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Christine reviewed Read My Memories, Tear At My Soul, Mend My Heart on Nov 17, 2010 11:29 AM [Report This]

OK so maybe I realised something...MEISA IS A PRIESTESS!!! MUKAI WAS A PRIEST!!!!
Dum dum dum....beautiful hikari!!!
Lol shit I'm such a bad reader.
I loved Ryo in this chapter, when he was trying to comfort Mao by rocking her, that was such a sweet moment I loved it. RYOISSOSEXY!
THE LETTERS!!! Man I feel so bad for Mao, it's like her idea of her father has been completely shattered. I think it's easier to hate a person thinking that he doesn't love you. then to know he loves you but under some circumstances he cant be with you...:(
I totally did not get the fantasy...Im so bad but I don't remember D:
I wonder what Meisa is going to tell her, if she tells her...I did miss Mao (mainly because there is sexy Ryo but watevs XD)
I can't wait for the next Erika update and and and YLIMD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you child, like yamapi loves food!!!!
Author's Response: I'M AN ASS. I'm review replying to this one first and not BIEH or YLIMD? yeah I'm an ass but YLIMD's review actually has it's own document in my stories section. LOL. don't think I'm lame kay?? I'm sorry I went away today bee. <3 you've heard this so many ways I'll just shut up now. =D GOOD GIRL. FINALLY SOMEONE TOOK THE HINT. I'm not even lying when I say this all ended up accidentally working out with this story. Meisa has been a priestess since- two years ago...but Mukai randomly came into my head in the story posting section and he just fit in perfectly =D cause he's sexy like that and he likes to fit in anywhere perfectly. (INNUENDO INTENDED) You're a good reader shut up =D you make me super happy every single time. I'm the shitty reader here! I honestly think that was a better scene than the one where they were drunk together. RYO IS SO FUCKING SEXY IT'S RIDICULOUS. I feel bad for Mao too man. And I love that you mentioned that because it's so true. It's hard to hate someone who left you loving you. Which is why Erika probably finds it so hard to hate Jin too sometimes. God is it stupid you inspired me again? I have new things popping into my head now. Kay I'll let you know =) her fantasy is basically how everything ended up happening with Jin if you track it you'll see =D it's every single event with Jin but instead of his name it's just he so that she doesn't associate it with him even if she is inside her heart her mind is left unaware? that's kind of what i wanted to portray. I WONDER TOO. AND WHAT IS RYO GOING TO DO WITH HIS SEXYNESS? IS HE GOING TO TAKE HIS SHIRT OFF? IS PI GOING TO JUMP IN WITH HIS MOOBIES? IS THIS NOW YLIMD? XD I wrote YLIMD tonight some too =D so look forward to that sometime next week =D Thank you so much for reading ChriChri =) you are awesome and I can't wait to pump you tomorrow with all that BM. THAT SOUNDS WRONG *runs away from Pi* why do our husbands hate us ? (like yours and me and mine and you) P.S. you're editing my letter to Toma.<3

inawza reviewed Read My Memories, Tear At My Soul, Mend My Heart on Nov 17, 2010 06:01 AM [Report This]

"This was the first moment your mother realized that the world did not end when your father left or you weren't there."
mao wasnt there?omg now im more more curious...what happen to them??
jin...he do loves mao...the best part of this chap...he never stop thinking about them...all those letters he sent is so make me wanna cry...T_T
akanishi dan meisa were married??seriously??how??why are they together?i though erika would always wait for jin... :(
yay ryo for always being there for mao...
they are one sweet couple...
i cant help but felt sorry for mao...she deserve to know everything...hrmm...
i want more more more...

yay for more update!!
Author's Response: Yeah I know T.T That actually is a sad line. It's supposed to show as if Erika can start learning to live without these figures in her life which she has like major trouble doing right now. She's very attached to her child even for a new mother. But yeah I can't say much more T.T damn it I wanna tell you wana! I know I loved that part too! I thought it was important to show that he did care about her. I hope you didn't cry :( or you did. I can't decide if it's a good thing because angsty stories are meant to make you cry XD but crying is a sad thing XD. So I'll settle for I hope you enjoyed it =D No no thank god Meisa didn't marry Jin. She has another boy whose cute with her. (though Jin and her would be cute XD but in this story it feels wrong so I can't do that to Erika it's too evil XD) I actually really like Ryo and Mao it's so unhealthy Jun is going to get on my case in my head. O.O Domyouji is going to be like WTF Nishikido stay away from my Makino. Yeah to me Mao and Jun are like perfect because of Makino and Domyouji.

biniBningPunkista reviewed Read My Memories, Tear At My Soul, Mend My Heart on Nov 17, 2010 05:31 AM [Report This]

Her eyes finally landing on a wedding photo of Kuroki Meisa and Akanishi Jin.
-this confused me. Isn't it Erika who's supposed to be with Jin? i needed to get that out. ^_^v

Yes.. RYO=Smexy. (please forgive us Toma.)

To the story... I was fast reading the other chapter because i can't wait to come to this one already, and i knew it was going to be one of those chapters that would keep me on my toes. again.


I love how blunt you made mao, how she doesn't give a crap on how politeness when it comes to older people. Finding the truth about her own parents is very very much understandable and i like meisa's role for revealing things to her. though it may be this way, still... it was getting through to mao little by little.

Reading the past two chapters, i am now gravely curious about Toda Takuya. WHAT THE HELL is with this man that everyone involved in his life, hates him so much up to their bone matter. *sigh* i know i always say i'll wait... but please.... update soon!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs*

Author's Response: Shannnn <3 Yes O.O that was supposed to just be a like picture of them together at the wedding nothing big XD my bad. T.T i suck sometimes I forget to make things clear. (Toma will learn to live XD especially because I've finally plugged him in somewhere he fits happily) It's okay you can take your time reading =D just the fact you do read is enough for me. It gives me encouragement to write better which is always good =) Mao is definitely a bit of a biter she's very witty and quick and her brain moves at a speed I can't really describe because it's not fast or slow but it's perfect for who she is? Iunno but showing her childhood is something I'm really excited to portray considering we already know how she is as an adult. So in that way this story is kind of special to me because it's probably the first and last time I'll show a childhood after I show an adult. Oh. I hope you'll start hating him as much as I we get more into Meisa's pov you'll understand what kind of man Takuya is. He's finally going to start having some exposition in this part of the story =D Thank you for reading Shan you're awesome =D and please continue You. Me. Together :( your post on the tagboard totally depressed me at work lol my co-worker was like- wtf is wrong with you O.O?
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