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inawza reviewed The World Spins But We Stay Still on Jan 27, 2011 06:13 AM [Report This]

omg long update and I SO LOVE YOU AND IT...!!!!
you've changed your name to Anna Clair? now what should I call you girl?
the first part...Jin's letter...its so sweet and funny at the same reflected the real random...funny...with the right amount of seriousness... :P
GO ERIKA...i hope this would be a good start for her...she's been through a lot and she deserves to be happy...even if that means she has to ditch jin and their memories together... T_T
and i so so so in love with shota-maki pair...i mean their family is beautiful...the way he teases her...and she would teases him back...and then the cute little jun...perfect!!!
mukai and meisa...omg...i dont know how to describe my love for them...its like they are made for each other...priest or no priest...they just suited :))
mao and jun...mao and ryo...well i dont know...
both pairs have something to them...
i just cant choose...!!! hahaha
beautiful and seriously...
well its nice talking to you're fun... :D
you've watched QOP???omg omg omg....jin is sexy neh???so sexy that i thought i might die at the sight of him singing and dancing... rocks!!!! :)
Author's Response: Wana! I realize it's been a while so you might not even get to read this response but I hope you do! Anyways yes my name is Anna Clair XD. It's named after one of my favourite authors who used to be a fanfiction writer and is now an author so if it worked for her I'm hoping it'll work for me =D Just call me Lilli though =D Did ittt? I'm not that much of a Jin fan girl but I follow his twitter and stuff so maybe I'm starting to understand his personality XD?Your man is totally cute =D I like him! But not more than Toma so don't worry XD. Erika! Don't worry about her trust me! For that matter Jin too! I have a lot planned for the both of them! Originally Jin wasn't supposed to stay in the story but I just couldn't kick him out. So now he's caused me to plot him a place in =D I love their family too! The image they portray together is exactly what you would want to see if you were looking at them to run your country right? That's why I wanted them to appear so happy with everything...but everyone has their secrets in the royal family. I KNOW! I want to see them together now. I think they did Shinzanmono together right? I want to see it now! Just to catch an inkling of MukaiMeisa attraction! Mao has a love interest in each time XD. I like both her and Jun and her and Ryo though so I can't choose either T.T Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate them and the review. It really encouraged me =) I hope your exams and everything went well! If I remember right you were in engineering right? I hope it all went perfectly and you did good. (Jin is uber sexy in that! Especially when he takes a shot before starting to sing with his audience! And yesss his dancing XD the love juice dancing!) Girl you rocks more =D <3

Christine reviewed The World Spins But We Stay Still on Jan 18, 2011 11:44 AM [Report This]

OH MY GOD.....
ok so many things happened in this chapter I'm still in a daze...
but the first thing I have to mention is...TOMA TOMA TOMA TOMA TOMA!!!
I saw his SCP last night and thought he was adorable so omg I am so happy you put him in there and don't you dare do the thing I'm fearing you are going to do between him and a certain hime...please...give him a hot indian girlfriend and then wife....please thank you :)
Erika...ahhhh Erika! when she spoke about Shota's acting I have to be honest with you...I stopped reading and literally took a few seconds break....I was like omg girl what in the world are you doing?
and that one liner...about the fire...GAHHHH IT SPEAKS VOLUMES!
and the reading....
it felt so real that I felt sorry for the people watching honestly.
It felt as though it wasn't Hina and Kisuke but Erika and Shota!!! and crap...when she called him by his name...that was the continuation of the beginning right there O.O
Mao makes me Mao crushing over the diva baby Jun it's so funny XD
It's ok about last night babe, I know something happened I just hope it wasn't serious and that everything is all good now :)
I am so happy that I will write some BM now :D
I can't wait til you post more about Meisa's story and I wonder if Mao and Jin will ever meet?
ily ;)
Author's Response: Toma makes a lot of people react like that XD. Especially me so I completely get it don't worry. His SCP made me squee and made my heart go out to him at the same time. What a man. And lol what needs to be done will be done. =D Erika talks way too much sometimes. T.T which is a characteristic I share with her, she's a firecracker herself but a quiet one? Iunno how to explain it. It's not like she doesn't have opinions...she does. She just keeps them to herself and only when she feels close to a person does she act normally. LOL yes the fire! Hina and Kisuke will come back don't you worry =D I like to full circle things so you'll see a lot of that Chri. Baby Mao is the reason I wrote this story XD. She's so much cuter than baby Jun in my head. (Such a diva you have no idea) Everything is all good now =D. =DD BMBM? But I got my dosage already neh T.T sad life this is mine. LOVE YOU. Thank you for reading Christine and for all the amazing posters. I can't wait to post the second one when it's time.
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