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maohartjun reviewed Shade and Shelter Me From Their Sunshine on Aug 01, 2011 11:29 AM [Report This]

I was hesitant at reading this many many times so cause i have completed reading it I am wondering to myself whyever did I keep skipping this fic & I am glad that I finally read it. Actually for me there are no words that I can say but WOW its tragic is how I would put it.

I went from confused to understanding the whole concept of your fic & yes I am thinking I need more Jin haha too hotness right there ! Erika/Jin its just to tragic for me cause yes I was sniffing & blowing my nose hard out hihi & poor Mao wondering whatever happened to her parents.

From my pov Jin/Erika will always be each others first love & I was like 'oh please' let them have a happy ending!?? The story just unravels for Mao & the suffering she went through thinking that her parents were enemies plus I don't really like her grandfather hes a bit of an asshole. Meisa was starting to get on my nerves but hey I kind of feel for her also.

Omg I am raving hihi anyways awesome I can't wait for your next update awesome author (^_~)

Librajem reviewed Shade and Shelter Me From Their Sunshine on Dec 14, 2010 08:50 PM [Report This]

great chapters
Author's Response: Jess! Thank you so much for reading them and I'm glad you enjoyed them! It got a little sad there in the middle didn't it? It was pretty down T.T but I'm hoping the next couple of chapters will lighten it up a bit again.

Christine reviewed Shade and Shelter Me From Their Sunshine on Dec 01, 2010 02:11 PM [Report This]

Shit, Lillith this was so sad, and I can't help but grow to love ErikaxJin couple more and more.
I can't believe Jun knocked on Erika's door, he is so freaking adorable!
AND OMG MUKAI!!! Girl I'm loving this guy more and more XD
Now where is Toma's hot amazingly successful wife? huh? huh? ;)
Poor Meisa, maybe Mukai will be the one who changes her, she feels like she is not worth it when he looks at her, I hope he can make her feel worth it.
and omg girl you stayed up til 5am?!
you crazy lovable beech! I hope you were able to rest!
ILY and thank you for the update!!! lessthanthree!
Author's Response: THANK YOU FOR SPOTTING THAT T.T HE MAKES A LEGIT APPEARANCE THIS CHAPTER CAUSE HE'S TOO SEXY BESIDE ME AND HE YELLED AT ME THAT HE'S GETTING NO LOVE. SO I WAS LIKE FINE I'LL PUT YOU IN THERE T.T Ass ...such a nice ass that boy has. WOW. If people read these they're going to get creeped so I'm not going to type that anymore. But yes. XDD the rest of the review. Dude I'm so scared. I'M SO SCARED... I've already told you why on gmail so I don't know what I'm going to do about that but I'm hoping what I have planned works out well enough. Chibi Jun rocks everyone's sexy socks. Dude he's a little player that boy having Mao on the side...crushing on Erika...regular heartbreaker =D I love Mukai tooooo. Honestly I considered writing this chapter from his POV just cause I'M SO IN LOVE WITH HIS CHARACTER. If I can I'll try and give him some justice later but I already know when he's leaving the story and how exactly and what goes down and I'M SO EXCITED TO WRITE IT. I HAVE LIKE FIVE PAGES OF NOTES ON IT. (uh she's behind the scenes sitting with the air hostesses =D) I hope he makes her feel worth it too =D I love how you and wana both spotted that because that means you two are really getting into Meisa's character which I definitely want to push to home. She's like a secondary female here with Mao and Erika being the main ones. YEAH. AND TODAY IT'S 1:30 AND I'M STAYING UP T.T i'm probably off to bed soon though bro. I have to wake up at like 7:30. I LOVE YOUUUUUU. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR REVIEWING AND YAY FOR OUR BM DATE TONIGHT.

inawza reviewed Shade and Shelter Me From Their Sunshine on Nov 30, 2010 01:11 PM [Report This]

finally an update... :P
gosh the first part broke my heart...
erika really miss jin...i miss him too...hehehe
poor meisa...feeling unworthy of herself...
i really want mukai and meisa together...
he's good for her...unlike toda takuya...
sweet little jun and mao...
this chapter still a bit sad... :(
i seriously feel bad for erika...
i want her to be happy...and with jin of course...
any surprise for mao and ryo? *wink*

p/s:thank god jin and meisa are not together...i guessed i misunderstood some lines...hahaha

another chap? :D
Author's Response: SO it cut me off in the other review! so I'll finish it here =D HYD favourite tv show ever. She's going to find out a lot with Meisa so I hope you'll look forward to that Wana. And it was so nice finally speaking with you the other day =D *glomps* Good luck with school! I hope it's not killing you. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this update =D you rock my socks. now I'll reply to this review XD Sorry T.T I made you guys wait a long time for this one too but it's pretty long I promise =D and I have the next one all ready to pump out so don't worry the next one will def. be sooner =D See now that I know you like Jin that line totally makes sense. He's so sexy anyone would miss him I've been watching queen of pirates right now and i keep rewatching love juice. T.T I feel like we've all felt like that at some point but we're going to learn a lot about Meisa mostly because she's relaying the story and because there's a lot to tell =D you guys with your reviews actually inspire me to come up with so much stuff you have no idea. I'm not even lying it actually helps. (i really want them together too! shhh don't tell anyone...i don't know if it's happening yet XD but I want my brain to make it turn out that way) Its my first time writing kids and making them main characters so I'm excited =D I really like Jun and Mao as kids. Yeah I'm hoping the new one is a little more light for you guys... I tried to lay off the heavy angst XD because I want to start taking this story into it's right direction. LOL you're such a good Jin shipper =D P.S. totally not your fault T.T i wrote them out confusing as I often do so thanks for telling me =D I went back and fixed it now phew. I hope you enjoy the next chapter wana! I love you for reviewing <33333333333

Magzhydfan reviewed Shade and Shelter Me From Their Sunshine on Nov 30, 2010 12:05 PM [Report This]

I love chibi Jun. I just wish there will be more Maojun interaction in the future.
Author's Response: HI NEW READER =D I get excited when I see new readers =) thank you so much first off for reading and reviewing it makes me really happy. And your wish is my command =D you're going to get to see a lot of chibi Jun in this story...and when we go into another part of the story you'll be seeing a lot of adult Jun too I promise (because honestly who can stay away from Jun? He's junbait =D) I hope you enjoy the next chapter Magz (is it okay if I call you that?)! And I look forward to seeing you in the reviews section again =D
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