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SpiritGambler reviewed You Could Save Me From Myself on Nov 30, 2010 08:00 PM [Report This]

WOW, love this one.....please update soon...I love the angst!!! YAY!! but I'm rooting for JIN....oh why? I don't even know why I like him for maybe because they're too sweet together...
Author's Response: Hi Spirit Gambler! I'm glad you're enjoying this story =D I seriously love it like my own baby....which I don't have yet so I love it like Erika loves Mao in this story. AND YAY! I love angst too and it often goes underloved in this site so I get happy when I meet other people who enjoy angst and Erika definitely has a lot of that even if it has its lighter moments. Honestly XD I'm so biased when it comes to my characters...I'm rooting for Jin too. So don't worry and they are pretty sweet together =D They're one of the sweetest couples I've written who had to go through a lot to get sweet because they had to overcome a lot to get to the point in their relationship where they started falling in love =) le sigh. i want a love story like that too XD. thank you so much for reading again =D and I hope you enjoy this chapter even if there isn't too many mentions of Jin. Thank you so much for reviewing! It made me really happy =)

biniBningPunkista reviewed You Could Save Me From Myself on Nov 17, 2010 05:11 AM [Report This]


haha... that's how i am going to put this in. I'm not really sure what to make of it... but this clears out my Meisa confusion. I LIKE. *off to the next one*
Author's Response: LOLS Shan what are you confused about XD? I'll help you put it in place. The reason I wrote this chapter was for Meisa. I feel like I make her such a main character but I don't bother to give her depth or time...I want readers to be able to understand her character a little more. And I really want to push to home the fact that their friendship is strong albeit VERY strange. There's reasons for all of that though. I'm hoping I get to elaborate on it more in the chapter space I've given myself but I'm not sure if I will be able to T.T Thank you for reading! I'm glad you enjoyed this crazy little pipe dream of mine that I'm so in love with! *glomps*

inawza reviewed You Could Save Me From Myself on Nov 05, 2010 04:35 AM [Report This]

aaaa i love kuroki meisa...seriously...and why did you have to make mukai osamu a priest??? hahahaha....
meisa is toda takuya's mistress???noooo....
why...its a good thing she has erika as her friend...and i have to agree with her that meisa is phenomenal...
erika is very supportive neh...
meisa needs a partner...hehehe....
i love this chap...
yay for kuroki meisa...
another yay for good chap...
update soon.... :)
Author's Response: i know right! Kuroki Meisa is awesome. She's probably my favourite J-actress right now so I'm glad I plugged her in here. LOL. I know everyone seems to not like Mukai as a priest! Which is a good thing because that boy is so beautiful all of us are like *MELT* seriously how is he not more popular and already like 28? I do not understand how Japan ignored his sexiness for so long. Ohmo. yes I haven't mentioned it out right until now but yes she is Toda Takuya's mistress and that's one of the only reasons Erika is able to have such a close friend who is a girl. Takuya is VERY controlling. I'm hoping to elaborate on that but if I don't get to remind me I'll tell you more about it =D Erika tries to be a good friend to Meisa yeah =D they're both extremely good friends to the other when possible. I love you for yaying so much. so yay for reviewing =D reviews make me eager to write this story so yay for writing! I hope you enjoy the update wanani =D it has our sexy ryo in it!

Christine reviewed You Could Save Me From Myself on Nov 04, 2010 12:34 PM [Report This]

At first I was like ok ok this isn't going to be so sad...but then go on and throw that knife straight to my chest! D:
First MUKAI!!!! I CANT BELIEVE YOU MADE HIM A PRIEST! Such a waste kekekeke I'm getting more into the guy every since you suggested him for BM so yeah....nice
But I think the highlight of the chapter was when Meisa almost told Erika about her affair with her was breathtaking and touching how Erika hugged her and told her she shouldn't settle for him.
I think it shows the depth of their friendship.
I really liked it.
But then I was sad when she didn't go to meet Shota...I mean who am I kidding she wouldn't be able to handle him I think, she isn't emotionally ready...
I can't wait for more MaoRyo!!!!
I'm realyl excited for them hehehe
so update soon woman! lessthanthree
Author's Response: PLEASE BE MY AWESOME SMART READER AND FIND HINTS BECAUSE I JUST LEFT A SHITLOAD OF THEM IN THAT CHAPTER SOME SO SUPER OBVIOUS I CANNOT BELIEVE I DID THAT. (just had to start like that) OH AND HI CRAZY AWESOME BM AUTHOR. No lies. FAILS I've forgotten to press send on the email you sent me T.T i always do that. *goes to press send* I hope my email makes you like half as happy as your chapter (both of them!) made me and OF COURSE your review. HEHE HEHE. I have something planned there. (PLAESE FIGURE OUT WHAT I WANT TO TELL SOMEONE XD AND I WON'T FEEL GUILTY IF YOU FIND OUT YOURSELF) This story has seriously gotten sad. Though it's getting back to happy times I promise! Bear with me! Part two and part three are generally not that bad. (THREE PARTS =D FTW?) LOL. Mukai is so sexy. All I can say is baby would I ever waste a piece of ass that fine? (Has been stalking his anan pictures to find out if his ass is fine and the verdict is yes..but not as round as Hirokis XD) I felt like this needed to be brought up every now and again because it is a very strange relationship that Meisa and Erika have because of the whole Takuya factor. I mean I don't address it too much but it is VERY important. She's not dating him for nothing...honestly Meisa deserves her own plot one day. I'M SAD TOO! I wanted her to get over Jin quickly but then I pulled myself back only because I want this story to be real. REALLY real. And it takes me like two years to get over someone after I like them so. Yeah I'm ridiculous but honest based on my life. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT TOO! I hope you enjoy reading about them! I'm excited for them too! I WILL =D I WILL! I promise but the next update planned is YLIMD. THANK YOU FOR REVIEWING!

Librajem reviewed You Could Save Me From Myself on Nov 04, 2010 11:07 AM [Report This]

hey lillith great chapter.
Author's Response: Thank you Jess! =D I hope you enjoyed it and this chapter is really more present so I'm hoping you'll get to see more of Meisa and Mao and get little peeks and hints as to what actually happened so you guys can try and figure it out.
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