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ichigoyamada reviewed One Saturday Morning on Jan 20, 2014 04:20 AM [Report This]

*sigh* I have tears in my eyes T.T
Author's Response: OMGGGG I made you cry at work T.T I'm a horrible friend T.T (but a good author lol XD jkjk but when ever a reader tells me they have tears I am like :O serious :O? I DID THAT? OMG YAY XD so yes Yammie you made me very happy with your review XD)

Christine reviewed One Saturday Morning on Oct 22, 2010 10:01 PM [Report This]

Omg...this wasn't lighter! I thought this was going to be lighter!
Poor Jin!!! but poor Erika, I feel so bad for her and for Mao.
It's like she desperately wants him to be with her family but she is also hurt that he would choose to leave them before his daughter was even born.
So I guess it's hard for her to believe that he has really changed!
Gah...the angst!
You can write angst sooooo well!
Did you stop writing Time Runs Out?
I liked that fic too XD
Update soon and honestly I can't wait to read more about MaoxRyo kekeke if you know what I mean ;)
Also, I am super happy you like the poster.
I swear this is my favourite out of all the ones I did :D
love you more than your husband!
*runs away from Toma*
Author's Response: I'M SORRY I THOUGHT IT WAS LIGHTER THAN DEATH XD. BREAK UPS SEEM LESS IMPORTANT T.T MY BAD. I feel bad for her too and Mao is so adorable to write as a baby. No lies. It's kind of interesting because I've been writing her as this mega bitch this entire story so it's cute to write her as a child. Erika really has the saddest life I've ever written down. She's probably more broken on the inside than Maki in Dance In The Dark. It's my ONLY talent nowadays =D i don't know how to be funny anymore XD. I'll continue that. I have like 10 chapters done for TRO but I don't want to update it or do anything to it until I'm done Erika or almost done Erika. They're both very closely related to each other in feeling of the story so I don't want to make you guys OD. i love maoxryo too. Next chapter! This one turned out kind of long with their scene in it. omo *PULLS TOMA BACK* THANK YOU I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOUR HUSBAND TOO *hides underneath Toma while Pi attempts to get to her*

Librajem reviewed One Saturday Morning on Oct 22, 2010 09:00 PM [Report This]

sad chapters
Author's Response: How are we ever going to survive neh? <3 I'm upset too. LET'S HUG! *glomps* Thank you for reviewing and reading Jess. It's sad that I write sad stories even though I'm such a happy person in real life.

Lil Daisy reviewed One Saturday Morning on Oct 22, 2010 03:03 PM [Report This]

Finally caught up with everything. No Jin in the poster? That's Matsuda Shota right?
Anyway, looking forward to the update :D
Author's Response: YAY FOR CATCHING UP. It's a total pain but so worth it at the end =D Yeah no Jin...SHOTA WIIII. They're both really cute. I don't even know what influenced me to make Jin one of the main characters of this story. Thank you so much for reading Daisy! It REALLY means a lot to me!

inawza reviewed One Saturday Morning on Oct 22, 2010 11:02 AM [Report This]

yes...this is very depressing... T_T
he left her...gosh...this is so sad...
she loves him so much...thats why she's crying...her heart is broken...cant he understand that?
it must be hard for jin...not being able to be with his daughter and the most important woman in his life...
jin's no longer in erika's life...what's gonna happen next?
i felt sorry for erika...T_T

waiting for the next chap...xoxo
Author's Response: WANANI! <3 Yeah I'm sorry. I hope I didn't upset you away from this story. I promise it does come back to happier times. But Life is not happy all the time neh? And this story is kind of a representation of life in it's purest form. Yeah he left her...I'm upset too and I wrote it so just imagine how conflicted I am with my characters and my own stupid plot. I hope you enjoy the next chapter! It's a little more revealing of what's happening in both their lives after they leave each other. And there's a new entry into the story. And i love the new entry so hopefully you'll love him too. I feel sorry for her too. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING THIS EVEN THOUGH IT'S SAD T.T <3 I love you for it =D

biniBningPunkista reviewed One Saturday Morning on Oct 22, 2010 08:53 AM [Report This]

as always... I love it. every single depressing word there is. lolz... im being masochist. an angsty masochist to be exact.

don't boys understand it when girls say LEAVE they meant STAY??? (this applies to people who are in love ok? not the annoying ones that wants to stay in the girl's side when all hints are already given that says: Leave me alone)

I feel sad for Jin's part... it is freaking hard to leave when you don't know if you have something to come back for.

Oh... btw, the answer to your question from your previous response is it happened just about this year. around may to june. imagine my transition period during that time. @_@

btw, i won't milk any spoilers out of you because i want to enjoy all of this as it comes along. *hugs* will be looking forward for your next chapter. Yatta!
Author's Response: YAY! One Saturday Morning was almost entirely a flashback. I love every depressing word too so don't feel like a masochist kay? I'm angsty too. Yeah Boys are kind of stupid..but then again so is Erika but she's REALLY emotional so no one can blame her too much. (LOLOLOL not the creepy ones neh? I've met a lot of those too T.T) I feel bad for Jin too. He's not actually in the story anymore but I feel like he's still such an integral portion of the plot so I keep mentioning him. AWWWWWW. I love you Shanny. I'm horrible with keeping things a secret properly when it comes to stories. Thank you for reviewing and I hope you enjoy the next chapter!
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