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inawza reviewed Death and the Maiden on Nov 05, 2010 04:21 AM [Report This]

update update...yay!!!
erika loves her daughter so much...i can feel it...but what i dont understand is...if she loves mao so much...then why mao's growing up without her?
where's jin...what happen to him???why didnt he try to contact erika?things must be real hard for him...but somehow i love it when erika said she believed in jin and would wait for him...
nao is a very good mother...i just have to love that woman...
shota and erika...hrmm...i cant feel the sparks somehow and again maybe because im still in love with jin-erika's pair... :P
yay for good im gonna go and read your next chap...
Author's Response: yes yes yes! Super updates! I love when I update this story because it's now become so close to my heart I can't believe I started it like a year ago and I only started being good and writing it properly recently. Erika loves Mao like any mother should love her daughter (I hope) I want you guys to face that exact question so I'm so glad you're thinking about that already! yay smart readers! It makes me feel privileged when I know that my readers are actually paying attention to what they're reading. Thank you for thinking about my story wanani! Ahh some of those questions are going to sort of get answered in this chapter. Especially with Jin's communication. I LOVED IT TOO! In my head I was all like plotting and things XD. I'm such a Jin/Erika shipper now. Which is so strange. XD they're such a random pair. I love Nao too! I like to imagine my mother is in someway similar to Nao. So thank you for loving her. =D GOOD! I want you to still be rooting for Jin XD. (I'm so in love with him it's bad. He's coming to America and I don't get to see him T.T) Can you tell? Thank you so much for reading wanani and reviewing! I really appreciate it! *bows*

biniBningPunkista reviewed Death and the Maiden on Nov 03, 2010 02:28 PM [Report This]

YOu... this... whaaaaa.... I want more!

Nao. I LOVE NAO. Have I said that before? still... I LOVe NAO.
that darned head strong woman has so much in her! though i'm really very curious as to what happened to her and Erika that made her daughter run as far away from her as possible. like, What was the last straw that made Erika decide to run away?

I know, I know, I know it will come... but i can't help myself from asking questions. ^_^v forgive my insolence deary...

Shota... and Erika in an unfit dress. I wonder how uncomfortable she's going to be when she meets him. after all, she went there for the "silly stage play" only and not expecting for Shota to come finding her... kya! i'm excited much. best birthday blow out you can give. MULTIPLE UPDATES!!! (is TTTC included?) *nudges lillith*

btw, i have this fic which is still on the making
but... it's like a second generation thing. cropped out from my baby "Stay with Me" i'm not sure if you read that... Erika was in it along with Shota. your fic reminded me so much of them. haha...

last words... Belated Happy birthday Lillith! I hope you had a blast. *opens a bottle of champaign and gives a toast*
Author's Response: aren't you lucky you get more =D? Two updates two days. =D YAY! I love Nao too. She's very inspirational and she has a lot of power over Erika surprisingly. I'm curious to let you know and see how you guys react to what happens between everyone in this second part of the story where Erika starts her 'second' life. NOOO it's not insolence to me it's really interesting =D Sadly TTTC will still take a while yet. I'm unsure of where to go after Jin and Aya make love in the sand XD. LOL yeah. exactly I know how I'd feel after pregnancy so I can only imagine that Erika's very self-conscious. Death and the Maiden is written as such so that at the very end the actors all join together with the audience in front of a mirror as the symphony of Death and the Maiden plays and Roberto is surrounded by light to show that he may or may not be dead while Paulina looks at him from her seat. It's very very thrilling. I'd love to go see a representation of it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Stay With Me IS ON MY FAVOURITES GO SEE IT WOMAN. (So are you but you should know that already =D) OF COURSE I'VE READ IT AND I'VE LOVED IT AND GAHS. POST IT. I LOVE SHOERI! Thank you so much Shan! I had a great birthday. and your review was amazing and made me happy too =D thank you for reading and reviewing! (OMG so funny I'M LEGAL so I can drink now yay!)

Lil Daisy reviewed Death and the Maiden on Nov 03, 2010 05:51 AM [Report This]

I really like the Erika Shota pairing. Erika and Jin just don't seem to work. But then again, maybe cause I'm bias.
Author's Response: ME TOO? LIAR GAME FTW. I need to give Shota more love and definition in this story which I'm glad he's finally going to get out of me. LOL i'm biased too. Did you know from the original time I made Jin and Erika get engaged right up to when they started falling in love I couldn't write their relationship. It was very upsetting. So trust me I know how you feel. But right now I'm on a Jin kick so it's easy and I'm in love with him right now cause of his movies. So yeah XD I can see the issue because it took me SO long to get past it. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Daisy and I hope you enjoyed the next chapter I posted~~ MORE SHOTA WII?

Librajem reviewed Death and the Maiden on Nov 02, 2010 08:25 PM [Report This]

hey lillith great chapter again
Author's Response: Jess! I want to just thank you again for being an amazingly faithful reviewer I really do appreciate it =D I'm glad you enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy this one and don't miss Jin too much! Or at least not as much as Erika! Thank you so much for reviewing and reading! I hope this story is living up to your expectations <33333333333333333333333333333333333

Christine reviewed Death and the Maiden on Nov 02, 2010 07:01 PM [Report This]

Ok so I loved this update like always.
I can so understand why Erika doesn't want to leave Mao alone, mother's can be like that with their first born child so it's perfectly understandable!
Omg and the way you described Shota....GIRL sexual tension to the max between those two!
I wonder when they are going to make their move....kekeke
also....BABY JUN! he must be so adorable lol!
update soon love and OMG TONIGHT?! Then I will update Secrets for you :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope your man isn't working you up a lot...wahahahah you need your energy!!!!
Author's Response: THANK YOU WEEEEEE I HAD THE BEST DAY EVER =D and I got to talk to you for a long time so that was awesome. I LOVED THIS UPDATE TOOO! It's a little light because it's all acting. If you want you should totally read Death and the Maiden the actual story. It's pretty amazing and beautiful and ANGST TO THE MAX. It's beautiful though but very sad. I listen to Schuberts Death and the Maiden often because of that story. Yeah no with the first born child all mothers are like *HISS* AWAY FROM MY BABEH! I love Shota. He's beautiful. I'm upset I don't give him as much time and sexiness that he deserves in this story. I wonder too O.O lololol that's not good I should know. I'm writing the story T.T YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY SECRETSSSSSSSSSSSS (sexy sexy Secrets =P) My man was very tiring. He made me promise that he'll get good time in all my stories and then we had a VERY good time somewhere else. XD. ILY TOO I HOPE YOU LIKE THE NEXT CHAPTER AND YOU FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS WITH ERIKA AND SHOTA =D
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