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ichigoyamada reviewed The Lines Between Life and Death on Jan 20, 2014 04:09 AM [Report This]

I almost cried!!! D: (and I'm at my office now *sniffles*)

*clicks next*

Christine reviewed The Lines Between Life and Death on Oct 22, 2010 09:49 PM [Report This]

omg...that was seriously so sad.
The pain within Jin is almost suffocating!
this line: daughter struggled to gain life, and not steal it from her own mother
was amongst the saddest I have read lillith!
So so sad!!!
And Nao's speech almost made me cry!
It's like all the Toda women are cursed or something when it came to men...I hope Mao will break the curse with Ryo ;) lessthanthree
off to the next updateeeee
Author's Response: WAS IT? I'M SORRY. Yeah Jin's pretty angsty at that point cause he realizes how easily he can lose Erika and not just emotionally but physically. He underestimated how much he loved her...which sometimes guys tend to do neh? It's only when you almost lose them do you realize how much you're going to hate yourself if you're alone without them. I LOVE THAT LINE TOO. It was one of the last minute additions. So I'm glad you loved it. I hope Mao breaks the curse too T.T she's my favourite Toda woman but she's REALLY flawed herself. Some of the stuff I have planned for her is really gut wrenching. We're getting into the more serious portion of the story for a while. So good luck Chri. THANK YOU FOR READING THIS. YAYYY.

biniBningPunkista reviewed The Lines Between Life and Death on Oct 22, 2010 08:36 AM [Report This]

I love Nao's strong will... we all know how Mao ended and how Nao took care of her. the story is really killing me with suspense. I love this bit because it shows Jin's inner turmoil and Nao's vulnerability.

gaaddd... girl, i have to put this here again because i love this statement:

"You all want to break us. Make us yours. Claim our life and never let go. Until all that’s left is a wife, not a woman, not a girl, not dreams, not hopes. But duty and misery and a wife. When it comes to your ambitions we mean nothing. When it comes to your work we mean nothing. Even when we’re what you use to escape from the norm we mean nothing, to men we can only be nothing. I WILL NOT LET MY DAUGHTER BE NOTHING."

I love how you come up with those kinds of line and shove it in my mind and thinking more about it even AFTER reading. *off to the next chapter*
Author's Response: I love Nao too. Seriously that is how all mother's should be. She's a bit weak in front of her husband but with anyone else she's a bit of a firecracker. The story's killing me too. I wish I could just write it all out and post it. That chapter was one of my favourites because I switched to Jin's perspective entirely. There was no Erika it was entirely their relationship from his point of view. ...That statement is really personal to me. I come from a family where I've been told multiple times how important it is to marry well, treat your husband and take care of him, don't think of your career, blahdiblahblah. So I'm glad you're still thinking about it. cause I have to constantly think about it to Shanny T.T <3333333333 Thank you so much for sticking with this story. ILY for reviewing!
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