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inawza reviewed The Secrets Between Us on Feb 27, 2011 07:06 PM [Report This]

mukai-meisa moments...i heart it so damn much! they're perfect together but why can't they see that in real life huh?! *frustrated*
but mukai's right...he can't save her if she dont want to save herself...meisa truly needs someone like him...
im dying to know more about their relationship...seriously...meisa's pain and mukai's confusion intrigue me to the core... :))
ah what happen to shota? has he lose his mind?he insulted meisa and then he cheated on maki by kissing erika...
gosh...thank you for slapping him erika...
thank you for updating...
this is brilliant!
i love this...and you of course... :)
Author's Response: Dear Wana =) I know aren't theyyy? T.T They need to marry each other. They're both so hot it would totally make sense. I would love to see them together! I wouldn't even get upset. They could be like brad and angelina! Mukai's very logical and wise even though he doesn't think that way he acts that way. Which is why I find his character intriguing because people usually follow their thoughts blindly but he goes against what he thinks and tries to do the right thing. Does that make any sense? (And he will take care of Meisa =) ) I promise you I'll inject a lot more Mukai Meisa time =) Like I said =) there's a lot of secrets in the royal household and I'm hoping to reveal them all slowly as time passes and you guys can totally freak out but that will have to be when Mao goes back to Tokyo which is not for some time yet. (But I'm glad Erika slapped him =D it showed she wasn't weak) Thank you so much for reading! I love you too Wana! Once again I hope everything's going well =D <3

Christine reviewed The Secrets Between Us on Feb 23, 2011 07:28 PM [Report This]

ok so much has happened in this chapter but I must say I loved Mukai's conflictual desires inside of him...on one hand he wants to be there for Meisa and retain his saintly duty....on the other hand he wants to rock her brains out....I SAY PICK THE SECOND OPTION! LOL
I loved it when he hugged her though...and my favourite line....
Now that the anger had dissipated she needed someone to cry on…and so Mukai stayed still with her offering her support the only way he could without ruining his own world

I loved that line!!!
but i loved how shes like I didnt slap a a prince would do that...
loved it!
I wonder if Erika will take on the role of Hina....I HOPE SHE DOES!
Keep writing babe
love youuuu
Author's Response: Oh man Mukai. Dude. Can I just f@#k him already? XD I'm sorry! HE'S SO HOT. I CAN'T HELP IT. AGAISGNSAG Seriously Christine now I can't think of anything but Mukai...and his anan issue. T.T Great. Now this response is going to be related to everything Mukai but yeah..dude the idea of a preist having sinful feelings for this beautiful girl who wants to be saved by him. It's just - he should follow Nike's slogan (just do it). *dies of Mukai Love* Shota did kiss Erika! I KNOW! WHAT AN ASS XD because honestly a prince wouldn't do that...but Shota's very rebellious of his royal duty and because he's the second son he's allowed more freedom than he would have been if he was in his brother's position. I hope you enjoy the new chapter! There's no Mukai but now god do I wish I put him in there. THANK YOU CHRISTINE I LOVE YOU TOO SERIOUSLY AND I HOPE YOU'RE ALL RIGHT :( <3 I should be on tomorrow night for a bit so we'll talk then if you're on.

Lil Daisy reviewed The Secrets Between Us on Feb 23, 2011 10:07 AM [Report This]

finally caught up again.
and the kiss. oh the kiss. i still feel sorry for Jin somehow but Shota and Erika FTW
Author's Response: Hi Daisy =D Thank you so much for reviewing and catching up =) I hope you enjoyed the story and everything in it. Yes Shota was a bit of an ass stealing the kiss from her! But I loved it too =D I miss the Shota Erika pair :( no more liar game! I hope you enjoy the update =D thank you again!

Magzhydfan reviewed The Secrets Between Us on Feb 21, 2011 12:29 PM [Report This]

Oh my, I smell trouble. Will this lead to more pain for Erika? I really feel sorry for her. And Mao. Will there be a chance for her to be really happy? And I want more junmao interaction- chibi or adult. I hope this will happen soon.
Author's Response: First offf....thank you magzhydfan for your review =D I really appreciate it =D Yes Erika's life is not going to get any less complicated but it will get easier I hope. There's a lot in store for her. And Mao...well part of the reason I think Mao is so unhappy is because she can't stop living after the past. But yes I hope that I'll be able to make her happy at the end of this story with what I have planned for her as well =) so don't worry. Right now because Mao is in Kyoto there's very minimal adult Jun Mao meeting but they are definitely going to be seeing each other again as adults =D Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy the next chapter!
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