too long since the last updated.. i am really happy when i see this story has been updated..

OMG!!! jun is cruel.. pity mao =( .. i can`t wait to see what will happen between them =) .. and shota shouldn`t make erika like that.. he already has a wife = l ..keep updating ne??

and i am waiting for the next chapter of IMPURE INTENTION.. i love that story damn much.. i really want to know what will happen to both of them.. keep finishing the story, pleaseeeeee!!!!.. i really love your work..

your story is awesome and keep it up =)
Author's Response: Hi Maojun! First of all thank you for calling this one of your favourite stories =D it really motivates me. I promise you I will finish this story =) I planned it all out so just writing it and editing it and putting the details in place is what takes me a while :( I know it's been really long again since the last update but I hope you'll forgive me. The next one should be up next month I promise =) Jun is cruel neh! For pushing Mao to the ground but babies are foolish so you can't really blame the poor boy either. I pity Mao too XD but yeah there's is a story that's spanned past many years thats why I'm glad I get to show them as children before I show them interacting as adults. Shota took a huge risk through that neh? Don't worry he has a plan. Impure Intentions XD? yes I promise I'll update that one soon too then =) Right now I'm going through writing it still so bare with me! I know I take a while to update but I promise it'll be good when it comes out =D <3 I love you for reviewing and being so kind seriously! *bows* I can't thank you enough for motivating me to write more. I hope you enjoy the new chapter maojun !

Christine reviewed Playing Mind Games on Apr 28, 2011 05:54 PM [Report This]

Erika updateeeeeeeeeeeee!!
It's been so long!!!
i missed these characters

Jun's crush on Erika is hilarious as is his extreme disgust at Mao...I wonder who he will react when he sees the beautiful Mao all grown up ;)

I can't really understand Shota, what's he playing at? first he kisses her now he tells her it's not what she is thinking?

Is the play going to go horribly wrong or amazingly right?

Update soon and the previews look intense!!! :D
Author's Response: Yeahhhh I know and now it's been even longer! Lol right now on TV your doppelganger is being featured on etalk and she's talking about being free and exploring vampire diaries more =D Jun is just an adorable little boy I want to take home with me! He did see Mao! All grown-up but he didn't know it was the same Mao who he didn't love as a little boy. (Remember the fake smile XD?) But honestly I love making him not love Mao as a child cause it reminds me of my childhood. You know where they'd tease you with some random boy and you'd be like NOOOO I DON'T WANT TO MARRY HIM MOMMY! MOMMY NOOOO. iunno that happened to me XD so that's why I think it's very realistic Jun reacts like that. Shota is very confusing himself....or actually he's very simple but he likes to confuse people and play with their heads. He's not a very good guy XD. The play is going to goooo---- you'll have to find out XD?? Thank youuu! I did my best to incorporate them well. Thank you for reading Chri =D and I hope you enjoy the update.
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